Livia Wwn

Rongful foreclosures

In 2008 my mothers home was rongful foreclosures house on whidbey island she owed seven t housed dollars on it pay one hundred seventy for thousands for it my mother and my children lived with her in three bedroom two car garage on two acres we had horses and other animals my mother and I lived with each other for many years she helped me and I help her she came down with altimeter. And I was taken care of here the the state got called say I wasn't able to take off her . There were trying to get here to sign her life away. They place in a home and kickEd me and my kids on to the street. Was homeless the Washington mutual sold the house..twice the clear company said that there were helping us they were not . I GOT A settlement for 7ooo dollars that was it halstiens
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Problems with payment
map-marker Dunnellon, Florida

After we were really screwed by the so call Attorney JEFF BARNES of Boca Raton

After paying this guy {Attorney Jeff Barnes} a small fortune and after he conned valuable residential property from my family he at the last minuet bailed out and left us totally helpless and without funds to defend ourselves in our foreclosure case. The worst part was when I confronted him on his dishonesty and deception, he went totally berserk, I mean really crazy stuff, I actually thought that he had a mental breakdown. Imagine we are a 65 years old couple who raised 8 children, caring for our mother who has dementia and fighting against one of the biggest banks in the world. We gave 10s of thousand of dollars to Barnes, basically everything we had. Mr. Barnes had unleashed a verbal attack that I have never ever witnessed before, he said he would have us arrested because had very important friends in the Attorney Generals office and that he worked there for years, he said he would contact the IRS and tell them that we were committing a crime and he also said that he would contact our federal bankruptcy judge and tell him all about our family. First off we didn't make a move without Jeff Barnes approval and he directed us in every way so if any crime was committed it was done by Jeff Barnes. We have never done anything illegal, never been arrested and never been spoken to that way before. My wife and I were very concerned that anyone would act that way after we had paid him so much money and property and yes we were terrified about him actually filing some kind of bogus complaint that would drain us completely. But then at the end he brought in my children and said some very disgusting things that made me very angry. Now I am going after him with a pen. I only wish now that he would have filed a bogus complaint. He never did file anything because he knew he would have to pay for the damages. So now I am going to tell my story and expose him when even where ever I can so that others especially the elderly will not be harmed like we were. We deserve a total refund of everything we paid him including the return of our families property. Funny thing is that after I started to write about this bailout by Jeff Barnes others called me with the same issues. So Mr Barnes you make have stolen our money you may have stolen our property but you did not take away my right to expose your behavior. I do know this, someday Jeff Barnes will have to pay the piper, The Lord will not let him rest until he has made full restitution to out family. As a side note we have found good people who have helped us with our case and we are doing amazing, we are winning and we are going to defeat the bank. If you have had the same kind of problem with Jeff Barnes or you are in law enforcement willing to advise us please call me Ray Shelton at 352 274 ****
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Reason of review:
Pricing issue

The final statement saying it is a mis-understand , makes me feel like he has been threatened , this fella has not been thru enough ? Here in Maine the Lawyers are all evil, every last one of them and the worst wear black robes.

They have taken my property and had dragged a florida trust into the maine courts...

they are so corrupt all the way up thru the federal corporation courts. I am sad and sorried for your youth.


Yes Jeff Barnes did the same to many. Why aren't people alerting the BAR?


I couldn't agree more with both of these statements. Although not 100% identical VERY similar interactions.

Run don't walk away!

My family lost thousands due to the advice of this law office. Not to mention we were left broke, homeless, and eventually attorneyless in the end!


To: W.Jeffrey Barnes, Esquire and Whomever It May Concern, I, Raymond Shelton retract all statements made by me about W.Jeffrey Barnes or his Law firm as they arose out of a misunderstanding which has be resolved. Respectfully submitted, Raymond Shelton Dunnellon Florida 3/15/17


Jeff Barnes screwed me as well....I was in federal court against a big bank and it's mill,...I hired Jeff Barnes. When we were directed by the court into a resolution meeting and I drove 9 hours one way to this meeting, Jeff doesn't show up for a meeting with me an hour before the resolution meeting to discuss what we were going to possibly agree to in the meeting..

