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I trust them with my beloved "children"

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I have been bringing my cats to this practice since I moved back into the area in 2006. My parents have brought their dogs there since 1974 when Dr. Lockridge was practicing. Over the years we have gone through many medical mysteries and tragedies together. I have always found the veterinarians and staff to be supportive, understanding and considerate of my pets' health and my financial situation. When I have opted to forgo an expensive test or procedure I was not criticized or made to feel like I was a bad parent. I have, and will continue to, recommend this practice to anyone looking for quality loving care.
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
Yared Dut
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This reply is from Lockridge Animal Hospital. We are aware of the identity of this individual and have made an effort to reach the party by phone and mail. Although the website indicates a desire of the party to be reached they have not responded. Review sites such as this where a party can say whatever they wish without factual evidence are harmful, derogatory and defamatory. An expression of "opinion " can tread very closely to libel and slander. We have FULL DOCUMENTATION as to the date of this pets visits, owner comments, phone conversations, physical exam and diagnostic test results as well as monies expended. On June 23,2015 pet seen for exam, reduced appetite and what owner perceived as dental problems. Owner wished to schedule dental care for what they thought was a fractured tooth. Routine senior lab testing was ordered for this 15 year old kitty. Antibiotic was prescribed for the dental infection pending results. On June 24 the doctor called owner with results Significant abnormalities were discovered with the patients liver as well as other tests. The doctor explained that the reduced appetite had been unlikely related to dental issues. The advice was given to admit patient for additional diagnostic evaluation and treatment for the abnormal findings and symptoms the cat was exhibiting. The potentially serious nature of these findings was explained. At this time the pet owner expressed financial reservations. The Dr. discussed a financing program known as care credit as well as various lesser cost outpatient alternatives. It was left that owner would consider these and call back. By June 26 we had heard nothing so the Dr. again initiated the call. After contact was made we were told that the patient was better, no longer lethargic and eating well. Further treatment and testing was again advised due to the abnormal findings.. again declined. The Dr. asked owner to keep in touch as she was very concerned that something more serious was still at work and that this cat may deteriorate. On June 30 the Dr. made a call to check on patient . It was stated that the kitty was eating well. The owner indicated no desire to pursue more answers or treatment including dental care. One more communication occurred on July 7 2015.. Again this hospital initiated the call.. owner had not called us. Owner stated that they felt that patient was much better, antibiotic had helped and they would call us if desired to pursue. Nothing more from owner until Sept 12 , 2015.. Owner called us to say that kitty was doing poorly and a decision to euthanize had been made. The owner wanted record sent to AVC after hours emergency center as they wished to have the procedure done on a Sunday. We received a report from AVC informing us that the patient had been euthanized on Sept 13. Nothing in the report mentioned "brain tumor". We had sent condolences to the family only to discover this disparaging post a few days later. At no time did the owner ever contact this hospital to describe anything suggestive of such a diagnosis. A call to the AVC veterinarian who performed the euthanasia advised us that not only did he never discuss a brain tumor with the owner.. he never even met or spoke with them as they declined to be present with the kitty and dropped him off with an admitting technician for euthanasia. No one can make such a diagnosis without advanced imaging such as an MRI. Lockridge Animal Hospital is not "newly established" It is one of the longest established veterinary hospitals in NH. Dr. Lockridge retired 20 years ago! We still care for his families pets! We are an award winning hospital.. having been nominated for and received many distinguished recognitions by our wonderful clients! Our fee structure is very fair and we invite a point by point comparison of fees next to an invoice of any other quality hospital to prove it. The individual who posted this brought pets to us for nearly TEN years. Losing a pet is painful. It is human nature to be upset.. However, Striking out maliciously and with false information at a group of people who have cared for their pets for many years is WRONG! We have asked this owner in phone messages and in written letters which have gone without reply to reach out to discuss this matter.. If we erred in some way we want to understand where and how! This is an unfair, unwarranted and malicious attack and the post should be retracted. Freedom of speech is a protected right in this wonderful country.. even if the comments are untrue and hurtful. LOCKRIDGE ANIMAL HOSPITAL
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This is a huge animal hospital care "rip-off"!

