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I have been employed with both Ann Taylor outlet and Loft outlet, I have loved both of my jobs so very much. I feel like I have been treated unfairly by my general manager, at the loft outlet; Anna Ballou. I am always early/ on time to work an only missed for being really contagiously sick with a serious virus (mind you my 1 1/2 year old had caught this too at the same time) an still she got on to me for not wanting to come to work to spread the sickness to our customers and other employees. She even told me if you dont come in for shift you going to put her other job in jeopardy mind you it was MY FIRST time calling out! Shes selfish and does NOT communicate efficiently with all her employees. AT ALL! this has cause plenty of problems that my employees come to me an constantly tell me so I am taking my own time to complain, because something needs to be done!!! I didnt care the first time but come around to my second time calling out because I had car troubles, she starting getting mad at me for not being able to come in and immediately starting talking bout replacing me?! She even sent me an apology message the next day, because she was taking PERSONAL things out on me!!! It is NOT my job to hire people, I cant help they have only 8 employees, an she doesnt want to stay and do her own job, she should NOT be a general manager then. Im sorry but this is not how a general manager should treat their employees especially ones who LOVE their job !!!
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Kaly Ign
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Agent was great. Professional and very helpful. Called several times and finally this man did what should have been done weeks ago.
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Grace E Gpa


I bought clothes from this store for many years. I bought jeans but they didnt even last me year. They are ripped in the sides. I spend more than $150 for the both pairs of pants. I
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Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

Mindy K Bbw

Gift card confusion

A gift card was sent to my daughter 2 weeks ago and never received it. I dont know if it was lost in the mail or sent to wrong address ?
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Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

Elizabeth T Xnx

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Terrible management accused of stealing

I greeted the personnel once I arrived vs the othe way around . I needed help but the manager was speaking to a customer in Spanish about her personal life . I asked other floor employees questions about sakes clothes etc . They answered we dont know and do t speak English . Tbis was the gilroy location
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Preferred solution: Compensation for my humiliation

User's recommendation: Stay away

Daniella C Yoa

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Please help! Same item, Same size, Different fit!

LOFT Outlet - Please help! Same item, Same size, Different fit!
Hi, I have a very unlikely situation that has caused a lot of frustration and Im wondering how you can help me as a reputable and reliable company that I have had good service with in the past I recently tried on a pair of pants at a loft outlet that fit like a glove. They were a mid rise bootcut pant size curvy 0..well long story short I didnt purchase them and when I decided I did want themI didnt realize there is no longer and online store for loft outlet. They were no longer available anywhere near me, so my mother in another state was kind enough to drive an hour out of her way when she heard the story to get them for me at a store by her. Then my sweet grandmother who lives with her sent the pants to me even though it cost her $18 to do so. Well they purchased the exact pants I tried on in the exact size and when they got here they are HUGE. No doubt they are mislabeled or there was some huge error in sizing. I was so disappointed not even just because of the pants, but because of how much effort they went through to get them to me. I will no doubt refund them for everything but I am wondering if there is a coupon or gift amount or something you can offer me for this huge error on Lofts part. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank yo I so much for your time. Daniella Clemons
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  • Discounted items
  • No online platform
  • Inconsistent sizing

Preferred solution: I can get a refund by returning the item, but I would like extra compensation for the time/money that it took my family to drive, get the item for me, then send it to me…just for it to be an inaccurate size compared to the other exact item I tried on.

User's recommendation: Not sure if this is a rare fluke or a common thing….but for me I will no longer trust that 2 exact items labeled the exact size will be the same fit!

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Conflict with store manager

I made a phone call to Loft Outlet customer service on Nov. 1 regarding the horrible conflict with the manager at Loft Outlet in Jeffersonville Ohio. I was told someone would get back to me within 48 hours. When that didnt happen I left a lengthy message on the Loft Outlet customer service site and still no response. I am totally dissatisfied at this time. The store manager was so terrible, threatening and verbally abusing and NO one seems to care! If this is so, I will cancel my all rewards Loft MasterCard and shop somewhere else. This girl needs not only to be fired but locked up as she is totally crazy!
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User's recommendation: Don’t ask to see the manager!

