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Never use Lighthouse Realty Management in Boston, MA

Worst property management company I have ever had to deal with. Constant revolving door of staff with little to no communication. They never around not knowing anything about you or your unit or the condo in general. If you send them complaint they ignore, you have emergency they ignore, you have leaks they ignore. Complete disorganization and lack of digitization. Good luck if anything breaks on the weekend, you are on your own. If anything does break or leak, frequent roof leaks, they will tell you it is your issue deal with it. Property Managers are the most arrogant, unethical disrespectful human beings. They yell at you, swear at you and twist the situation to make you liable and responsible and feeling at fault. Unless you are a Trustee. Their philosophy is if you are not a Trustee you are NOBODY. There are no annual meetings, no financial records, or any other records provided to the members of association they are entitled to, they refused to send any meetings minutes, ballots but if you press them to do that, they sent falsified data and information. They put suspicious draconian charges without evidence, invoices or any chance to dispute on residents account, that prevents owner to refinance or sell the unit till charges and late fees accumulating uncontrollably are paid. People feel injustice and abuse every day.
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  • Company is lacking customer service integrity transparency

Preferred solution: Full refund

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Colby Hager
Colby Hager

Colby Hager is an experienced real estate investor with Capstone Homebuyers. He has years of experience in renovating houses, home remodeling, and property management.