map-marker Appleton, Wisconsin

Problem with product

Hi. Ive been buying the noms x2 kiwi passion fruit nectarine for a couple years now and the last batch of 4 bottles i got, taste really off. They all have the same stamp on the bottle of 03 23 ****
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User's recommendation: Got no response from the company

Girtrude Ssv
map-marker Manalapan Township, New Jersey

Expensive, Worked well, *** out after 3 months

Well, there you pretty much have it. I spent $80.00 US not including tax for the Lotus JellySlice and the piece of just lasted maybe 3 months. Now, it worked fine up until, it simply stopped working altogether - no light indicator or any response. With the amount of money I spent about $120.00 less e-liquid I'd expected at least a year out of the thing. My first MVP was cheaper, and lasted for approximately two years. It's enough to make me quit and I'm a non-smoker. Why does everyone strive for such *** these days. I guess they call that running lean and mean. What bothers me the most is it quit late on a Saturday night and I had no recourse opened to me. I think it's time to go back and see what the makers of MVP are doing.
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  • Its relyability i could vape anywhere
  • Allow special character and comments too short
Reason of review:
e-cig lasted 3 lousy months. I feel I got cheated.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution