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This Fraud company cons customers into a "free trial" then charges $99 after just 14 days for the skin cream IF the cream was not returned AND the company is not called to cancel "subscription". This UT company probably also charged my credit card for a *** site with a "Youth" name in it. Extremely offensive. I will report them to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICE). Please check their site and report your case. There are sooo Many fraud stories about Lumare...
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I didn't like
  • Totally overcharge
  • How fast they billed
  • Business model and trickery
And forget "customer service," you can't return the product, so what do you do? I tried stopping the transaction with my bank, but have to wait for it to post and in the meantime I have a ridiculous amount tied up in this transaction. Right now I'm trying to attempt canceling this with Lumare and I'm willing to return the product if they'll only tell me how!! Well, that call was useless, you can't return used product. So I'm still trying to...
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Bobbi Buyer Beware is an understatement where this company is concerned. Foxes are guarding this hen house for sure... a sad way to make money....