Penny G Elw
map-marker Dallas, Texas

Screwed by Longhorn IV Investments LLC

I put my house on the market on June 1, 2018. I received an offer from Longhorn Investments on June 4. The offer was pretty close to asking price. I countered & they added another 1,700 dollars. Amazing! I was on Cloud 9. I had some lookers after that, even had another offer, but I turned it down because of the better offer from Longhorn. They wanted to close in 3 weeks I immediately began to look for a place to move. I wanted to schedule the inspection right away so we could close when they wanted. That's when the run-around began. First, the real estate agent was out of the country. No one else could handle it. That took a week. Long story short, they changed the closing date on me 3 times. All the time, I'm killing myself trying to find a house to move in by the closing date. They finally sent an inspector and 4 hours later they withdrew the offer. Longhorn sent me a check for $50.00 for putting my house in a pending state, made out to the title company!! I couldn't cash it. They are a bunch of crooks. They make you a really good offer, you can't refuse & screw you around, knowing they aren't going to buy your house. Don't ever deal with them. I'm pretty sure the title company, OS National Title is in on the scam too.
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  • Deceptive practices
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Deception offer to purchase house