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Anyone seeking carpet or flooring, do yourself a favor stay away from this terrible, unorganized, uncompassionate , mess of a company. Find a local installer or organization that will consider the service they provide to be professional and want to be helpful in times where needed. Not a company that admits wrong doing and wants a "hush" letter signed for a refund. I'm happy to return and post the letter on their Luna "letterhead" we received...
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Anonymous Dear Mike,
We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We regret that this issue has been going on for quite some time, and assure you we take your concerns seriousl...

Sales guy comes offers GREAT deal if we buy now, like suckers we do.Installers come and they say they cannot install floor with current product. They spend hours trying to contact the office to get new prices. They leave without scheduling anything and take product with them. Same day "sales director" tells us that the product was fine, but it'll be $200 more. We accept and reschedule. Installers come again, say they can't install with current...
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ETCustomerSupport Hello,
We appreciate you letting us be aware of your experience. We are unable to locate your account. Please contact us at with your information, so we can ...

I didn't like
  • Dishonesty
  • Everything was a disaster
  • Price vs quality