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They are crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I published a book with them in 2008 -it now 2018 and they refused to give me a DIME!! Thye present false advertizement. They clame toself- publish your book but they make you paid for the editing, cover and making of the book. Then they take 70% of your retail roylties, charge you taxs from your net(if they ever give you one) then make you pay for shipping and handling. When they put their logo on your book it's not self -publishing! Every time a book sells you are promoting their company cause their brand is on you book and not yours!! When I called to get a check they stop taking my calls and terminated they email service. I had no way of getting in touch with them. They are crooks!! Crooks!! Crooks!! They even kept my PDF files wich is needed to edit and re-release my own novel. Debie Dawson handled my account and never sent me a check but roobbed over 5,0000 to publish the book and never send me a check after books were sold! If you want to hear from me, other people who have been robbed and want to filed a joint class contact me: TwenyOneHands@***.com # 1(71*)807-**** call me Mr. Williams. Go on line even to their site. My books is called: Window Without A View
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Llumina Press Publishing Service Review

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I was scared of 1500.00 to publish my book The Day She Left My World Fell Apart" That was over 4 years ago and I have only received 3.52 from my sales. They are selling all over the internet and amazon for 3 times the amount . I have never been contacted by this scamming company. Let's all get together and sue these people !!! Linda Sinclair
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment

The Two Playful Spooks

I've been scammed for twelve hundred dollars by this company, I feel so horrible.they lead me with broken promises, reel me in then let me drown, I asked from time to time about my royalty checks, they paid me twice then the payments stopped, now my books are all over the internet and I'm not getting any payments. and this been going on for nine years or more. I kindly submitted a certified letter requesting that they take my book off of their sites. my request was granted two months later. I really feel that this company owes me, is it possible I can get some immediate help!
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

map-marker Thousand Oaks, California

They stole my money and won't return any of it.

They stole my money and won't return any of it. Incompetent P.O.D. Could not produce my book as per our agreement. Very young inexperienced girls run the company in a fraudulent manner. They say the author comes first. Reality check shows it's all talk, no substance behind the talk. Author signs contract. Llumina Press never signed the contract for their side of the agreement, but said it's okay, don't worry. HA! Check around to find out, they are unusual in their lack of customer support. Others are nicer, faster, more cooperative and less costly. Also they don't give an accurate accounting for royalties.
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They published my book and when they decided to close they advised me to send them some information plus $50 for them to make sure I would be protected by uploading my book into CreateSpace. I sent the $50 and nothing has happened.

I have asked a few times for un update and got no answer.

Additionally, I know I sold about 35 copies since its publication and never got any royalties.

It is a shame that you trust some people and they, unfortunately, do not reciprocate. I would not blame everyone in that company though, they follow instructions.

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Same situation, except I sent Deborah $250.00 for book files and new ISBN to transfer to create space. I'm still waiting and she has no answer for me. My book has been out 9 years and I know actual people who have bought it, both in paper and Kindle but stopped getting royalties years ago.


I think that they can be slow and inefficient. However, as an author, I have always considered them to be honest (as long as you ignore the marketing bluster).


My complaint is similar. Refusal to return emails and no explanation for royalties not sent.

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Well, why not dupe the writer who is eager to publish months and years of hard work? Get 'em while they are weak and vulnerable!

That's their method of operations, especially when the writer does not live in Florida where it would be easier to get to them to fight the stolen money.

What a world!

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lifeprint F
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LLumina Press won't publish my book after 5 1/2 months

Since I am in Calif., 3 hours earlier than Fla., I have consistently replied to Llumina in the evening so they could have the response when the business opened the next morning. When they finally acknowledged it was not possible to provide my original and ongoing request for larger, wider spaced lines with wider letter spacing, and right justification without excessive hyphenation, I e-mailed explaining how to do that computer process. I have never been involved in the publishing business, but I spent weeks asking questions and doing research to find the answers. Thurs. night I e-mailed my offer to fix the book myself, since they were not able to accommodate my requests: "I am available for Llumina to hire me to do the formatting on my book. I have learned how to edit/format a 6x9 book with equal spacing, left and right justification, and no awkward hyphenating. Llumina would have to finish with the page naming and numbering aspect of the formatting process and your final preparations work for printing." I included a comparison between the Llumina process and the one I learned. The Publishers I contacted, were not willing to share their "secrets" with me, so while it's not perfect, it is much more professional than the current Page 65 in the proof book that I paid to have sent to me. Page 65 of the book shows 8, end of the line, hyphenated words. The built-in Microsoft Word free computer paragraph program I learned, eliminates that problem: According to the Publisher Standards Board: Among these misleading books publishing companies are: "¢ AuthorHouse "¢ E-BookTime "¢ Infinity Publishing "¢ iUniverse "¢ Llumina Press "¢ Magic Valley Publishers "¢ Tate Publishing Since Llumina is saying they can't provide the book in the agreed upon format, it's time to come to an agreement and stop this time wasting of the past 5 1/2 months! There is no way they could know what I received in e-mail and in postal mail. Therefore, what they think they sent to me is a non-issue. The only real issue at this time is to immediately refund my money or provide me with the agreed upon book and fulfillment services.
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Now - 4 yrs. after my loss of over $1,200 to Lumina Press, there are ways to self publish IF the writer can handle the computer processing and IF the writer wants to store and sell the books.

That process includes shipping and handling.

Print on Demand takes over after the writer is finished with the creative work.

An Author has to do the marketing no matter which method is chosen to publish a manuscript.

Can you do it all yourself? I can't.


Any company that wants money for publishing you is a fake scam vanity publisher and you can self publish for free with kobo writing life.


:p I agree and it is too bad when we get scammed by people you listed. I got it too by one on your list.

But when you stand up and say something they turn it around to your not being professional.

all we want is what we paid for.

I paid for a publicist who can't seem to do their wonder it is through one on your list. God help them.

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Llumina Press-Lousy Quality, lousy service

I chose this company to publish my book because they promised that they were different from "vanity presses" in that they only published professional, well-edited books. One aspect of the publishing package was that they would edit the back cover text provided by the author. Because I am dyslexic, my spelling leaves a great deal to be desired, so this was an important feature of the package. I was horrified to learn that the book was released with a back cover containing multiple errors in spelling and grammar, things that were supposed to have been taken care of by a professional editor. One name was spelled three different ways on the cover alone! I later found out that the person responsible for editing back covers is the owner's mentally disabled (autistic) daughter! The interior text was sent to me to approve the editing. I was told that I could make any additions to the text that I wanted, and so I did. They did NOT tell me that no editor would ever look at the additions I made. Because of my dyslexia, I added errors, which were never edited. After spending thousands of dollars, I have had to pull my book from Llumina and take it to another publishing company to completely redo.
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:grin Many of the POD companies run the same deal, just a different name. Try Sally Stuarts book to find an agent. Get paid to write.


Llumina is one of the worst companies that I have ever worked with. Deborah Greenspan is the owner/publisher and she is a scammer beyond scam!

Diane in the office is an incompetent *** and Cassandra does not return phone calls. I have made 7 calls to the Llumina office to check on a specific issue and no one addresses this issue even though I have paid for it several months ago.Cannot believe that they are still in business!

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