Natalie H Aed


Updated by user Oct 02, 2023

I have contacted the company who has never gotten back to me I have also had to cancel my card and have a new one issued

Original review Sep 02, 2023
You tried to take 99.95 from one of my accounts ...I have never heard of you I have no subscription to you and to top it off you wouldn't even return my calls ...I'm contacting the better business bureau...I'm filing a claim with the fraud department and anything else I can do to stop you from stealing my money ...
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  • Everything about them

Preferred solution: Someone to cancel a subscription I don't have any stop trying to steal my money

User's recommendation: These people are thieves ....they will steal your money and not return your calls

Media Expert Talks

Disinformation: Russian and Chinese trolls among us

Jun 16, 2022

How to know what’s fake on social media? In this video, Prof. Darren Linvill from Clemson University Media Forensics Hub explains how disinformation works, common tactics of political propaganda, the role of trolls, hashtags, and how to spot fake news.

Prof. Darren Linvill
Prof. Darren Linvill

Darren Linvill investigates data messaging and context accompanied by inauthentic behavior on social media networks. He also examines misinformation and disinformation in the rising field of social media forensics and data monitoring.