Joseph J Fon

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Lied to and cheated out of money

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Salesman Sam King and Sales manager Chad made a deal with me and as I was transferring my things from my truck to my new truck they changed their mind and totally lied about the 4 hour deal.
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Preferred solution: The 6200 hundred dollars I was lied to and cheated out of

User's recommendation: Do not shop at Lithia Dodge of Helena

Joseph J Fon

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

Verified Reviewer

Dealership Complaint

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Updated by user Feb 02, 2022

It's been about 1 year since I dealt with Lithia Dodge of Helena and got screwed to the max. I bought the same exact truck in Butte where they don't lie to your face like Sam King did to me.

I continue to warn anyone I talk to and tell my story. I will continue to tell...

Updated by user Jul 01, 2021

Don't deal with Lithia Dodge of Helena. The salesmen and the sales manager are nothing but liars and crooks.

Updated by user Jun 09, 2021

The same people I dealt with at Lithia Dodge are dealing with a friend of mine from anaconda. They have verbally made a deal with him on buying his truck from him, They are now giving him the run around.

WOW! that really surprises me.

NOT!!. I told him exactly what I...

Updated by user Jun 07, 2021

Worst service ever and nothing but liars and cheats. Don't deal with Lithia Dodge of Helena!!! If you do, you will be sorry.

Updated by user May 25, 2021

Chad {the sales manager] and Sam King [so called salesman ] from Lithia Dodge of Helena are liars. They will lie right to your face and cheat you out of lots of money and not even think twice about it. DO NOT BUY FROM LITHIA!!!.

Updated by user May 24, 2021

I will do everything in my power to convince anyone I can not to shop at Lithia Dodge of Helena. They lied to me and cheated me out of 6200 dollars. I would be more than happy to tell anyone my story.

Updated by user May 20, 2021

Social media will repeat every post that you see from me.

Updated by user May 20, 2021

It's too hard to forget that not 1 but 2 people from Helena Lithia Dodge made promises and made a deal only to cancel the deal as I was transferring my personal belongings from truck to truck . They also said that they would make it up to me by giving me a thousand...

Updated by user May 11, 2021

Don't Deal with Lithia Dodge of Helena!!!!! They do nothing but lie and make promises only to break them at the customers expense!!!! Terrible dealers and terrible people.

Updated by user May 10, 2021

I'm now getting emails from the complaint department telling me to set up a meeting with them so we can talk and figure what they could do better to improve in the future. Here's an idea!!!! Pay me the 6200 dollars I was cheated out of while I was being lied to' Can...

Updated by user May 03, 2021

I figure over the years I have purchased about 20 cars and trucks. I've never had such a terrible experience as I had with Lithia Dodge of Helena.

They will lie to your face and act like it's no big deal. I was cheated out of 6300 hundred dollars when everything was...

Updated by user Apr 29, 2021

Biggest scammers ever. Make a deal, shake your hand, retrieve your new truck , ring the stupid gong, yell ' you just bought a new truck', then cancel the deal and act like nothing happened after 4 hours of dealing. Lithia Dodge of Helena and salesman Sam King are no...

Updated by user Apr 27, 2021

Do not Trust Sam King, Do not trust manager Chad, Do not trust Lithia Dodge of Helena!! Liars and cheats!!

Updated by user Apr 26, 2021

Don't trust Lithia Dodge of Helena. They made a deal with me then lied and backed out.

They cheated me out of 6300 dollars. Trust when I say they are liars and cheats.

Updated by user Apr 22, 2021

I need to correct something . the difference I was cheated out of was not 2100 dollars .

It was 6300 dollars.

76 dollars over 84 months . so they are even bigger crooks than I first thought.

Updated by user Apr 22, 2021

The one and only thing that would make things right is for Lithia Dodge write me a check for the 2100 dollars they cheated me out of . If not I will do all I can to stop people from going there.

Updated by user Apr 22, 2021

My daughter and her husband are going to buy a new car this Saturday. They mentioned that they were going to shop at Lithia Dodge of Helena.

I told her about my experience and quickly changed her minds about shopping there. I plan on telling anyone that has plans on...

Updated by user Apr 21, 2021

Don't deal with Lithia Dodge of Helena. I had the worst experience I have ever had there. Nothing but liars and cheats.

Updated by user Apr 14, 2021

Worst service ever and they will lie right to your face. Don't buy from Helena Lithia Dodge.

Updated by user Apr 13, 2021

If you want to feel good about making a deal on a truck only to have thrown in your face after the deal is made go to Lithia Dodge of Helena. Go see salesman Sam King and sales manager Chad. They will fix you right up !!

Updated by user Apr 12, 2021

My advise to you is DON'T deal with Lithia Dodge of Helena. You will regret it. Nothing but liars.