In fact he was a half hour late in addition to not showing up for our meeting that was court ordered and scheduled with the banks attorneys. I arrived with evidence in chronological order and ready to resolve some of these issues. During the first 10 minutes of the meeting and after introductions (we had not met face to face) we sat down to the resolution table with 3 attorneys. Jeff now looks over at me and says "I'm sorry, but who are you?" OMG....all the attorneys look at me like deer in headlights...I said "I'm your client!!!!" He had obviously made some sort of agreement with opposing counsel to negate some of my HUGE claims without discussing this with me!.

I stopped that real quick. He didn't bring even a pen and paper with him. After the short meeting, I saw him walking out of the meeting room with one of the opposing counsel ARM & ARM. He noticed that I caught sight of this from across the hall way.

He instantly drops her harm and walks over to me and again says..."I'm sorry, but who are you?" I was wondering at the moment if he has had a stroke, or dementia. He wanted me to lead him to his office because he wasn't sure where it was. So I did. I was furious internally, when we got to his office he refused to discuss what had just happened in the previous meeting.

He changed the subject several times then demanded another $2300 bucks. Never once did he provide a statement until I fired him. he tells me that he doesn't bill his clients, it's pay as you go! He opens his laptop and shows me where he kept he accountings.

The figures didn't. I confronted him with figures and all I got from him was threats. He gets on his plane and then bills me for another $1500. with no proof of work at all.

I demanded my money back, he refused. He called me all kinds of filthy names. I believe he was trying to throw the case. I found on the internet that he has played this "who are you" game with other clients as well.

Run, do not walk, as fast as you can from Jeff Barnes. Livinglies didn't recommend this attorney to me so I can't blame them at all.

I have no problem with Livinglies, in fact, Neil has been my saving grace of which is the sole reason I won my federal case.

Manuelita Cro
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thats some good info about jeff barnes, i was going to use him but am not now, thanks steve

Jakori All
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I am considering hiring him now - can you refer me to the lawyer who you found to handle your Federal case? Appreciate your help here -Jeff Ransom

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Braidyn Pvo

Did not receive service I paid for and they refuse to refund!

I paid a $2000.00 retainer fee for representation and another $600.00 monthly fee to the livinglies store for service in 2012. They were to refer and pay a Attorney in Minnesota to handle my foreclosure issues. They did not pay him even though he contacted them many times to get the compensation that was agreed. I had to pay the attorney in MN myself in order to get his services! I have emailed every address available at the site and get no response!(unless I say I want to order) then the response is immediate! I have also called every available number on the site many times and have left messages over and over. Do not get a response! At this point I want a full refund of the money I paid. I have complete documentation of the money I paid them!
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File a complaint with the Bar association in the state(s) where they practice. I'd start with Minnesota, then with any other state they practice in.

Debra C Uxw
map-marker Pleasant Hill, California


Now that I've made a complete *** out of myself, for those who tried going to the attorney website that I mentioned in the other posting, SORRY! the correct link is: NOT "weblog" .com I'm really sorry about that, don't know where my heads at these days with this *** foreclosure issue! So check out this site, you might just find the help you need there! I left a post on that blog, and they called me back the next day to get all my information. His name is Neil Garfield and he came out of retirement for the purpose of helping victims of this mortgage crisis. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
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Debra C Uxw
map-marker Pleasant Hill, California


Hi everyone, Whenever I find a great resource of information, I always like to share it with all of you since we know what your going through! We're still fighting our foreclosure as well. I found a great site of a retired trial attorney who came out of retirement when this mortgage crisis began solely for the purpose of helping victims. I left a post on his site and they called me the very next day! So be sure to leave a number they can contact you at when you leave your post. I've also set up a page full of links to other resources on my site though it doesn't come close to Mr. Garfields! (the retired attorney) But your welcome to access it anyway as these are many of the resources we used to get help with our situation. copy and paste: GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! AND DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT! EDUCATE YOURSELVES BECAUSE THE LESS YOU KNOW THE MORE THEY GET AWAY WITH!
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Debra C Uxw





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