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Poor Service on Route 155

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On Friday night (3 Feb), at 7 pm a 761 bus idled 4+ minutes at the bus stop at the northeast corner of Van Nuys and Ventura. This prevented the 155 bus from pulling into the bus stop. The 155 driver pulled over at an angle ahead of the 761. I was laden with four bags, but positioned at where the 155 normally stops. I yelled as the driver discharged a passenger to "WAIT". As I arrived at the rear door, the driver closed the doors and began to pull away. I pounded once on the side window, but off he/she took in an empty or nearly empty. Lest we dismiss this as driver error, the incident practically repeated itself last night. Again at 7 pm (yes, the 155 was late), there was a non-articulated 761 bus that had pulled in ahead of the 155. This 761 driver had the courtesy to pull far enough ahead to allow the 155 to slot. To no avail, this driver just skipped the stop entirely and stranded me for another hour. Perhaps he pulled in at Moorpark and Van Nuys where the old 155 stop was located. I couldn't see. Besides, as a 67.75 year old senior citizen with several bags, I am not going to rush off to another stop a short block away. The problem with the same time arrival of the 761 and the 155 constantly occurs. Some drivers know what to do, others are ignorant and some are just plain irresponsible. Either train your drivers to await aoid this mash up by having the 155 at the Cedros stop to accommodate the 761. (Yes, I am aware that some 155 drivers are oblivious to the stop at Cedros - as the 9 pm 155 driver cruised by this stop in the #1 lane and ignored cell phone flashlight warnings and frantic arm waving as happened on Saturday, 28 January.) Or, move the 155 stop back to Moorpark and Van Nuys. By the way, the rude Friday night driver needs to be made aware that his irresponsible act was compounded by the non-appearance of the next 155, *** which forced me to use the 158 as an alternate.
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User's recommendation: Watch out for clashes between the 155 and 761

map-marker Los Angeles, California

Metro - just another screwed up billion dollar company;

LEAHYA@***.net, CustomerRelations@***.net, RSC_Library@***.net, TurnerM@***.net, TorresP@***.net, HamparianR@***.net, HenryA@***.net, YeagerM@***.net, ValenzuelaH@***.net, mprimmer@***.com, Litvakj@***.net, MoralloR@***.net, BabbW@***.net, dgabbard@***.com, GORMANK@***.net, ShigetomiJ@***.net, SaudiG@***.net, HorneT@***.net, SaintA@***.net, HARVEYG@***.net, TervalonM@***.net, Campbellj@***.net, RMC@***.net, webmaster@***, RSC_Ethics_Dept@***.net, info@***.org, bart.reed@***.us, numan.parada@***.us, info@***.us, members@***.org, rtd1121@***.com, info@***.org, info@***.org, gus@***.org, jeff@***.org, jim@***.org, sabrina@***.org, tuyen@***.org, TAYLORP@***.net, SOTOPA@***.net, RAYMONDM@***.net, damien@***.org, tips@***, editor@***.com, What is the problem with you all LA Metro? And oh, the rider's are the fool's right? Whew, ugh, sigh. Don't email me back < no need, don't wanna hear it, ENOUGH!!! Either openly receive this or be close minded, so be it. I + 9 million rider's you serve every day, ie: 10 million in LA County, thus, 1 million still in car's or using other means of getting around. Fareboxes jamming up, fool's (ill being allowed) to get on buses, misc - drunk (and with a drinking bottle in hand), then there's fool's getting on acting like oh they gonna TELL the driver they ain't paying, misc. Then there's the serious issue - those call in boxes for bus driver's - they no working? What ***? Are you carelessly not giving a dam, hence, putting everyone on a bus in Jeopardy? What? Rider's suppose to act like police and regulate these fool's or suppose to sit there and do nothing? Meanwhile their ill, rude behaveior being exposed , misc unto kid's and everyone on transit, even ie: everyone's going through something in their life's, and rider's gotta be ill subjected to this exhibited behavior? And re: the jammed up fareboxes - that means YOUR losing money, profit, misc UNDERSTAND? Thus, your loss. There's (not enough) communication between driver's, and the company. I mean, what? The executives and then those below - slave worker's of the company? What *** is going on. God/Jesus see all, so be it. Then there's (male?) driver's - got a cool drink (tea, misc) in one hand while the other on the wheel, huh, what the *** is going on here? Who's training these people? Oh and the maintenance crew - those bus shocks = BAD, sound of engine - One can just stand there and listen to the sound of a engine and know it needs work . . . what the heck? Yeah, I know ya gotta 'use what you got', but dam, maintenance are the PEOPLE - whom are suppose to have the back's of rider's, bus driver's, misc. Ya know what, cop an attitude under your breath or in your mind, whatever, right? Yeah, it gonna BE WHATEVER. Local FBI and vast other judicial authories, whether you care or not, and regardless of who the *** your legal team is, Metro . . . is on a fine line, unless you start acting like you got sense, tell that maintenance crew to either get with it, ie: those buses RIGHT. Whew, whatever. tripp, act a fool, I don't care. God/Jesus sees all, and everyone has a Heaven life record, and judgment day WILL COME, believe it. Even Jesus worked as a carpenter, hence, KNEW how to act amidst business. But hey, billion dollar company, buses and some driver's passing people up, even caring to not follow through with reasonable time table times, ie: skipping, thus, people waiting on hour's or longer than (?). And yes, I know - traffic condition's. That ain't what I'm talking about and you know it! Step up and be right - do the right thing or YOU know WHO will enforce it! Whatever. Ugh. Sigh.
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