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Resolved: Bait and a different way that is illegal in Georgia

Loganville Ford - Bait and a different way that is illegal in Georgia
Updated by user Apr 17, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. Although the general sales manager, after reading my original complaint, became angry and offensive and promised to fight me on the refund...he appears to have decided that breaking the law was likely to get him (the dealership) in more trouble than was tolerable.

Original review Apr 09, 2023
My complaint centers around Loganville Fords use of a variation of the bait and switch marketing/sales tactic that has been around for centuries. Traditionally, bait and switch attempts to entice your interest with a low priced item (the bait) and then encourage the purchase of a higher priced item (the switch)after saying they are out of the lower priced item. In the US, courts have held that this technique may be subject to lawsuit by customers for false advertising unless the lower priced item IS actually available for sale. Loganville Fords deceptive sales tactic with me (and I suspect many other uninformed customers) was to entice me with a relatively low sales price (the bait) on a used 2019 Ford Fusion Titanium of $21,347.00 and, after I agreed to buy the car, they presented me with over $2,100.00 in additional charges (the switch). These charges were dealer fees consisting of Dealer Prep, a Doc Fee and a $327.00 upcharge to the advertised shipping to me in Texas. After some negotiation, they lowered the additional dealer fees to just the $799.00 Doc Fee. I bought the car in March of 2023. As I mentioned in my original complaint to the BBB, as it is in Texas and many other states, Car Dealers in Georgia are specifically prohibited by state law from NOT including all dealer fees in the ADVERTISED sales price. Loganville Ford violated this law. It was not until a few days after I paid them cash for this car that I discovered this breach of the law in the sale to me. Had I been aware of the GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF LAW, CONSUMER PROTECTION DIVISION, AUTO ADVERTISING AND SALES PRACTICES ENFORCEMENT POLICIES at the time I first saw the Auto-Trader advertisement, I would have demanded they sell me the car at the advertised price. Which they would have been required to do to avoid a potential lawsuit. I've called them on this sales tactic and they essentially told me to pound sand. Thus this complaint here and elsewhere. They get TWO STARS for a nice car.
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  • Could have been a five star transaction without the illegal condu

Preferred solution: Refund of the $799.00 doc fee that was illegally added to the advertised sales price.

User's recommendation: Always check local state laws relating to consumer protection before buying any automobile.

Marty G Msl
map-marker Loganville, Georgia

Where is the integrity?

My 2016 mustang gt premium pkg had less than 19g miles on it when I had this experience. Knuckle heads is an understatement for these idiots at Loganville Ford. They are hiding behind the reputation of Ford. These people do not have integrity folks! Do yourself a favor and go to the dealership in Athens or Conyers Ga if you want to have a good reliable experience. I'm not used to giving bad reviews, but I feel that it is necessary to give you all a heads up in hoping to save someone from a bad experience. I bought a 2016 gt mustang performance package from these knuckle heads. I made an agreement with the service manager to have stripes installed. When I got my car back the stripes were not correctly installed. Dont have them install tent on your windows folks. I got my car back with a large puddle of glue spilled in the back seat. Zilon is a complete waste of money. I went ahead and had the zilon coating applied on my car because it is supposed to protect against pretty much everything, including paint getting on your vehicle. Well, wouldn't you know I drove my black car through a cloud of white paint. I Immediately let these folks at loganville Ford know and they acted like they didn't know how to handle the situation. After several back and forth communications I wound up leaving my car with these idiots. When I got it back it had scratches all over it. After speaking with mike crotch probably the biggest idiot at the company "I still have the recorded conversations" I spoke with my attorney about this and decided that it would be less of a hassle to just repaint my car rather than taking them to court. These incompetent idiots do not stand behind their agreements. Zilon is a complete waste of your money. It's not worth my time filing a lawsuit against these idiots. I will have to repaint my car because of these incompetent fools. But hey live and learn. Loganville Ford you have lost out on around $10,000.00 just in the supercharger I'm going to have installed in my car. Not to mention all of the other upgrades I will have done. Not to mention ALL of my future vehical purchases. If I didn't love Ford products so mush I would trade it in for a dodge! If you are looking for a real Ford dealership that isn't hiding behind the Ford symbol and that will take care of you with integrity do yourself a favor and go to Athens or Conyers. I sincerely hope this saves at least one person form a horrible experience. Best of luck, Marty Grimes
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Knuckle heads is NOT even the words to leave as a review on these people. The are nice when you are purchasing a car from them but DO NOT expect to ever speak to anyone there ever again that can talk to you like you are a human being!!! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR FIND ANOTHER DEALERSHIP!!!