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This is a horrible company.My husband purchased a samsung S7 case for me. It came in a timely fashion but it was a S6 case which doesn't fit my phone at all. Esure has a phone number listed but no one ever picks up. Thankfully my husband bought the case with paypal so he opened a claim with them to get his refund. Paypal did manage to get in contact with them and was told that he had been sent a S7 case.He in turn sent Paypal photo verification...
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I bought a Lifeproof case when I bought my phone 3 months ago opened up the case to clean my screen and noticed my phone was cracked brand new Galaxy S7 never taken out of the case was cracked and LifeProof told me they would send me another case what good is a case going to do for me when the phone is almost useless I think it's false advertisement to call something life proof when it can't even be dropped.
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99 on a Lifeproof case fo my new Samsung galaxy S7 phone. On June 28th the hinged charger port cover plastic latch failed! I took it back to the Verizon store and they gave me a new one. I have since purchased a Samsung wireless charger so I have only used the charger port during long car rides. On October 4th the plastic element on the case broke off so now the hinged door hangs open! This is an outrage. Twice in 5 1/2 months. This product...
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Anonymous I'm on my 3rd case in less than 1 year for the same problem. It just happened again! I'm astonished by this horrible design flaw, but more astonished they haven't fixed the pr...


Anonymous I'm on my third case for my S7 for the same exact reason. The charging port door keeps breaking. The plastic lip that it snaps into has broken off each time.
I really wish...

Lifeproof Samsung Galaxy S7 Cell Phone Case Review

Paid $100 for the case for my galaxy s7 loved it right away, that is until i dropped it 1ft and the bottom portion of my screen cracked. Probably the last lifeproof case ill buy.
I was browsing cases when the employee with me recommended I get a lifeproof case. I asked him it's features. He told me all the great things about it and I was sold. It was pretty expensive though coming in at about 100 dollars. After he put the case on for me, I noticed the screen looked kinda greasy. I took the case off to clean the phone and the screen protector (The screen protector is attached to the case). After putting it back on I...
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Anonymous How do I contact life proof America? I need to exchange my phone case I have the recite and the box I just can't get ahold of life proof America I have tryed the number on the...


Anonymous I've owned quite a few lifeproof cases before over the years with different manufacturers and noticed a similar thing with a couple I've had. In my case it wasn't grease but w...

I liked
  • It protects against drops and water
I didn't like
  • Looks greasy
  • Too big for most generic chargers
  • Not fingerprint friendly