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BEWARE Lockridge Construction and GC John Burt Sr

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Disappointment after disappointment. Failure after failure. If you are considering using Lockridge Construction heed these warnings. Get a construction inspector to monitor the entire construction as soon as you break ground. Hire a lawyer from the beginning. Hire an auditor to monitor how John Burt Sr spends your money. Or better yet DO NOT GO INTO CONTRACT WITH JOHN BURT SR. Work with your bank to find a reputable and recommended builder.

We were lured by JWB architects with the appeal of a cohesive relationship between architect AND builder that would, as they state: work side by side during the design and construction process. We read through many positive reviews of JWB and assumed it applied to the whole building experience (considering it a son and father operation). We were led to believe that we were working with a premier Orlando builder, with decades of experience, that spared at no expense.

Summary for those that dont want to read full details below. If youve ever heard of the expression poor bedside manner to describe that old school doctor, with outdated practices, that probably shouldve retired 15 years ago Combine that character with a used car salesman. John Burt Sr., GC of Lockridge Construction, is disturbingly delusional, disorganized, and unethical. John Burt Sr is not a man of integrity nor does he possess any bit of fundamental reasoning. If you are reading this review on a site that does not allow pictures, please visit the review elsewhere to view pictures as they are worth a thousand words.

When we first met and started working with John Sr., we told ourselves that he was an eclectic or artistic type. His eccentricity would equate to valuable input for our custom home. He seemed confident and steadfast and told us he would have our house done is 4-6 months (seemed reasonable for a 1700SF home). Turns out he has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of creative ideas. His confidence comes from a place of complete and utter delusion and hysteria. An egotistical know-it- all, thinks very highly of himself, his experience, and self-professed knowledge of construction. At the end of the day the man is a fast talker with diarrhea of the mouth and *** is the quality of his words and his work. Time is money and the total construction dragged out for almost one year.

Johns claim to fame is that he has an expertise in concrete. Been doing it since he was 16. This is how he started decades ago and nobody knows more than John Sr when it comes to concrete (according to him, of course). Turns out John Burt Sr suffers from grand mythomania. We opted for stamped concrete on our front and back porch and this is the start of where we realized we hired an incorrigible idiot. When I saw his work, I was shocked beyond disbelief. It looked like a 10-year-old with a stamp pad was let loose on the concrete (refer to pictures which will be posted everywhere I am able on google, yelp, etc). I pointed out the flaws of his work and instead of owning up to his mistakes he became very combative. He was the expert, not me. He had the audacity to claim that it would pass inspection and I could only simply ask YOU are OK with THIS? Had this been a reasonable, level headed GC the call would have been made right then and there to correct the error and grind the mess away. Instead, our narcissist, wonder-boy kept saying it was completely normal, he wasnt finished yet, he would make it look perfect and that we would be saying how beautiful it looked when he was finished. Fast-forward 8 months later. He DID TRY to fix his mistakes. All this man did was waste his time and ours. He FINALLY decided to call it quits AFTER grass was laid; AFTER the professional cleaners finished the house; AFTER our screen lanai was installed. Guess how much mess concrete makes when you grind it down and rinse it into the grass??? It essentially ruined the barn screen doors we invested in because the concrete powder is 100% embedded in the tracks. We vetted several concrete companies to find someone to fix this. All of them basically laughed and gave their condolences at how unbelievably AWFUL the work was (nonetheless by someone who claimed to be a pro). One of the companies actually asked to take pictures to use it as examples of WHAT NOT TO DO on their website. We finally had our concrete refinished by an outside source AFTER moving in (welcome home) and it looks amazing now. Moving on from the concrete mishap. It didnt end here.

When we worked on all of the initial cost estimates we noted MANY TIMES that we have TEMPORARY electric set up on the property. On our cost sheet it is also noted that electric set up was TEMPORARY. John Burt Sr got so used to using OUR temp power I suppose he forgot he needed to set up and run PERMANENT power?!? Guess how long that cost us in waiting for permits? And an additional, unexpected cost we had to come out of pocket after being GUARANTEED everything was covered in the bid.

We supervised our own home construction because Johns incompetence was clear to us. I eventually just renamed the picture folder of my home build to Lockridge Failures.

-The tray ceiling in our bedroom was done incorrectly (3 angled sides and one straight edge), the light was off center for the MBR light. All the corrections that had to be made cost time and left visible patchwork ALL OVER.

-I brought up my concerns about the location of a pendant light in the kitchen (BEFORE the cabinets were in). It looked like the doors would hit the lights to which John replied I MEASURED THEM MYSELF and disregarded my concern. Guess what had to be moved not once, not twice, but three times before he figured it out. AND GUESS WHO GAVE US A FINAL BILL CHARGING US FOR THEIR IGNORANT MISCALCULATIONS!

-The wrong window was installed in the master bathroom (clear was installed, frosted was selected). No quality control or supervision being done on products ordered, delivered, or installed.

-The WRONG AC was installed!! Our quote and work order were for a 3-ton 16 seer TRANE unit and a 3-ton 14 seer AMERISTAR was installed! I caught on to this and brought it up to him ASAP. Whoops, mistakes happen, I guess? Finally, a 3-ton 16 seer American Standard was installed. Well, he almost got it right. The best part was when they finished up The drain line was installed in front of the filter door Another whoops.

-We invested in a $2K jet tub which was used as a construction debris receptacle for about 6 months the result looked like we installed a used tub picked up from Craigslist. Portions of flooring were damaged due to improper handling and dragging appliances, our dishwasher face was damaged. Most things addressed at the end, but theyre all things that could have been prevented.

