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Let people know dcfs is the wrost people

they make up cases and lies to the judges its all one big money factory to them they don't care if one parent is right, they don't want to hear it. it's a woman thing. My ex disappeared for 6 months during that time i got sole and legal custody of my 2 daughters then she comes back like nothing telling me to leave her apt because it's in her name after being there 6 years I told her if i go the girls also go with me. Next thing i know cps calls me talking about neglect and emotional abuse to my daughters I'm like WTF so in short they take my girls from me a fit parent and gave them to my ex. who has 4 prior cases of hitting her other kids. She don't work, she rented out rooms to too complete strangers men. Who knows who they are, and she has my 2 little girls around them. But DCFS says the way the apt is ok and my girls being around that environment is ok. So they tell her to get a 3 year restrianing order my ex even said he never hit me and there is no proof of DV.
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  • Maybe good for the kids that are getting hit and abused
  • Lie to get the federal money they dont care what thetruth is

Preferred solution: my daughters back payment for the heartache of myu daughters and i

User's recommendation: be careful of them dont let them inside tell them ur gonna record them see what happenes then. they are evil

map-marker Los Angeles, California

Nora Corona worst DCFS worker ever!!!!

I looked into this social worker's past, and she has a lot of anger issues. She doesn't know how to talk to her clients and just like the last two reviews she sides with the culprits. She must have had a bad upbringing in her personal life with her parents that she enjoys taking pleasure in seeing the kids under her care be injured both physically and emotionally. DCFS continues to hire people like this as a social worker you have to write what you see not what you feel. This social worker is collecting a paycheck and overtime when she doesn't even work her regular hours. Great job DCFS!!! I am a professional and as a mother I am being silenced. She needs to be placed under review and investigated. I would give a Zero but there is none.
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Kassius Ker
map-marker Compton, California

Nora Corona

Beware of Nora corona social worker. I want to start with are social workers required to have an aducation? Okay so this is what happen to me. She called me into her office tried very hard to intimate me. She diagnosed me with anger issues after talking to me for 30 seconds. She was ferious cause i lawyered up. Really funny that she said i had anger issues and she stormed out if the room. She integrated my children against my will. Again she was angry that they had nothing wrong to say about there father. The only reason im writing this is cause she had no reason to terriorize my family with these trumped up allegations. She caused me about $1200 i didnt have to spend. And she didnt fallow up witn me. Coward
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Poor customer service
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Review in Kids category from Los Angeles, California

my child got hurt during his visitation with his dad. He had told me that he fell and hit his head and scraped his face from off of I dont know what and thats he is still playing like a happy kid. my child was only 1yr old when this happened. He didnt take him to the hospital or the doctors but made it clear that they didnt let him sleep after it happened. when it was time to pick up my child from dads he looked bad. when I asked him (dad) more in detail of how this happened he got angry, defensive and even was hiding behind his mama. He didnt want to talk to me so I took him to the hospital to have him checked out. I let his dad know where i was with our child and he can come if he chose to. well social services got involved at the hospital and started questioning dad and to sit tight. dad had somewhere to go and began to walk out of the e.r with our child. before police came to take pictures of our child. The next day cps was at my door and welcomed them in. did her protocols and left. It was not until she spoke to dad and his family when her attitude towards me changed and demeanor. she comletely took sides and whatever I had to say didnt mean *** anymore. she accused me of dealing drugs, a liar, and being an unfit parent. But because dad and family put on an act like they are a perfect family The tables turned and I was the one abusing my child. these *** *** social workers fell in dads trap so he wouldnt get introuble with the law and took the attention off himself and pointed the finger at me. He slandered my name to the rest of the la county workers incase it ever happened again and it did.
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My family is going through the same things with this social worker. I can’t even find the words to explain. I feel for you just like I feel for my family.