Keesha Jal
map-marker Coral Gables, Florida

Lubell Rosen - the world's sleaziest firm

they bogus up court documents after they create issues with the opposing side so they can charge you for the problems they create. Nasty dirty firm. You will find yourself buried forever in a nightmare if you come near this firm. They have a web of corrupt sleazy attorney who work together to sabotage their clients and keep you in entangled in their scam as long as they can to steal your money. They charge you for preparing a document they invent after they have worked out a game plan in secret behind your back so the attorneys can continue a bogus litigation scam. they make up names for the bogus documents pretending they are really in a court proceeding but the papers go in their file because if the public could read them, this firm would be criminally investigated. Avoid this firm like the plague that they are. They need to be shut down
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
Derrek Kma
map-marker Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Corrup Lubell Rosen law firm in Florida This firm needs to shut their doors

When Steven Lubell opens his mouth he is lying. He pretends the corrupt lawyers who work in his firm are "independent agents" rather that the employees who they are. This is so he can make money from their illegal sabotaging of their clients and their perjured legal filings and try to avoid liability for their scams. He is either seriously ignorant of the law, *** or intentionally deceptive. Or all three. Steer clear of this corrupt rogue firm. They will take your money and put all kinds of deranged scams to keep you tied up in litigation forever. Shut this firm down.
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  • Sleazebag lawyers who take money and sabotage their clients
Reason of review:
Bad quality

It is time for the public to take these firm off the street. Miami Dade and Broward County is the legal corruption capital of world.

These attorneys have a web of cronies who use criminal tactics to embroil the public into their racket.

Once they have you in their clutches, they will make your life a nightmare with their never ending schemes to keep you in litigation *** that they orchestrate with the other side. NEVER GO NEAR THIS FIRM.


I interviewed a lawyer at this firm. He was the stupidest person I ever met. He brought in an associate to our meeting and it was like talking to a 10 year old - this firm is scary - they are ***


Horrible firm. They are only in business to rob their clients and work against them. Don't go near this firm.

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Keesha Jal
map-marker Coral Gables, Florida

Shyster lawyer Steven Lubell at Lubell Rosen