Updated by user Apr 08, 2021

I am warning people not only on this sight but with any type of media I can not to deal with Lithia Dodge of Helena. The salesmen and managers will tell you everything you want to hear and agree to a deal only to lie about what the deal was and cancel . Then on top of...

Updated by user Apr 07, 2021

You sent me a massage asking if my issue was taken care of '' *** NO!!! Your salesman Sam King and your sales manager Chad made a deal with me for 500 dollars a month for 84 months and backed out at the last second . I ended up getting an offer for 599 a month saying...

Updated by user Apr 06, 2021

Don't deal with Lithia Dodge of Helena. Sam and Chad will take you for a ride .

Nothing but liars!!!

They make deals , shake hands and make promises just to throw them back in your face. I have purchased lots of new trucks and I have never had such a horrible...

Updated by user Apr 01, 2021

If you want to be lied to and offered a good deal only to have it taken away go to Lithia Dodge of Helena and deal with salesman Sam King and sales manager Chad. They are the guys for you!!!

Updated by user Mar 30, 2021

If you are planning on looking for a new car or truck at Lithia Dodge in Helena plan on being lied to and thinking you are getting a good deal until the papers are ready to be signed . Sam king and chad will deal with you only to change their minds after the deal is...

Updated by user Mar 26, 2021

The only thing Lithia Dodge of Helena and salesman Sam King and manager Chad did to resolve my complaint and THEIR so called MISTAKE is lie to me and avoid me. Please trust me...

Don't ever deal with this place and especially these 2 so called men. YOU WILL BE SORRY...

Updated by user Mar 25, 2021

Don't buy from Lithia Dodge of Helena!!! They make promises and lie.

Updated by user Mar 24, 2021

Salesman Sam King from Lithia Dodge in Helena was the most arrogant self centered person I have ever dealt with and I have purchased lots of trucks. First of all he insulted me because I would not look him in the eyes.

Very strange .

I didn't think I was on A date. I...

Updated by user Mar 24, 2021

Worst experience ever!!! Don't buy from Lithia Dodge of Helena.

Updated by user Mar 23, 2021

Whatever you do be aware of lithia Dodge of Helena Mt. They will make A deal with you , shake your hand, and ring their stupid gong and tell you that you are the owner of a new truck . Salesman (Sam King ) and manager (Chad) will sell to you and then go back on their...

Updated by user Mar 18, 2021

Don't ever go to Helena lithia. They will make A deal with you and then lie about it [Sam King] then take it away and say they meant something else .

Nothing but liars!!! Don't trust them!!!

Updated by user Mar 16, 2021

I'm 61 years old and have bought a lot of trucks. This was the worst experience I have ever had buying a truck.

Sam King and his manager chad need to learn how to treat people and they also need to stick to deals that they make instead of lying. I went to Butte Dodge...

Updated by user Mar 15, 2021

Sam and chad will lie to you just to reel you in . Not a good place to do business.

Updated by user Mar 15, 2021

Do not buy from Lithia Helena. You will be sorry!!!!

Updated by user Mar 12, 2021

My issue was finally resolved but not until 6 days later and definatly not by Helena lithia. I would like to thank Brooke and Melinda from lithia corporate for at least getting Helena lithia to respond.

As for my results from them , they did nothing but lie. The...

Updated by user Mar 10, 2021

It's been 5 days now and lithia dodge of Helena is still avoiding what they did to me .I've talked to the complaint dept. many times and they are unable to get a response.

This issue will not go away . The manager and Sam King, the salesman made a deal and it should be...

Updated by user Mar 09, 2021

I put my complaint in shortly after this happened to me on Saturday. It's Tuesday now and lithia of Helena has not even responded to coorperate about my complaint.

This will not go away until it is taken care of . I will not rest until this is properly taken care of.

Original review Mar 09, 2021
I went to Helena lithia and told them I was looking to buy a new truck. After going back and forth a couple times the salesman Sam King offered me a lease. I said absolutely not. I'm buying not leasing. Completely understanding that we went back and forth for a couple more hours and agreed on 500 a month for 84 months and they would buy my 1st year license and 1 free oil change. He rang his big gong and congratuated me on buying my new truck. He went to fill the truck with gas while I cleaned mine out. He returned as I was walking out the door to transfer my things he came out and canceled the deal. They need to take the deal we made or I will do my best to tell everyone I can about this horrible experience. Joe jangula 406 560 ****I prefer a callback at this number from upper management along with an email.!! He had me sign a mini contract to take to his manager which we agreed on stating I was BUYING the truck and getting my 1st year plates paid for and 1 free oil change for 84 payments of 500 dollars.
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  • Worse than ever regretted buying service care from them
  • Very unsatisfactory
  • After sale - poorly handled

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

Karen K Ojg
map-marker Helena, Montana Province

Major safety issue with used car bought from Lithia Motors, Helena, MT

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Updated by user Jan 16, 2019

I stand by my 1 star review and if I could use a "zero" star review, I would. Lithia Dodge in Helena, Montana was a complete and utter disappointment.

