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Late last December (2015) my fiance bought an engagement ring from a Littman location near by and bought the Lifetime Care Package with it. After proposing we bought the ring to the location to be resized only to find out they would be closing in the middle of January (less than 3 weeks from the time it was bought) . There is not another location within 50 miles of where we live so I was unable to take the ring for a 6 month inspection....
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My wife and I go to Littman Jewelers in Hamilton Mall in New Jersey because she lost a diamond out of her ring we had it inspected in April could not find the inspection report that they gave us but they had it on record and we are told that we still have to pay the full price for the ring to be repaired which I think is totally wrong... all the other jewelry store is that I know of keep records They don't leave it up to their customers to keep...
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Anonymous Wow I didn't know amy jewelry store replaces diamonds if you lose the diamond? So someone could take the diamond out, keep it and than claim it was lost? If I went into an ups...

The store that my husband bought our wedding rings at Aventura Mall, Florida closed.The customer service was excellent. Now, the closet Littman jewelers is at Westfield Broward Mall with terrible customer service. The promised date for the pick up of my rings after the cleaning was not met and they didn't have the decency to call and say they weren't ready. They didn't know what happened, one said they were broken another one said that it...
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