Leslie R Juu

Vauxhall Lookers Scam, Lies & Deceit

Vauxhall Lookers St Helens I purchased a used Vauxhall Astra from lookers in St Helens with promise to buy with confidence, and the sales reps words was, ( If you are not happy with your vehicle for what ever reason within 30 days you can ask for an exchange or a full refund and go else were, and this is all over the Vauxhalls web site ) Don't fall for there lies and deceit this is on the Vauxhalls website and Not Lookers yet lookers are using this sales pitch to sucker you into handing over your hard earned cash I returned my Vehicle within the first seven days for a full refund and was advised that there was no such thing SUPRIZE ?? Been stuck with a vehicle that as been in and out due to faults, also a recall, and sat nav faulty system and is still on going since February 2018 to date, Vauxhalls aftercare complaints team are a waste of time and have really no obligation to do much for you The Manager as been dealing with my issues for the past few weeks and as only contacted me once via email I also part exchanged a vehicle that I purchased from them a Ford Fiesta I paid extra for the service plan, it was under warranty and the service plan covered the part that was supposed to be a genuine part according to the service plan: The part was None Genuine that they fitted a very poor excuse was given The vehicle that I part exchanged was sold on by Vauxhalls with full HPI Clearance check, I have just recently found out that Lookers at Vauxhalls in St Helens had forgot to settle the HP and I have been getting charged payments for that Vehicle for the past 18 months that Lookers took in part ex Here is what Vauxhalls have decide to do: They are supposed to be sending my Finance company a check for the settlement figure that was given back in February 2018; Then my finance company will realise there as been an over payment and then the Finance will refund me all payments that I have over paid to date I have been advised that this can take up to 7-10 working days, in the mean time I have been given a apology over the phone My Sat nav is still out dated despite the promise of an update, when one was available to date nobody as been in touch to book the vehicle in for an update but an update is available according to Vauxhalls after care complaints team, don't be shocked when you don't get what you pay for you have been warned Think twice and very hard to what you are getting at Lookers Vauxhall in St Helens when purchasing a vehicle from them and any extra service plans available: UPDATE: Dear Les Thank you for your email dated 19 August, addressed to our Group Managing Director, Mr Stephen Norman, who has asked that I respond on his behalf. We were very sorry to learn of the poor experience you have experienced since purchasing your vehicle from Lookers St Helens and can certainly understand your reasons for contacting us. We were also sorry to learn that you were disappointed with the response you have received from Vauxhall Customer Care. Please be assured I will ensure your concerns are investigated fully before we provide you with our full response. We will also liaise closely with Lookers St Helens in view of the nature of the concerns you have raised. To help me, please can I kindly ask you to provide me with full details of your Vauxhall Astra and in particular your vehicle registration number and/or VIN. In addition, please can I invite you to include any previous Case Number you have received from Vauxhall. Thank you once again for contacting Vauxhall and we look forward to hearing from you again presently. Yours sincerely Justin Woodcraft Executive Support Manager On behalf of: Operations ECCC – Opel, Vauxhall Telephone: + 44 800 0** **34 Vauxhall Motors Limited, Chalton House, Luton Road, Chalton, Luton, Beds, LU4 9TT Also Dear Les Thank you for your reply and for providing us with further information, including your vehicle details. Please be assured we will continue to investigate your concerns with the assistance of Lookers and I will provide you with our further response as soon as possible. Yours sincerely Justin Woodcraft Executive Support Manager On behalf of: Operations ECCC – Opel, Vauxhall Telephone: + 44 800 0** **34 Vauxhall Motors Limited, Chalton House, Luton Road, Chalton, Luton, Beds, LU4 