I had the convenience of bringing both my dog and cat there only because my neighbor knew and worked the for the original Lockridge Family Vets. Our home is only three blocks from the Lockridge Property. I had originally brought our pets to the Manchester's North End Veterinary Clinic. So I took my good neighbor's advice and started bring our family pets to the Lockridge Facility. But, as the Lockridge Family sold the practice and property to the newly established Lockridge Hospital Clinic; this establishment has gone "Seriously" down the hill and billing charges has gone through the roof. Lets try this test and that! My cat was annually examined in June for $450.00 and I had to put him down this weekend at the Advanced Veterinary Clinic. The Lockridge Clinic had no idea after the $450.00 annual exam, with a $150.00 blood screen; that the cat had a brain tumor! R.I.P. "King Tut".
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Reason of review:
Overall Overcharging and Bad Diagnosis

Preferred solution: For other people to be aware

Penelope T Ota
map-marker Madison, Wisconsin

Lockridge Animal Hospital is the only place I would go

I have been going to Lockridge Animal Hospital for fifty years. This includes the old owners, the Lockridge family as well as the new owners, Drs. McCammon and Richard. This means a forty-five minute drive but it is well worth it. I have never been disappointed with their caring serving and concern for our dogs and cats. The doctors have called in the evening after a long day to see how our animals were doing after hospitalization or serious treatment. They have enabled and empowered us to treat our animals at *** with training and supplies. A veterinarian practice that only cares about making money wouldn't do any of these things. You won't be disappointed by trusting your animal family to Lockridge.
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Sevices I did not ask for

I recently took my two outdoor cats in for their necessary shots. That is what I made the appointment for, shots only. Much to my dismay, blood work was done, full exams were done and the bill was in the hundreds of dollars. ?Could I have spoken up? Sure, but I would have felt like a *** But we have had a tough few years, and we are very careful with our animals, watch them when they are out and if they exhibit signs of illness, we tend to it immediately. All the blood work came back "beautiful" in the words of the attending vet. So I will be changing Vets, as I simply cannot afford to have the Vet do additional services beyond the appointed ones and don't feel comfortable to stop them in progress. Just not a happy feeling. And they are VERY costly-too bad, because I like both the female Vets there.
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I have been bringing my pets to Lockridge for years. I have never had them charge me for ANYTHING that I wasn't aware of. I'm always asked before a test is performed. That is where I seize the opportunity to ask how much it is and why it is medically necessary. I trust my vet and she takes the time to explain why she has chosen a particular treatment without making me feel like a tool for being poor.

You must be a very timid or very paranoid person to not speak up. I am sorry that you didn't have the confidence to put a stop to something you felt was unjust.

Plus, I am of the opinion that having "out door" cats is wrong. If you owned a fish you wouldn't put it in a paper cup and leave it on the porch to fend for itself. Why do that to a cat? How do you keep them healthy like that? How do you not worry about them being run over or stuck out in the cold? That would bother me. I apologize if this offends you as it is strictly my personal opinion, but it's valid and I'm not afraid to speak up.

I have dogs and couldn't imagine letting them run *** nilly through the streets just because they know how to get back home.

Also, the term "necessary shots" means to me that you care about only the "necessities" and not really about the overall health of your pets.


I have been to Lockridge several times with my animals. The staff is always friendly and polite.

I informed them that I would not be able to do a full work up on a stray cat I adopted due to monetary issues.

They didn't treat me like a shmuck and proceeded to offer suggestions on lower cost tests to do first. They were very understanding of the issue and have never said anything negative nor acted negatively towards me.


Lady, Grow up. you have a mouth, why don't you use it instead of hiding behind your computer to disparage a business. If you didn't want the services, why did you agree to them?

***, *** people.


Nothing we do is done in a vacuum! Pets seen here ALWAYS are examined by a Doctor.

Physical exams are far more important than "shots" for most adult pets. Any blood or lab testing that is done as part of a check up.. just as with your own MD is a way we can "see inside" . Our patients cannot speak verbally to us .

We must rely on what we can see, hear and feel. Lab tests add much to that. These tests are NEVER done secretly or without permission. The client is made aware of what we are advising and is asked if they wish it done!

Pet owners are expected to PARTICIPATE in their pets' care. We are keenly aware of the state of the economy and offer many options to work within a budget... but one must SPEAK! As for the cost..

call around See who offers a COMPLETE CBC and FULL BIOCHEM panel for the $45.00 it costs at Lockridge Animal Hosp. WE are terribly sorry you are displeased. We have an easy dialogue with our clients and no one should ever be afraid to speak up. We cannot withold good, current medical advice for all clients because we are afraid someone might not tell us what they really want!

