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I look up Kijiji a lot and go threw the mountain bike part and keep seeing this place called Lumpy Bikes in Peterborough Ont I messaged this guy named Wilbur asking if he had any old 80's, 90's`style mountain bike frames he did message me back in a snotty way. He said he had a 27 inch bumblebee frame but I would have to help dig it out. So I messaged him the other week he never got back to me. So I went over there and I said I also need a back rim for this suspension bike. What I saw was not impressive compared to the boasting I read on Kijiji I was expecting a big yard with all these bikes and part's What I saw was a little garage and small yard that had a bunch of rusted beat up bikes in the corner about 4 feet high the bike I was after was nothing that he said it was it was this medium black suspension bike that has seen better days and he wanted $35 for this. He than tried to sale me on this early 90's 12 speed bike. I said right to him I told you I'm looking for a mountain bike he had this bike rack and he was hesitant telling me the price he than said $150 I said are you kidding me that's retail price I can get a new bike for $90 at WalMart besides these are used He didn't like that he proceeded by saying I don't think I have anything else that your looking for than. I just walked away my spouse continued on she asked about the rim he said the bike is special and we will have a hard time finding it plus he said it would cost us $30 she just shook her head and left. Bottom line is has no knowledge of bikes he's rude and when you know what your talking about he gets mad and his prices are to high. So I don't no why people are praising the place I expected more. I'm going to Spokes & Pedals on Elmer st at least this guy has what your looking for. `
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Rest assured you are not the only one who has had a very negative experience with this operation and it's "proprietor" in particular.


"Wilbur" is actually Charlie Gregory.


Let me address each complaint from the point of view as a mechanic (20+ years) and as a person familiar with Lumpy Bikes.

What you were expecting is irrelevant. You are in the market for a used bike and used parts.

Why would you expect a show room atmosphere? Stuff like that cost big bucks. By not having an elaborate space, Lumpy is saving the customer money.

The price for anything at a used dealer are usually a bargain, even when you compare to big box stores such as Sprawlmart. Being a mechanic and cyclist, I constantly advise people against buying bikes from box stores.

They are not bicycle shops. The assemblers (not mechanics) get less than $5 to assemble each bike. Non of the bikes are checked over before they go out the door. Basically, it is a buyer beware situation.

Lumpy bikes (Wilbur) puts a lot of time into cleaning up and tuning up bikes before they go on sale. That's much more than you will get from a big box store bike purchase. When you come in and nickle and dime him over a few dollars, it's not only insulting but a complete waste of time for him. Don't expect him to be overjoyed when you start to haggle.

When you say you need a rim, I'm sure you are talking about a complete wheel. Typical of a person who THINKS they know what they are talking about. $30 is a steal. You should have taken it.

Any new wheel for a mountain bike would at the minimum be $50. Comparing Lumpy bikes ( a used-bike shop) to that of a retail establishment is like comparing apples to dogs. Completely different.

Wilbur has many repeat clients and his reputation continues to grow.

One sour apple like you does nothing to hurt his business. If you were to approach the purchase with the right attitude and realistic expectation, you would have been much more successful.


Great guy, great prices. Awesome experience. Highly recommend!


me no think so good.


I found this site because I was looking for a site on which to make a positive review about Lumpy Bikes; I Googled "Lumpy Bikes" and found this.

I just bought a 'new' bike from Lumpy Bikes (an old school cruiser that is sweet enough to ride around town but not likely to catch the eye of a thief--exactly what I was looking for). I too found him on Kijiji.

I found Wilbur to be knowledgable, kind, helpful and trusting. Yes, his shop is in a shed and the bikes are in an area in the yard of his residential home. I think the fact he has dedicated space in his home speaks to his passion for what he does rather than a short-coming. Because the reviewer misread the "boasting" in the Lumpy Bike ads, and he was surprised by the size of the shop, that is the reviewer's problem and should not be Wilbur's. I'm not sure what it was about the ads that lead the reviewer to think Lumpy Bikes is anything other than it is; Because the make/quality, vintage, and number of bikes posted on Kijiji varies greatly, it is clear that Wilbur is a guy who likes to fix up bikes he feels have some life left in them: the better ones he sells for a few bucks the less stellar are donated to people who can't afford one (even the garbage they sell at Walmart for less than a hundred dollars). In addition, I find the term "boasting", used by the reviewer, to be far from accurate. The seller is simply trying to sell his product and it was clear to me that the tone of the ads was intended to be light-hearted and humourous, and show his love for the bikes he has restored.

I went to look at a particular bike and it was exactly the one clearly depicted in the pictures on Kijiji. The seat was adjusted to suit me and I was sent off on a test drive with my husband (Wilbur told him to grab a bike that suited him).

My husband found a vintage racing bike in great shape and we ended up buying both bikes.

So there you have it. You can listen to the reviewer's cranky ***-fest based on his bad attitude and inability to appreciate what someone like Wilbur does and go to Walmart buy a *** new bike and support a multinational corporation who has no concern for your community. Or you can go to Wilbur and get a great 'new' bike. If you do you will help to support a nice man who has a charming small business and reuse a great pre-loved bike.


we try hard to help all bike people, some just aren't open to the truth of matters, in this case, the fellow wanted to install a gas motor on a fairly high end Specialized frame, the triangle was far to small to accomodate a motor, our other frame, a norco was also a small frame, had we known in advance the purpose of the purchase we would have been able to advise...the bike this fellow carried in was a throway, found in a bin, one of those extra heavy dual framed hooligans by Canadian Tire, when asked how much another rim would be, we replied, 'about $35 dollars, however in my opinion, that frame is not worth repairing' the consumer, left in a huff, sweat beading over his brow profusely, I'm not sure why he was sweating but he did look like he was somewhat intoxicated, and not on beer, his kind wife led him away, or I am afraid he may have swung the heavy bike frame at me...this is the truth...having said this, I swear on my mothers grave, and also I will provide this person a frame free of charge if we have one on hand that suits his purposes, Lumpy Bikes...We Care...we donate over 50 bikes a year to the street people of Peterborough, you can scan through our ads to see the recipients...

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