-We put in plans to have an outlet on the floor (for our future reclining couch). The plans had it as what looked to be lined up so itd be UNDER the couch. Guess who has an outlet in the middle of the living room floor.

-We selected Benjamin Moore brand paint. All high-quality paint jobs and homes are completed with an eggshell or satin finish. We provided the brand and paint color to John. When we checked in to see how the painting was going, I noticed immediately something was OFF. The paint being used was a Valspar knock off in flat finish. The absolute cheapest product you could put on a wall and flat is something cheap landlords use for rentals. The same switch was made for our exterior paint. Color was OFF, but close enough (although Im certain we will have repercussions of paint fading, peeling, etc with the cheaper used brand). We decided on changing the color of the walls and WE purchased the paint color, finish, and brand since John Burt cannot be relied on. He will take a clients money, get the cheapest product he can, and pocket the rest for himself? Same bait-and-switch with the AC unit. But according to John Burt Sr these kinds of things happen its construction what do we expect cant expect perfect.

-After moving in we invested in a soft water system. The professionals that came to install it were shocked to find the underground plumbing was completely jerry rigged and backwards. They said theyd done a lot of older and newer homes and ours was one of the most poorly done theyd seen; especially considering it a brand-new construction. It took them an extra 2 hours to correct the issues and they felt so bad they didnt even charge us more than the initial bid.

-We had inspection done after construction and in retrospect we shouldve hired one to monitor every single step of the process. The inspector found that we had an issue with the electric in kitchen. The only way to fix it would be to take out the whole wall (with backsplash and cabinets already installed). We unfortunately had learned through the process that John Burt Sr doesnt correct his mistakes he only tries to hide them and, in turn, makes everything worse. He does not delivery quality work on any acceptable level. We will currently live with resetting the electric in kitchen as the whole grid goes out when more than one appliance is used. We will bide our time and eventually get it resolved with a capable electrician.

-Good luck with John Burt Sr.s 1-year warranty that he promises to you before contract. We were supposed to be provided the list of subcontractors if the need for warranty arose. Silly to expect such a disorganized, inefficient man to provide us this. He never responded to our call or email after he got his money so we reached out to the office. The secretary, Heather, did her best to gather a list of names of companies or subs for us. At the end of the day, if we need something to be warrantied, I

#1) dont believe we will have much success getting in touch with the contractors used as most were fly-by-night

#2) dont believe we would want the same people who did a botched job to come back and *** it any more (e.g. The subs selected to sand and stain our doors were supposed to be the top, according to John, in Orlando. Our inspector told us the workmanship was subpar at best and pointed out so many issues. He recommended that the doors needed to be redone in most cases. When brought up to John on our punch list he had them come back out. They spent an hour or two and Im not really sure what they accomplished because the doors look the same. We will have to find a professional ourselves to complete the job as John Burt Sr has zero grasp of quality work.)

Every step forward in the construction process was another 3 steps back.

We invested in a custom iron door which John stated NO PROBLEM! It would be no additional cost to install. He could install any door on the planet because he has seen and done it all. Well, he did install our door. Our custom iron door, which was a major purchase decision for our forever home, is blemished from Lockridge Construction with permanent scratches, dings, and screws popping out where they should be flush. When these issues were brought to the attention of John Burt Sr he used a MAGIC MARKER to attempt hiding the flaws. The man has absolutely ZERO comprehension of properly caring for, or respecting, another persons property. He has the mindset of a child that does not grasp the fundamental difference of right or wrong. When a mistake is made, he will only make more errors in attempt to HIDE it. And ALL at his clients expense.

My favorite part was getting his final bill that included a $1600 installation fee for the door. Three months after installing it, three months after telling us installation cost was already included. What an unethical way of running a business, but again like a child. With no moral philosophy or value-system he will push the limit as far as he can. We questioned several shady charges and also brought up credits that should be due to us (we paid for many things out of pocket to reduce the loan amount, cushion impact fees, etc). He eventually acknowledged the credits that I suppose he didnt realize we were tracking, but came up with a slew of asinine additional charges and attempted to double his final bill! It was maniacal retaliation. We were speaking with a lawyer and heavily considering doing a full audit on this imbecile. We had already lost so much time and money with John Burt Sr the thought of a long drawn out court battle was unimaginable. I wouldve liked to say at the end at least he didnt steal our money. But he doesnt even have that going for him. Not only will he steal your money through the process of construction (selecting cheap products, bait and switch products, etc.) he will further attempt to pad his pockets however he can. This is not a man you want to risk doing business with. Where does a client send their bill after they move in and have to fix all the errors of Lockridge Construction?

I have no remorse about the negative words used about John Burt Sr. since Im a *** on the rag my entire life... and nothing makes me happy. ß John Burt about his client, caught on camera, in conversation with one of his subs. The conversation was about having to pay for a better painter for the doors because he was worried his cheap painter wouldnt do a satisfactory job and I would catch it LOL! You know when clients are happy, John? When you GENUINELY care about their hard-earned money. When you SENSIBLY care about their time. When you AUTHENTICALLY care about the job done as if it was your OWN home. John Burt Sr. you did not offer any of the above qualities and rather shamelessly took EVERY shortcut imaginable. You are in the business of handling one of the costliest, and most important, investments of a persons life. What is important to your client should be important to you; it is unfortunate that someone of your character has taken on the job of being a GC for family homes.

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