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My Favorite Company for clothing

Almost every year (sometimes more often) I order a batch of Lotus traders skirts, tops and dresses and I am never ever disappointed when they arrive. They wash and wear beautifully and I can honestly say that some of my first purchases from years ago are still going strong. The variety of styles, and fabric is awesome and every year I look forward to seeing what Annie has created next. I have received many compliments on my clothing (even from complete strangers in the grocery store) Lotus Traders have spoiled me for all other clothing. I have attempted to pick something up that looks similar to one of their styles, just because of the long wait time, but every time I do, I wish that I had just waited for the real deal. Keep up the good work! I can not imagine not being your loyal customer.
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Bradenton, Florida
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Beautiful, reasonably priced clothing. Consistently and reliably produced.
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Many Thanks for a Great Business

I have ordered about 25 pieces of clothing from Lotus Traders over the past five years or so. I always order according to the chart of sizes given for each item I purchase. I have NEVER gotten any item that didn't fit; and every item I have has been washed quite a few times with NO shrinkage. There have been several times where delivery has been delayed because I ordered several items at one time (they are made as the order arrives), or because they have had severe weather than threatened the island and were forced to shut down business for a period of time. Every email I have ever sent has been answered directly. Their clothing is well-made, comfortable, is very becoming, wears well, washes well, and worth every penny I have spent. Lotus Traders was out of business for a period of time because Annie, the owner, had serious health issues. Thank God she healed and came back. Her clothing is a blessing to all women of all sizes.
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Vestal, New York
  • Every product i have purchased
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Good service, great quality, fair pricing, durability, and never being disappointed!
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Do not order from this company, they do NOT stand by their products!

I bought hundreds of dollars worth of dresses from Lotustraders, and the dresses look good when they arrive, but then the dresses completely shrink to the point of child size, and that is with following the companies supplied washing directions! (cold water drip dry) . To make matters worse, they do not stand by their products at all, I was told "too bad" I would not be sent new dresses or reimbursed as they do not stand by what they sell. To top off the insult, they said they "did not appreciate my comments". Imagine that! Do not waste your money. Stay away!
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I would have to disagree with that assessment. I am still wearing clothing that I have bought from Lotustraders over five years ago. None have shrunk at all.


Same here. This is my go-to company for my wardrobe and has been for many years.

Follow washing directions and they never shrink. I even cheat with some of mine and wash them in the washing machine on cold and dry on low knits and they come out perfectly.


That's *** I brought my first dress from them. And I've washed mine 5 times to the instructions aka cold wash and it did not shrink a single mm.

You either warm or hot hot washed it, making the elastic shrink.

You can unpick the elastic and replace it. Or just be sad.


I don't know what you could be talking about when you say their items do not wash well as I still wear the first item I bought from them close to 20 years ago. NONE of the dresses, tops, pants, etc., which I have purchased from Lotustraders (I have over 100 of their pieces) has EVER shrunk to child size.

I do not believe you are being truthful as I have found from experience I do not need to follow the wash tag simply wash on gentle and delicate dry and have NEVER had any problems. The reason I say I do not believe anything you wrote is the very obvious lies you told about their correspondence. I am Irish born and a ginger at that and have one *** of a temper and shamefully loosed it on Lotustraders once due to the 2 month delay on a few items (not knowing there had been flooding and other natural disasters on the island) and their answer was nothing but APOLOGETIC AND EXTREMELY COURTEOUS. I have since had occasion to write them many times and have NEVER been told "too bad" or "my comments were not appreciated".

On the contrary, I was told they appreciated my feedback even when it was not exactly the nicest thing in the world. I have only had occasion to return one piece and that was because it was too thin and see through in my opinion and it was the second piece in that style I had ordered. The first dress had been black and was not appreciably see through. The second, however, was a pale blue and a little too transparent for my taste.

However, the error was mine as it did mention this in the listing & they took the item back IN SPITE OF THE ERROR BEING MINE AND DID NOT CHARGE ME FOR RETURN SHIPPING. I can not recommend a company more highly than I do lotus traders. Their staff is wonderful, their items beautiful and of wonderful quality. I just stumbled onto this site and find I can not really respect the opinions of anyone who would be so crude as to name the site "Pissed Consumer".

The vulgarity is not necessary and has no place in reviewing a business. Just the fact that I have had such a long and extensive dealing with this company as have many of the friends and relatives who have seen me wearing their items and are now loyal customers themselves. What tipped me off to the fact the above reviewer is not being truthful is her comment regarding correspondence with this company. The only negative I could give is that there is such a long delay from when you order to when you receive your items.

They have problems with weather etc., and items are hand dyed as well as made to order so you can expect to wait up to two months at times to receive an order. I have also received orders in a a couple of weeks so on occasion I have been pleasantly surprised but for the most part you can expect to wait a while to get your order.


I have ordered $100s of dollars worth of merchandise from this company. I have NEVER had any issues with them or with any of their items.

My items have been washed and washed and washed because I wear them all the time. Not buying this complaint!

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Bad quality