Lifetime Travel Group is a SCAM

We went to sales presentation at the Queen Mary in September 2013. Signed up for a vacation club through "Horizons Vacation Club." We were promised a free Alaskan Cruise and two airline tickets round-trip anywhere in the U.S. for our $8,000 investment. It was a LIE. "Lifetime Travel Group" disappeared with our $8,000 and we, or course, did not receive the free Alaskan Cruise through Horizons Vacation Club. We are just now discovering the scam because you couldn't book Alaskan cruises during the winter/spring. Buyers Beware! According to Hadlegal Escrow on the Internet, Lifetime Travel is operated by two ex-convicts (Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh) under the name of Sky Travel in San Diego, California. I can't verify this, but I'm reporting what I read on the Internet in response to a number of people who have had fraud perpetrated on them by Lifetime Travel Group.
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I have had the same thing happen. You found a lot more about these people than I have.

I got a nasty call from someone from Horizons threatening me that if I took action and tried to sue them that I would be sorry, and that others have tried to sue and lost. He said that Lifetime Travel just signed people up and that Horizons just received their $190.00 for signing up. I have been wanting to do something about this but don't know where to start. I know that all travel companies have to be registered through the Attorney Generals, but they ask for information that I do not have to give them.

The only reason that I did sign up with them is because we were planing to go on an Alaska cruise at some point so it would have been perfect.

I think that Horizons was working with them and knew exactly what was going on. The guy that I talked to said that the owner of Lifetime died in a motorcycle accident and that was why we didn't get our trips or get our money back.

I don't believe a thing he said to me.

What are you doing about this and is there anything we can do???? These companies should have been licensed and bonded and insured, but, how do we find all this stuff our?

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