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Long Fence And Homes Customer Care Review

Long like many tell u what u want to hear. Dont pay upfront and see whos leftvthat stillbwants the project.!
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Poor customer service
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Long Fence and Home: To any pretentious buyers

To any pretentious Buyer I want to share my experience with Long Fence and Homes!! On January 16 2012 John "Yanni" Avramidis and I signed a contract for 12 Windows for a total of $12,200 with a signed check of $4,050 in advance. On February 16 2012, the windows were installed final payment was made for 8150. By February 24 2012 I was complaining of how "drafty these windows were."Erick came out and installed "Pile pods” at the interlock on the bottom. This still didn't stop the heat from constantly kicking on and off trying to keep the house warm. Erick didn't have enough of the pads, said someone else would be out to complete the windows left. Someone on March 26 2012 installed "Fuzzy pads". I thought the problem was solved. Spring and summer arrived, hard to feel air infiltration. February 19, 2013 Bob came out, took pictures and chaulked, Stated, " This is all manufacturer suggested be done." When nothing was done satisfied me because there was far too much air coming in my living space, I contacted legal counsel. My letter re-questioning monetary compensation -was not received well. They said, "No way, but they would repair or replace." This quotation came from a letter sent on April 10 2013 by Dave Normandin, Cheif Operations officer. On April 18 2013 a Mr. Laurence "Larry" Mancini got here around 7:05pm. He and I worked into the night removing the fuzzy pads which created a bigger gap at the top where the windows latched! Which little did I know at the time brought me back to the original problem, by weathers changing in Oct. I knew the problem was still here. Another representative came out on December 5th 2013 and said it was normal for plastic to blow outward like the ones at all 12 of my windows. "It’s just the way plastic acts against windows!!" In my opinion Long Fence and Homes is too large of a company to come along and take advantage of a homeowner as myself and say there are well qualified to solve the problem. And leave me with the same or worse window and minus $12,200 from any bank account, plus the cost of heating and cooling. My solution at 20 degrees Fahrenheit last week, I was so cold I started taping the seams when This didn't solve the problem I still had to put up plastic. Maybe you'll have better luck. "Buyers Beware."
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they act like scammers, and are just awful