I have a home full of Lorts furniture purchased several years ago. My dining table was ordered sight unseen and it is fabulous. We use it daily for breakfast and dinner, I use a wet cloth to wipe it and it looks as great today as the day it was delivered. All of the furniture is beautiful and has held up very well. I have some that was purchased on site and many pieces custom ordered with different finishes and fabrics all of which were just...
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I recently purchased a Lorts breakfast room table and four chairs sight unseen on the recommendation of a decorator who ordered them from Arizona. The set was extremely expensive, but looks like it is from China or somewhere else in the Far East. I was absolutely shocked beyond belief when I saw how cheap looking the finish was. The table top was very different from the sample, which is solid wood, while the table is obviously a very cheap...
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Lorts furniture sucks....the owner Ty lorts and his crack pot management team are a bunch of illiterates operating on sheer stupidity and incompetence....they import junk furniture from china or mexico and then put a cheap crappy finish on their junk and sell it as high in stuff screwing the american public....anyone buying this *** supports cheap labor(hiring illegals) and our crappy trade laws that send jobs to other countries...Ty lorts and...
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Fact Check You are right, some of Lorts items are made in China if you need proof have a piece that indicates ???.


Re:Lorts Furniture It appears that whoever wrote this complaint is a possible digruntle employee!!!!Lorts Furniture has been in business for years and they sell high quality furniture!!!!I hope ...

Lorts Furniture in arizona claims to sell high in stuff when in fact it is no more than imported junk from china or mexico,and they want to charge 300% mark-up what a joke this place is, the finish is cheap....and most of the time will not be correct....they also employ cheap labor..aka illegals.....i say any one buying this junk would be a supporter of cheap labor(you get what you pay for)and the crappy trade laws that send american jobs to...
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Lorts Furniture in Arizona To \'Number One Fan\' - Get your facts straight! Lorts is NOT made in China and they DO NOT employ illegals. :?

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