9TT Santander finance as said they will make a part payment only, as the settlement figure that Vauxhalls paid had expired ( Not Surprising ) as it was 18 months ago Santander as advised me that Lookers will owe me the rest, I have contacted Steve from Looker St Helens finance whom promised to call me back Friday afternoon on the 23 August 2019 Steve did state that they was trying to get Santander to pay all of the over payments due to me as Steve said he does not think that it is right that Lookers Vauxhalls from St Helens should pay me any over payments even tho they did Not settle the finance of the Vehicle that they bought from me in part exchange on February 2018: I explained to Steven that they owe me the money and I want it sorting, If I had missed any payments they would of been looking at a repossession order, Steve said leave it with him and he will call me back that afternoon: Steve never called back or did he call me the following day I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED update; 27/08/2019 I phoned the number this morning that Justin Woodcraft supplied it put me through to an assistant, who was unable to put me through to Mr Woodcraft, the assistant advised me that they do NOT have any contact numbers for Management ? I have also contacted Jeremy Townsend director of communications this morning Via Email and I am now awaiting response I will keep you updated throughout my ordeal keep checking back in to see how Lookers from St Helens are responding to my Complaints 5th September 2019 ** UPDATE UPDATE: 5th September 2019 ** Stay Away From Vauxhall, Franchise Lookers ** Lookers Vauxhalls of St Helens VS Santander Lies, Deceit, Scammers: During my experience with Lookers Vauxhall from St Helens from the start I have had the worst nightmare experience that my wife and I will never forget I am 58 and my wife is 62 years of age: I have explained to everyone in my first review, of my experience with Lookers Vauxhall of St Helens, I have also promised an UPDATE, This is an update for the 18 months paying for a vehicle that Lookers purchased from me I have once again been lied too by Lookers as the vehicle that I part exchanged through Lookers Vauxhall of St Helens according to Santander Finance, Lookers DID NOT Settle the Finance on the part exchange vehicle For past 18 months I was paying for a vehicle that Lookers sold with a full finance check, Lookers as advised me that it is entirely Santanders fault as they refused payment via cheque from them back in February 2018 and they had proof via cheque that payment was made to Santander in 2018 Santander Finance have carried out a full investigation and have explained to me that Lookers Vauxhalls of St Helens did Not settle any finance on the Vehicle back in February 2018; That I have been making payments on, for the past 18 months Santander explained that payments by hand written cheques are very unusual especially from a large car company such as Vauxhalls and that there investigation did NOT FIND any Trace of a cheque payment by Lookers Vauxhalls from St Helens to settle the finance on the vehicle What Santander did receive as Lookers evidence, was a photo copy of a hand written cheque dated February 2018, sent in September 2019: Santander as refused this as evidence that payment was ever sent as they believe that the cheque could of been hand written recently and photo copied to send to Santander Santanders investigation could not find any trace of any payment via cheque or of a returned cheque to Lookers Vauxhall, Santander also explained that Lookers could NOT PROVIDE any computer or POSTAL Evidence to back up there story The above is without further lies and deceit by Lookers Vauxhalls of St Helens with my purchase back in February 2018 in my first review Don't forget to call back on the ( Trustpilot site Vauxhall reviews ) for my latest Upadate with further progress: I would like to Thank all Trustpilot Vauxhall review followers for all your support
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Reason of review:
Lies and Deceit, Return, exchange cancelation Policy, Poor customers Service, Not as Descriibed returns policy, outdated Satnav data, Not advised about faulty clutch and braking system, Not using Genuine parts during repares, None Payment of Part exchang

