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Call the Department of Motor Vehicles over 50 times in the last 2 days. Not one person has tried to help me I have left several voicemails and all I would like to do is pay a fee from 2006 that I was completely unaware of. I just moved back to this state after 14 years and they've had my Louisiana License flag for 14 years and I never knew about it until I moved back to the state. For the last 2 days I have tried and tried and tried to pay this fee from 2006 that I was not aware of and nobody will answer the phone at the Department of Motor Vehicles I've also left four voicemail messages
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I had to turn in a license plate after selling the car and renew my handicapped parking permit (can't renew over the computer).I lost my leg when I 12 y.o. when a drunk driver drove across our lawn.

In June I dislocated 3 discs in my lower back.I went in the DMV and politely explained why I was there and told the woman about me being in extreme pain. She said "being handicapped doesn't get you any privileges" then handed a post it note with a # written on it.

I sat there for 3 hours, they had 2 service windows open(6 employees and 2 were actually working).In 3 hours they processed 4 people total.4 employees wandered around trying to look busy Not 1 number was called the whole time I was there.....When I'd had enough pain , I got up to leave ,the woman told me not to throw the post-it note on the floor. The whole bunch need to be fired !


You are not alone! I am going through the same thing.

My license was suspended because i supposedly defaulted on an installment plan i was in. we had a major hurricane hit in louisiana called Ida! They suspended my license while we had a natural disaster in which no banks were open nor was there any electricity to even try and get the money out my account! they have been taking my state taxes for years and i have yet to see where it has been applied.

i have nothing from my bank where it shows they tried to take money out after a few days of the hurricane. i have a brain damaged child in which i bring to dr appointments and now left with the choice of getting caught driving under suspension or get in trouble for negligence of not bringing my daughter to the hospital!!! Then i received a email on a saturday stating now i have to pay 25 percent down and not 10. these people have no sympathy for the fact that the president declared louisiana as a state of emergency, which means they were closed as well.

asked for the proof that they tried to get this money out my account and the only response i got was there was no going around this and that i still have to pay money on a installment plan that i did not default on!!! this was by far wrong. Funny thing is they are not even open on a saturday, but u can send me an email asking for more money down!!!

i have called every day as well and left messages and nothing!!!! I have seen more people with expired tags driving just because they can’t get their registration due to these high charges.

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Anastasio Oiv
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Sucks — employees could not survive in a real non-government job!!!

Dumb, slow, non-professional. Idiotic process.
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Poor customer service