Not only for selling me a defective car, but also in how they NEVER responded to two complaints registered with corporate Lithia. As God and good fortune intervened, the steering issue was repaired by the body shop because the code for the steering came up on the diagnostic. Why Lithia's shop didn't come up with the diagnostic when they had it in their shop is a mystery. I hate to assume, but my guess is that they were simply not going to acknowledge nor pay to fix this issue.

Bottom line, I would never, ever recommend buying a car from Lithia at ANY location. They do not stand behind their cars and they have absolutely terrible business practices. I will tell everyone I know about this.

Sad thing is, it would have been better for them to simply do the right thing. It is experiences like this that give car dealerships such a terrible but deserved reputation.

Original review Dec 17, 2018
On Friday, November 23, 2018, My husband and I purchased a 2012 Acura from our local Lithia Dodge dealership. After having test driven the car, we signed the paperwork and on the way home from Lithia, the car began pulling intermittently left and right. Notified Lithia of the issue on the following Monday. The Sales Manager, Jason Jahn asked to drive it to assess the issue. We got it in the following Friday, one week after purchase. He confirmed that the car was pulling to both ways when driving in town. We scheduled the car to be seen in the Service Department. The SD could not identify the issue, even after checking and rotating the tires, and performing an alignment. SM suggested we take it to the Honda dealership to identify, but stated that it was not a safety issue and they will not cover any cost associated with the car. We took it to Honda, paid for it to be checked out and they thought it was the Electronic Power Steering module and that the repair would be around $2700 with no guarantees that it would fix the issue. We took the car home and did some research on this issue. Turns out, the power steering issue has occurred on a fairly regular basis, beginning with mileage as low as 34,000. In numerous reports by individuals who were driving their 2012 Acura, the power steering fails without any warning from light indicators and when it does, it fails completely, making the car very difficult to steer to safety. I sent this info to the SM via email and initially, he indicated that he would not put his family in that car, and that he would be “working on this immediately, and hopefully get it traded out. . . . “ I asked about a possible lease, not going over our current payment of $320.00. He came back with a Jeep Compass for $485.00, which is higher than our payment. We have a budget and that is above our budget, and we didn’t really want a Jeep. When proposing he just take back the vehicle, we got no response from him from our December 12th communication. Today, December 17th, I emailed him indicating again, that we would like for Lithia to take back the vehicle. We got a quick response stating, “I hope I didn’t make you believe that we would be taking the car back.” So, now we have a $16,000 vehicle, with a extended service contract with a loan for over $18,000, that I am very uncomfortable driving on the highway, that I had to pay to get a second opinion, that would require $2700 in repairs that would need to be driven to Spokane Acura that Lithia will not pay for. Furthermore, when the SM drove the car, he parked it in a difference spot, under the dealership canopy, close to a pillar. Since I hadn’t parked it there, I didn’t see the pillar and took off the mirror and scraped the passenger door. So, with all the other issues, I had incurred damage to the car after only one week of owning it, and have to pay the deductible to get it repaired. To say I am furious as well as disappointed and frustrated is a great understatement. I will never buy another car from Lithia and I will tell anyone and everyone about my experience. You would think that taking the car back would be a better way to do business. We live in a small Western town. Lithia already has a terrible reputation. I thought we could have a different experience. Boy, was I mistaken!
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  • Service department was very friendly
  • Sales quota more important than the customer
  • Did not stand behind product
Reason of review:
Damaged or defective

Preferred solution: Lithia take back the 2012 Acura

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Should read “Monetary loss: $18,000; $250 deductible; $40 for Honda assessment; aggravation, frustration and disappointment: priceless.

Machelle Yzv
map-marker Helena, Montana Province

Stay away from Lithia Dodge Service, Helena, MT

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Updated by user Feb 21, 2018

In addition, I wrote Chrysler Corporate and received NO response. Won't be buying any Chrysler products in the future.

Original review Jan 22, 2018
Picked up our 1 ton 3500 Ram pickup mid-November, 2017 - one full week after it had to be towed in after it died on Lincoln Road. (Montana City Towing was awesome!) Had to pay Lithia >$3,000 for a new fuel pump at a 100% markup, but what really made us angry were the charges for tests that were absolutely unnecessary, a waste of time, and new parts that were also unnecessary. We were informed that their best technician was on the job. When we met with him (a 1 year certified technician, their best??), it was clear he was guessing at the problem. And their service manager was a total ***. Will never go back and advise all others to stay away. Head over to Grizzly Diesel - they are good and fairly priced.
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  • Service work or service manager
Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: Price reduction

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