Don't send your money to this company

DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THIS COMPANY! I wanted to get some boxes ordered from this company. I designed and submitted the images and was told that I could submit payment. However, this company doesn't take debit or credit cards and only takes wire transfers or checks. That seemed a little shady to me so I called and asked if they could send me an payment invoice and I could pay online. I was told they only take wires and mail in payments. I agreed to send a money order because at least it could be traced. So I mailed in my payment. Unfortunately for me, they claim they never got my payment. I tracked through USPS and found out three weeks later that it was delivered. Then I was told, well it must be an error and my money order was never cashed. After contacting my bank, I found out a few weeks later that in fact it WAS cashed. After that I became very suspicious of this company. I googled mapped the address that they claim this business is located and it's actually a small house NOT a warehouse or commercial location. Also, every time I call it goes through this long transfer process and the connection is always bad. I've only had that experience with the connection when I spoke to people overseas. When they called me about my issue, the number is always a different number and area code and never located in Canada as they claim. I do want to say that I did get product from this company. However, because of my mysterious lost payment and being told for a whole month that it wasn't received at all to in fact find out it was received and cashed, I feel that something is going on. What if I would have sent a wire transfer, I don't think I would have gotten my money or my product. Also, what kind of company doesn't take credit cards or debit cards? There is no protection for the customer. And it seems like they are more focused on talking you into sending a payment than they are trying to offer you some kind of buyer protection. I wouldn't give a dime to this company without receive my product first. BEWARE!!
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