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    • Andrea butlers quick resolution and personal service 1
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    • Unresponsive customer service 4
    • Breach of contract 3
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Putting all the asset in your personal name SHAME on you piece of work you are

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HaHa you piece of *** I am the only one that can prove you broke the bankruptcy laws by calling me and that's what I'm going to do with Mr. Morgan and Mr . Eason great lawyers not to mention Mr. Goodman he's gotcha now lol

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I don't understand how he's getting to file bankruptcy because he's already broke two laws in that court LYING to the trustee OWING FEDERAL or STATE taxes for the past three years So this is what we are filing Monday Objection to Dismiss

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I was wondering why the FBI hadn't stepped in this pig should be in the show American Greed I've got a call into them to put his fat *** in TV Read more

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Good morning I need everybody who has been scammed by lil lodges to call the FBI internet crimes and file a report they are already investigating Larry smith on FEDERAL charges and are real close to locking his fat *** up Read more

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Larry Smith is well over a million dollars now living high and mighty Read more

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Well did everybody get the creditors list UNBELIEVABLE this bumb even wrote off his electric bill OMG! I've decided I'm not waiting on anyone any longer I'm taking a trip to Alabama and file CHARGES against this creep yep Larry you are a little pebble of a person and know where near a man you will have to answer for all the pain you have put people through with little or NO thought at all for people or what you've done Read more

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They have $26,000 of my money and now they have filed for chapter 11! Wow I have hired an attourty we will see where this goes! It does not look good for me! Almost a year later no little lodge and no refund! Read more

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HORRIBLE experience with Lil Lodges
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We got a home from Lil Lodges last Dec. and it has been a nightmare. Took 2 extra months to get it so we lived in a car and hotel since we had already gave up our other home. Then we didn't receive the washer/dryer combo for 3 months and when we DID get it, it didn't even freaking fit in the space so we waited another 2 months for them to send someone out to fix that. We STILL don't have screens for any of our windows, didn't get 4 of the things... Read more

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Anybody have photos of Larry Smith and Steve Sullivan so we know what idiots we are dealing with here? My story is the same as everyone else. 20+K deposit October 2016 and no house. Many people called into the hearing today. Sounds like well over 1 million stolen so far! I doubt any of us will see a return of our deposit and I hope the AL DA will pick this case up and go after them. If it can be proved that this is not the first time doing this,... Read more

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