Mary C Axn

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Complaint from customer against store manager

On Tuesday Nov 1 I was traveling to Cincinnati from Bellaire Ohio. I usually shop at the Tanger outlets at Washington Pa. I had a pair of pants that were too small and knew there was a store on my way. Upon arriving I was greeted by a charming young lady asking if I needed help. I told her I had a return could she take it to the front until I looked around which I did and tried on other pants. None were what I wanted. I went to the checkout and no one was there. Three people were in the back of the store having a good time putting out merchandise or moving it, whatever. I stood there and when no one came to the front, I went back and said I was ready to check out. A young man came up and he opened my bag and did something. He said he could not return the pants as I had the wrong receipt. I said ok, you can look it up I have a Loft MasterCard. He asked for my phone, nothing was working for him. I gave my phone number two more times and he was still having trouble. The fourth time I gave him my phone, I was irritated. After that with no results he said he needed to get help. I just shook my head and he left. What happened next was unbelievable. A nice looking girl came to the register and told me she was the manager of the store and did not appreciate the way I treated her associate! I did not say a word to the young man but she accused me of abusing and treating him unfairly in a horrible voice proceeded to tell me that she has the right to refuse to return my pants and that she would put them in a bag and make sure I never shop at the Loft outlet again! I told her I would report her and she said to please do! She started to put the pants in the bag and I told her to give me credit. She was so belligerent and started pounded the keys on the register and angrily asking me for my information. I handed her my all rewards MasterCard and she said they have nothing to do with Comeity bank, which is strange she knew what bank handles their cards! After she looked up my information, she wanted my name and phone number, which I gave her and on my way, i thought I should never have given her that. She was so violent that its hard to tell what she would do. She wrote it on a seperate piece of paper! As I started out the door she started YELLING, have a blessed day your wonderful lady, safe travels and I hope I never see you again!!!. This was so totally crazy and shocking I can assure I will never go back in that store. You can check my account where you will see many, many purchases and I have never been treated in such a manner. The only thing I can think of is that the young man did not know what he was doing and who knows (well he does) what he told his manager. I called after I left the store for Loft outlet customer service and some person told me I would be hearing from you in 48 hours. I told him what had happened to me. The time has come and gone! I am considering closing my account but since I rarely shop in Jeffersonville I will have to see what your reply is. Here is the info from my receipt. LOS 3010 Jeffersonville LOS, 8160 Factory Shops Blvd. Jeffersonville Oh 43128, 740-***-**** *=1/22 12:28PM Seq 000056464, Store: 03010. Desk Assiciate 675**** Reg:001 Return 030100****0056464
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User's recommendation: Crazy store manager. Shop at your own risk and definitely do not an item to someone who is new, and NOT properly trained!


Mask not worn during shopping

Why are customers not required to wear mask during shopping? We have families we go home too and they are not required to wear masks.
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No refund of my cash because I paid w split tender!

I made a purchase at Loft Outlet for $120. I paid with a $100 bill and put the rest on my debit card. I went back to return 2 of the pieces, unworn with tags attached and receipt, a week later. I was told since I used a split tender that I had to receive a Loft merchandise credit and not my money back. The manager told me it was their policy and that there was nothing she could do. I immediately read her the policy that was printed on the back of the receipt. That policy mentions nothing about the normal return policy being voided if using a split tender. There is no signage in the store stating the split tender return policy, it is not on the receipt and I was not told at the point of sale. I reached out to Customer Service and was basically told the same thing, it is the policy and they do not alter policy. (But they do appreciate the perspective shared...) I responded back to their email asking for a phone call to discuss the situation. LOFT should be ashamed of this pathetic lack of customer service, sadly, it appears they do not care. I have been a customer with ANN INC. brands for 20 years and I will not be spending my money with them any longer. I will spend it with Talbots where the customer service is exceptional and all about HER.
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Reason of review:
Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy

The manager is wrong. This is not our policy.

I’m a 14 year employee.

If the amount of the return was $100 or less you would have been given cash! If you returned everything you would have been given $100 cash and the rest on debit per original transaction.


I’m also a lead cashier and if you would come into my store you would have gotten cash if it had been $100 or under the amount. Now if you had returned both pieces and demanded we give you $120 cash back that would be incorrect I will give you $100 cash back and the rest back to your debit card

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