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Limelight By Alcone - Cancel my account

I need to cancel my membership and no long be a beauty guide.
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Limelight By Alcone Membership
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Limelight By Alcone in Longview, Washington - Cancellation

Hey, everyone, this company sucks! They have fees every month that no one will advise you of and a huge fee to "renew" your subscription. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for several months, I have only been able to contact them once via phone and when i did finally talk to an actual person she belittled me and said there was nothing she could do for me besides send me an email for cancelation but I don't have that email anymore so I am unable to access it. Overall this has been the worst experience of my life and advice everyone NEVER to get involved with this company. They have very poor customer service.
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I am a former Beauty Guide and I disagree with this post. If you read the agreement like you "agreed" too, then it would tell you that there was a $9.95 charge monthly for management of your backoffice/green room and website as well as the annual/anniversary date charge of I believe $75 if you chose to renew.

When I decided to step away, all it took was an email to customer service. I agree with some of the "pushy-ness" but all in all, the company is not bad.

Always read the fine print people, it's there I promise. Don't go bashing when you just didn't want to take the time to do your research before signing up with a MLM company..


I think it’s unfair to generalize the entire company. Yes, there are pushy leaders and yes the products may not work for everyone.

However, I have literally never had a bad customer service experience with this company and the products all work great for me! That is why it is a business in a box where you create your own opportunity. If someone is pushy tell them it is your business to do what you’d like. If the products don’t work for you experiment and try other brands if you want.

The print on the application states that it’s 9.95 a month (for which they provide an online office where all your commissions and discounts are handled for you plus you get an instant 20% off) and the annual fee is noted. It’s a contract like anything else in this world...would you sign a mortgage without reading all of the sentences?!

I do agree it should be easy to cancel your membership though. Sorry you had such an awful experience that ruined it for you!


Beauty Guides will tell you too that all companies are in this consumer site, but that’s not true now, is it? These aren’t made up stories with one person and multiple names.

These are TRUTHS that these nutcases refuse to believe b/c they’re so busy trying to make another income and ripping people off! It’s sickening.


were you a rep or just a customer? one of my friends just signed up for this mlm bs and i'm gathering evidence of it's pyramid schemey-ness


Watch how your friend changes—-and not for the better either.


Manipulatedwomen in a cult-like organization. The people who defend this company and products are delusional and nuts!.


Yes they SUCK BAD. WORST makeup leadership and beauty guides.

@Rachel P

That is unfair to generalize all beauty guides like that. I have been a beauty guide for almost 2 years and am honest, supportive and advocate for my customers.

Sorry you obviously had a bad experience but please don’t belittle all of us. It’s not fair.



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Limelight By Alcone Membership
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LimeLife by Alcone - Cancelling membership

Can’t finically pay monthly or the one fee a year please I need to cancel my membership as a beauty guide
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Limelight By Alcone Membership

Limelight By Alcone - Cancel my membership

I bought my $169 kit one time and that was it I never thought I was going to get charge monthly $10 and I have been for a while now I want to cancel it
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Please contact to resolve this issue. You should also be able to disenroll from Limelife by Alcone through your greenroom after you login.

You could also try contacting the beauty guide that enrolled you, and she should be able to help you leave Limelife by Alcone. Hope this helps.

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Limelight By Alcone Membership
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