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Has anyone had problems with the Prairie shelves coming lòose or with caulking

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Watching their infomercial. Reading your reviews.. Thank you... I'll pass... Read more

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I called bath-wraps and they sent a rep. to take some pictures of the bathroom. He said he needed at lest $1400 to get started and that I could pay some each month until the final payment. The total bill was $2400. I call bath-wraps to see when they could start they told me that I would have to pay $800 and they would send another rep. to take some more pictures. I can't believe that It cost me$2200 just to take pictures and no work done. I... Read more

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Decent product, horrible installation. The salesman promised way more than was actually delivered. Bought this product in 2008. It's held up decent so far (2014) but everytime I see the tub, I'm reminded of what I had and how this isn't what I wanted. Here's what went wrong. 1) The shower curtain bar was too short by 3 much for perfect measurements. They had to run to the store for a longer one. 2) The corner shelf-tower was... Read more

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Horrible work was done by Bathwwraps on my parents home. These are rip-off artists of the worst kind. My mom contracted Bathwraps to install a tub and wall liner in their main bathroom for $3500. This is a high price for this amount of work. A Bathwraps employee measured the area and assured my dad that the liner would "fit like a glove". When it came time to install, a number of weeks later, the installer (who told my dad that he had been... Read more

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