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Raised thier Prices

Depending on who you want to cut your hair, you pay more. If stylist A cuts your hair it costs X, if stylist B cuts you hair it costs Y...for the SAME HAIRCUT!!! WTF?! I know what you're going to say...have the cheapest stylist cut your hair and *** Well I've been a loyal customer of stylist B for several years and like the way she cuts my hair. It's the same freaking haircut, don't charge me more because I trust you, am loyal to you, and prefer that you cut my hair. This is bullsh!t...I guess after all this time I'm gonna have to start looking for someone else to cut my hair...this really sucks
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Stylists don't become elite until they have a certain amount of experience. Any *** would know that.

Also a lot of the higher priced salons, that are considered the best charge by the experience of the stylist.

In fact the two beauty schools where I live do the same thing, according to how far along the student is. But for somebody that refers to the haircuts that they used to get as "freaking" they couldn't have been very good to begin with.


1. There's no reason to call the poster a ***.


This isn't a beauty school, it's a salon. All of the stylists are professionals. I've been going to this salon for at least 3 years.

3. The problem is if you have been a faithful and loyal customer to a particular stylist and now all of a sudden they are labeled "elite" and you want to continue using that stylist you have to pay more.

If not you can have a "non-elite" stylist give you the exact same haircut. Basically what they are saying is "if you want an great haircut use this stylist, if not use one of our crappier stylists"...doesn't seem fair to customers or, especially, the stylists.


Hello.. being a newer hairstylist doesn't equate to crappy.It means less experienced and often a little slower. It doesn't mean u will not leave just as satisfied with your haircut.This is simple and FAIR to everyone.Pay more and stop crying(which they are obviously doing)or be patient with a slightly less experienced hairstylist.Its the same in almost every business profession.


I noticed this as well the last time I was there. I have to agree with the original poster.

If you want to raise your prices then raise the price of a haircut...the way it is now it's like if you want a bad haircut ask for the cheap stylist and pay the cheaper price, but if you want a great haircut ask for the elite stylist and pay a higher price. Why not fire all of the cheap stylists hire nothing but elite stylists and charge one price for a haircut


Hey SAME HERE good one chicken.Fire all cheap hairstylist,your funny.EVERYONE starts at the beginning.That doesn't make them a bad hairstylist just slower at first.When a(cheap)hairstylist jacked your hair up then maybe you could use that expression but until then all of ya'll aren't making any sense.Just upset in the end that the prices went up.Their going up everywhere.At the end at least you have options to pay more or not.

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Thelonious Gyy
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Lotee's Custom Cuts - Great Stylist- bad Colorist

Lotees Custom Cuts - Lotee's Custom Cuts - Great Stylist- bad Colorist
Lotees Custom Cuts - Lotee's Custom Cuts - Great Stylist- bad Colorist
Lotees Custom Cuts - Lotee's Custom Cuts - Great Stylist- bad Colorist
I have gone 2 Lotee's Custom Cuts, San Antonio, Texas 4 more than a year. I have always been happy with My cuts n Styles. This last week, I Had Lotee color my hair. I am very sad. I took 2 hairpieces for her to match. She was well aware of the home color I had used. After paying $129.00 for the color fee....Instead of a blond multi-tonal color, I ended up with BROWN...Her solution? Wash my hair for a should tone down. I wish she had told me she could not do it..rather than color my hair and leave me with BROWN. Now I am stuck inside my home for a week, shampooing my hair everyday (2 times /day) hoping it fades. I am so sad and dissappointed in her. She knew it was a financial hardship for me to pay her for this. I told her how I had to figure out a way in our budget how to pay for this appointment and how to budget the monthly upkeep for this. Silly me, thought, since I was a long established customer, she would DO THE RIGHT THING. Evidently, the cash sale was more important to her than a loyal customer.
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So, wait. She fixed it and you're still upset.

I'm sure that you've never made a mistake in your life. Sounds like she did right by you and got you in when she could and fixed you up. Yes, I know its hard to believe that stylists are people too and maybe (especially on a Saturday) she was busy. And maybe she had other things to do.

Perhaps that day was a 12-15 hour day for her (I work in a salon and long busy days happen). Maybe she was exhausted and it simply wasn't at the front of her mind to call you back. Seriously, if she took the time to fix it then she did right. Its not fair to get antsy and complain right off the bat.

Thats her livelihood, how she pays her bills and puts food on the table.

Now, had you been ignored entirely or refused to be seen to address the issue, that would be the time to conplain. OR you could've pulled her aside while you were still there and let her know that you did not receive what you wanted and would like her to get you in ASAP for a fix.


I have had my hair colored, high lighted, styled and cut by the ladies there for almost 10 years and I have never been disappointed. One time I got my hair highlighted and what I thought was to light got me the most compliments.

My son will not sit in anyones chair except at Lotees. So don't listen to the one customer who had a one time bad experience. They have always walked me through what they were going to do and I will always go back.

Its never a surprise at how much it costs either, they tell you how much its gonna be, its your choice wether you want to pay that much or not. I am a very loyal customer today and always.


Wow, Brandy, you couldn't go outside for a week because your hair was brown instead of blonde? Maybe you should stop being such a self-absorbed person and realize nobody cares what your hair looks like.


True story, I hate old stuck up snobby people. One day someone is going to bring you back down to earth where you belong.


Wow, Saturday's are the busiest days at salons.. Ever heard of a little bit of patience?

Or going up in person? I hate people that jump the gun and publicly hurt other's businesses...

especially since she got her hair repaired. Also, you wouldn't have been able to fix it the same week anyway because that would have overprocessed it!


I've been going there for years and never ever had an issue. Sounds like someone who was seeking a free hairstyle and color.

I think hubby made you make something up in attempt to get your money back. A real shame that YOU had post nonsense like this along with your pic too.

I wish there was a site for difficult customers so they can blog about you. I feel for the shop who sees you coming, you sound like a grouchy and bitter ol' lady looking for freebies......


I, for one, have never had a problem with any of the ladies at Lotee's Custom Cuts. They always do a professional job and state customers have a week to have a problem fixed - for free.

You stated Lotee didn't call you back after you left her three messages in one day. Have you noticed how crazy busy they are in there, especially on a Saturday? Of course she didn't have time to call you back immediately!

And might I add, if having your hair colored was such a financial hardship - why do it? Don't spend money if you can't afford it.


As usual any person has the right to complain about service too bad when they choose to distort the facts.The customer is not always right, anyone with common sense knows that.Problem is people change their mind constantly this is just one example.


Who colored your hair?


You accuse me of being too nice. No Balls.

The truth is I did not want to make a scene in the shop with customers there. I was so angry at the time, I had to just leave the area.

If I had stayed and confronted her, SHE would not have liked that approach either.

I called her 3 times on Saturday 16th. I got no call backs. At that time I thought she was avoiding me.

The above complaint was posted right before midnight JAN 16TH...Saturday.


Lotee called me Monday morning. I told her I had washed my hair 6 times and it was not any better. She assured me she would fix it...we made an appointment..


Now she is LIVID because of all the hits on this page, new customers canceling, Old customers bringing in the printed copy of my COMPLAINT. All of which could have been AVOIDED if she had simply picked up the phone and called me

back and responded to my 3 phone calls leaving word to call me.

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