Had you simply made an effort to SPEAK to us during the appt.. rather than badmouthing us in this forum .. We would have done exactly what you wished and nothing more! You would have been happy with your charges, would have gotten great care and still had the Doctor you were comfortable with.

It is such a shame that in today's society folks seem to have lost the ability to communicate directly with each other.. instead we have this cold nameless, harmful public internet slandering which ha taken its place :sigh

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Poor Ethics at Lockridge Animal Hospital

First off, cost for service was high in comparison to other veterinary establishments, however, we continued to bring our pets there based on convenience. In hindsight there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary tests and medication. After being laid off in july of 2009 it became increasingly difficult to pay one bill for a simple checkup that totaled Approximately $500. We had in the past never carried a balance even when presented $700 bill to treat an illness earlier that year. They reluctantly set up a payment plan and would call obsessively if we could not make a payment. Additionally, they refused to continue to treat our pets even though one of them has diabetes and requires constant blood work that resulted in his blindness. Upon finding a new veterinary doctor Lockridge would not send over vaccination records or any other records. Even though Payments are being sent to collections they still will not send records. After informing a friend of this treatment she decided to bring her pets to another vet and informed Lockridge why she had decided to do so. About two weeks later they sent her a two page letter defending their action against us and disclosing to her our personal business. Our friend was shocked and shared the letter with us.
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So just to close this issue, my dog has since passed of pancriatic cancer. There never was a diagnosis, by the way, at lockridge of this kind, it actually took another vet to find this problem.

Unfortunately it was too late by that time and our beloved friend and companion eroded away to nothing and eventually died. Conversely lockridge continued on with the multitude of expensive never once looking into the possibility this kind of cancer.

Finally I love the damage control machine that snaps into action when someone dislikes the service they receive. It's just one more example of unethical behavior.

Just to reiterate, It was the tactics used that were unethical not their obligation to collect compensation for services rendered.

Additionally, sending a letter to another customer discussing someone else's business is not just unethical but also illegal. Lastly, Why would a business require a weekly phone call to tell them you can't pay? That is an insulting and degrading practice.

I was focused on finding employment and feeding my family. I would call when the status changed.


Response to "we obliged the payment plan". We do not typically set up payment plans.

The fact that we did one for you suggests that we extended you a courtesy that recognized your need..placing your pets care as our priority and deferring payment til later. All payment plans are set up with the clients choice of payment due dates in writing. There is also a written and verbal understanding that should you be unable to honor a due date.. a call to rework the plan is all it takes.WE NEVER turn anyone over to collection that has made a SINCERE effort to work with us HONESTLY.


Perhaps you are unaware that the collection agency keeps approximately half of what they collect. We certainly cannot keep our doors open and the hospital staffed doing that!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-194225

SHAME ON YOU, Lockridge.


We never asked them to treat our animals for free. We are VERY responsible pet owners.

I missed one payment because I was 8 months pregnant and couldn't make it down there to pay. I called the next day to make a payment over the phone and I received a letter one week later stating that the account had gone to collections. We expected compassion and professionalism. Instead, we were bullied.

We had paid extremely high bills in the past at time of service. We now bring our dogs to a new vet and come to find out one of them was severely misdiagnosed. Also, the price of his medications are about one quarter of what they were at Lockridge. In the end, Lockridge was basically performing too many tests and over-prescribing medication.

Now my dog is screwed and Lockridge still got paid. I took responsibility and now it is too late for my dog.


LAH has been a superior facility for my pets. I agree with Dave above....

The complainant has responsibilities to the vet. LAH's reply as posted here is clearly partial, and I suspect complainant is simply angry and not giving full facts.


Ethics work both ways. I agree that it is unethical and possibly illegal to share personal information, but I think it is just as unethical to agree to a payment plan and not honor your commitment. Just because your money is trickling in to the collection agency doesn't mean that you followed your word, because if you did, there would be no need to have a collection agency.

And based on this, they should have continued to treat your other pets' medical conditions for basically free? This is why most places don't do payment plans anymore, because they end up getting screwed.

I understand that these are tough financial times for everyone, but the reality is that there is a cost associated with services and that cost must be paid by someone. In the end, it is your responsibility.

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