Little Rock Family Dental Care Dental Crown Service Review

Had entire top row of teeth cosmetically fixed, the dentist put a 1/4 crown on back tooth, after 5 times of falling off from eating, I begged for a full crown. But Dr. Scott Scallion blew me off once again, and now it hurts and is very temperate to hot and cold. Stay away. They are criminals.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

Never Again

I will never go to this dentist office again. First off, Dr. Murphy is amazing and does a great job, but everyone else there is a joke. I've left there on 4 different occasions in pain, or not getting the work done that I needed, or being overcharged for awful work performed. I was getting a crown put on, so I got to the dentist office just for them to turn me away and tell me that the crown never showed up. So I rescheduled, and came back 2 weeks later, and once again, no crown. This happened 2 more times, and finally the 5th time I was able to get the crown on, but it didnt fit! This place is a waste of time and the staff is unprofessional. This is the worst dentist office in Little Rock, I'll never go back.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
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Other Product Review

I went to see dr machen and had great results.he was recommended by several the office
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
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Little Rock Family Dental - Dental Service Review from Cabot, Arkansas

I was gonna go to this Dentist :( guess I'm on the search again. Uggggghhhhh! Can't anyone be professional and trustworthy anymore??!!! Tammy
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So true, I went to AR Family Dental on David O'Dodd LR..I went to have 2 teeth removed but Samaria DDS and her little assistant held me down, then pulled all my back teeth on both sides top and 4 front bottom teeth...i losted over 20lbs in 2 one else would complete this Daho job. So i was forced back to this place when i entered the room, in walks this 7ft chick 280lbs...instantly i felted threatened and believed they were going to pull the remaining teeth i still had...inhumane treatments at Arkansas Family Dental..they should be closed down..Denise Mcilveen

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Randy Machen

He Facebooked my 20 year old daughter. The good news is she said her boyfriend is taking care of it. Also for references, she said he's fat "huge stomach ,has a big gray head, bad breath and looks like he's in his 60's. Google this guy he has a erotic travel blog, did not pay his taxes on a restaurant, suspended licenses for Cocaine, has Facebook pic that are ridicules. Also leveraged on his house 800,000 and a condo. This guy is a out of control predator and will end up in big trouble inside the law and outside the law.
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To get a discount, I paid him cash for work done and then he turned around and put the "balance" due on my credit report. ???

I'm guessing the partners don't know about his cash under the table? Now I'll be forced to get an attorney to fix it. Not a happy camper but was always pleased with my dental work and he's got a dry humor but he's funny.

Again, always pleased with his work, his staff and the office in general was great. But this "money owed" for a crown is ridiculous and he knows it.


These people are awful. I wouldn't send my worst enemy here for any time of dental work.

Stay away from Little Rock Family Dental!


Went to this dentist on 10-15 because they where open on Saturday. Thought he was a freak, weird, and just plain *** He proceeded to drill the *** out of my tooth and did a terrible job.

I then checked YP reviews aftewards and this Machen was posting reviews of his place like he had just visited it. The dumb *** uses his real name. Then I run into these reviews and see his responces.

How is he still open. The post over the last 6 years are unbelievable and seem to be consistent.


This Doc is funny.


Google randy machen adult travel! This things has his log in times going back to 2008.

Funny stuff


He's a member on adult travel blog, not erotic travel. Basically the same thing.

He owns 700,000 on his house, not 800,000, but he did finance it for more than he paid for it on the original loan. Not paying taxes on resturant is true. Lots of wired complaints, licenses was not suspended for cocain, but he was put on probation for it. As for crazy Facebook pics, shirtless in 4, not wierd if you are 16.

The acustation about rape; no facts. Internet does pull up a lot of things.

Not good PR for a dentist. Most girls, especial ones 35 years younger would laugh him off.


Your daughter is a 20 year old adult..You are acting like he hit on a child or something.


You most not have a daughter and never laid eyes on this old looking fat guy.


Didn't no one call me. Couple of scared punks that talk like a woman. Randy


Guess you don't have the balls to face off the old fat lookn guy

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kensmithemail S
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Sent account to a collections company when there own biller made the mistakes.

Complaint towards: Randy Machen D.D.S. Little Rock Family Dental 4220 North Rodney Parham Rd. Ste. 200 Little Rock, Ar. 72212 The office of Little Rock Family Dental sent my account to a collection company after their professional biller repeatedly used the wrong name for my insurance company information on the claim form. They also failed to notify me in a timely manner that no insurance payment was paid as a result of their incompetence. I had my insurance company call this office’s billing staff to walk them through, step by step, how to submit the simple claim for (two codes) $260. After which, my insurance provider immediately issued payment for 100% of the $260. The office is attempting to extract another $200 labeled as a collect fee from me now because more than 60 days passed before I was made aware of any billing negligence on their part.
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hes got some addiction issues with cocaine and young ladies that he employees and as well as patients as well , poor guy thinks hes all that and couldn't get a date if it weren't for trying to buy them ! carmas a real hard hittin *** , just like him !!


You homo, come on down to office and say to my face!


You got that right, he hit on me by Facebook after I left his office. He looks older than then my Dad.

He is ugly looking and was touching me with his huge stomach and I mean HUGE when I was in the chair. He is a Chester for sure!

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