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Wentworth M
map-marker Liverpool, England

Best Manager in the Business: Julian Lobb

May I just say to anyone out there who may have stumbled across reviews relating to Julian Lobb of VW Blackburn - They are not true (unless they're full of praise) Juilian Lobb is the nicest Car Salesman/Dealership Manager I have ever met. He couldn't have been more helpful if he tried. I'd buy my next car from him because he is honest & trustworthy & only employs good staff. I bought a new car from there a couple of months back & I have to say I've never been so impressed. All the staff were kind & courteous, this installed by Julian Lobb. He is a true professional. I urge anyone looking for a new car, go & see Julian Lobb & his expert sales team. Whoever this *** is, posting nasty comments about him really needs to get a life! Why Thank you. :-)
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This is America and you have the right to complain about service if it was poor. I am glad that you had a good experience. If someone wants to complain about their service, they have that right.

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There is no complaints about the service. This was a bitter outburst from somebody who the manager had to sack!!

Where is the complaint about service here?!! It's clearly some *** who was probably *** at their job and was moved on by a savvy manager!!

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Find just one complaint about actual service and I'll agree with you. This is clearly about comments made by no mark arses who the manager sacked because they were useless oxygen stealing thieves!! Said *** then sets about slagging off, what is probably a decent enough guy on here because he didn't have the balls to say things to his face, or he/she knew their sacking was justified.

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Service at Lookers

You asked about one complaint about service.

Well I have at least five


Car was at Lookers before they opened for minor service, ae189( cheat removal) and mot this took till after five pm to complete.

2. The tyres were blown up to 34-36 psi so we bounced home.

3. The oil level was far short of the full mark. 4.

They advised that I had a massive oil leak - I could not find any trace of one.

5. They also said the front discs were badly worn I took measurements with a micrometer (max 25mm min 22mm reading showed 24.5mm)

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Doh!! The complaint was about a sales manager although there wasn't an actual compliant more a slagging off for no obvious reason.As a sales manager I don't think they would be involved with servicing cars!

That's normally the Service manager!! The clue is in the title.....

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Shon Mdl
map-marker London, England

Julian Lobb Lobby Lobb Lobb face. Julian VW

There is only one way to describe this useless waste of space. He breathes our air, he uses up our time, these are both vital necessities of life from which he robs from us. He walks this land with his elephant legs and *** face. After spending a minute of your time with him you just want to smash his head against a wall. I would feel ever so sorry for any children this dispicable man may have produced, not only because they would have him as a father but they would end up like him. I cannot understand how a respectable company like VW would take on such a pathetic waste to society.
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You sound like a bitter ex employee with an axe to grind. A bit pathetic really.

map-marker London, England

Julian Lobb Lookers VW Blackburn

I urge everone to stay away from Lookers VW in Blackburn their Salesmanager Julian Lobb is a complete *** !!!! please do yourself a favor and stay well away from the place.it looks very nice from the outside but im sure fred wests house did. it is inside that you discover the horrors one imparticular is the supposed sales manager Julian Lobb.a more horrible person i have never met.He makes Harold Shipman look like Dr Quinn medicine woman.The rest of the staff seem quite friendly but are told to put as much preasure on customers as they can by monster Lobb.
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Some saddos on here. We all know he sacked u for being incompetent! Enjoy Morecambe dealerships u loser lol!!


Dishy doesn't cut it girlfriend...... He's a total hunk of a guy! Julian, Get 'em off!!!!


I'd love to see him naked too!! Oooo he's dishy. :grin


julian lobb is a nice guy,i would love to see him naked.


Well hello Mrs.Jones, I assume that's not your real name :eek . Nah, I know Ju very well, he cant be bothered to reply to this.

He is currently noting down all the harrasment he is receiving from you and your pathetic mates. I mean, setting up an email account in his name and then sending him a message to his email account at work. Real grown up stuff that.

He doesn't suffer fools easily, particulary when he works with them. FOOL :grin


I find it very funny that you have sold 3 cars to yourself Julian.This comment has obviously been written by you,after all it sounds like only someone like you would believe .....

"The rest of his staff think he is ace."

You sound a little deluded Mr Lobb,must be the "PRESSURE".Obviously some feeble attempt to dismiss a customer complaint on your part.


Having bought 3 cars from Mr.Julian Lobb, I would advise anyone to buy a car from him. Pay no attention to the above comments from a man who cannot even spell "pressure" (Preasure!!

Wot a tool!) I believe the man making these comments is a former disgruntled member of his staff who was sacked for his incompetence! Yes, Mr.Lobb will not suffer fools gladly on his workforce, but hey! thats the "PRESSURE" of being a manager.

The rest of his staff think he is ace. :)

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