Lil Lodges Koastal Cottage House Construction Reviews

Our tiny house was not delivered as promised, The wooded interior was not finished as we had requested.The carpet in the Loft was baggy, and not the color that we were suppose to get. The side door was damaged where the lower hinge is due to being over tightened screws and splitting the wooden door core. There SHOULD of been a screen for my sliding glass door....NO screen. The washer drain was not plumbed into the main drain. When we turned on...
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I gave Steve the initial 50% in Dec 2015.Eight weeks after my initial delivery date, I finally got my house the middle of May (and two weeks after I was told to wire the final payment!). The truck driver hit a tree limb and took off the peak. The interior was terrible. I told the truck driver to take it back and he called the office. I got an immediate return call (they had stopped taking my calls 3 weeks prior) and Andrea said a crew would be...
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I liked
  • Flexibility in giving me what i wanted
I didn't like
  • No response to my quality issues