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For the first couple of months after having stitches removed rub vitamin E oil on the scar & it will help the scar to disappear. I decided to have the procedure done, scheduled appointment. Had to drive down to Downer's Grove, IL the closet place to where I lived at the time to have the procedure done. Paid a deposit of $400 with the balance of $6,150 due after procedure. Drove back down on March 22, 2013 to have stitches removed, start...
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I liked
  • Not good after the fact
I didn't like
  • Left me with massive scars
I had a lift and it needed to be redone. The second lift made it worse and now there is this bunched up skin under my chin. I wish there was someone taking responsibility for fixing the mistakes that Lifestyle and Dr Blum made. I am devastated that I paid so much and still need to have someone fix this. I wish there was someone I could sue but since they are out of business that leaves little hope of actually find anyone to take on the...
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Sandy I also had Dr. Blum. A horrible experience and they closed down after it was suggested by another of their doctors that I receive a refund. I have been trying to find a clas...

I didn't like
  • Problem not solved
  • Way it turned out after 2 proceedures
my face didn't have jowls, turkey neck, cheeks were perfect under eyes were smooth but within 2 years, I started noticing more wrinkles around my eyes, from my eyes to beneath my cheek bones, I now have jowls, creaes from outside my nose to the lips an from the lips to the bottom of chin. I look worse today than I did prior to the procedure. I also woke up in the middle of procedure and he told his assistant to give me another pill. I was in...
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Lifestyle Lift Lift Procedure Review

I had the Lifestyle Lift surgery done on my lower jaws and eyelids in 2010. Prior to the surgery, I had an oval face. Now it looks square. I hate it. I got financing through their lenders which I never paid off and is now on my credit report. I just want my pretty oval face back. Can anyone help me?
I had a LifeStyle Lift in 2014 and it left me with a paralized forhead, eyebrow area and drooping eye. This place needs to be shut down. This is my face! I trusted this company to do a good job as their advertisements claim. I question if the Doctors doing these procedures are true Plastic Surgeons, or just Docs who think they are. After my complaint, I had to drive 3 hours twice a week for Ultrasound treatments in an attempt to recover the...
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