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John Edwards Life Quest Seminars Klemmer

Is this John Edwards, author at Life Quest Seminars ? Life Quest Seminars is offering a cruise with him, to celebrate THEIR anniversary. John Edwards is falling for the Klemmer Cult / Seminar GURU syndrome, where the person in front of the room supposedly has "solutions" based on "values and principles" of Life Quest Seminars. Save your money and your time, you really need to pay someone to point out things to enjoy your life? Go to Church instead of John Edwards' " Life Quest Seminars" and anniversary cruise. OMG, celebrate your own life, not someone that paid to learn how to facilitate a "samurai experience" like John Edwards with "Life Quest Seminars", its drama you cant use in real life. Insight from someone that spent 30 years in the wood industry?? Just like Brian Klemmer's Samurai books where he praises Steve Hinton and Patrick Dean, 2 assistants that brought down the Klemmer Cult by exposing it as a cult !! serious lack of credibility from "Brian Klemmer, author of Compassionate Samurai" ! UGH !!!
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There is a john edwards, another klemmer cult promoter and disciple out there peddling a vision board....this is the same one? The same eager bunny at Advanced hopping around giving feedback and *** the staff off...

Got my eyez on your visionboard!


John Edwards with free vision board and Life Quest Seminars - is a cult promoter for Klemmer and Associates. Why would anyone attend a samurai game facilitated by John Edwards again?

John got too fascinated with the T-up and forgot the why of those mass marathon trainings.

Sold his soul for a samurai sword and recognition from a disgraced Daimyo - the author of compassionate Samurai.

That is a treatise in how to screw someone ( Patrick Dean and Steve Hinton) once they Tell the truth of the Klemmer Cult and enrollments fall.

Doom on Klemmer and his legacy - Brian Klemmer has serious bad juju inherited from Tom Willhite.


I believe this is the same John Edwards that used to facilitate advanced leadership for Klemmer Associates. This raises some red flags immediately.

The concern that Klemmer and Associates is a cult is so high that the founder Brian Klemmer chose to put up a defense of the cult label on Klemmer and Associates' website.

His argument is not convincing as it relates to Brian Klemmer's activities as a speaker vs the cult like methods used in Large Group Awareness Training.

That means John Edwards with Life Quest Seminars, is a trained LGAT facilitator by Klemmer and Associates. Please google LGAT training, Klemmer and Associates, cults and proceed carefully...

and wisely. He was also trained by Lance Giroux, for the Samurai Game, an ex-facilitator for PSI Seminars also considered an LGAT.

These are social workers not mental health professionals, as corporate training it is difficult to assess the long term consequences of such training on your employees or associates.

It all depends on context and purpose of the training and what goals you have for attending Life Quest Seminars as well as the competing, healthier, alternatives out there.


John Edwards never got much of a chance to see the world before becoming a facilitator. Suppose thats why he is grateful to that cult Klemmer and Associates.

Folks - do you really think Klemmer Leadership trainings are designed for high achievers?

or to wake up frogs that have never been kissed by a princess?

They fell for a marketing ploy by Brian Klemmer, the "Compassionate Samurai" - more posts on that the Amazon reviews, those that are not klemmerites are critical. calls Brian Klemmer a pompous, self-righteous author - Brian Klemmer totally set up Klemmer and Associates to fail with that book.

The bombastic, unproven hypothesis , personal failings and mistake of a cult leader like the author is all over the "compassionate Samurai".

Take a CLOSE look at Klemmerites, klemmer graduates....decide for yourself. Klemmer and Associates Facebook page has some willing to show their face.


You all can Add Steve Hinton, San Luis Obispo, Council on Leadership to the list of Klemmer and Associates rejects offering LGAT = ( large Group Awareness Training )

Consumer Beware - LGAT trainings in the hands of inexperienced facilitators like Steve Hinton with Council on Leadership, can be dangerous and ill-advised.

Please do your research on LGAT trainings, consequences of such trainings, and the quality, experience, proven track record, past customers opinions of your trainers before you attend. ( Hint - thats Steve Hinton's Past credentials )

Please google cult education forum Steve Hinton Klemmer and Associates, posts date back to 2007 !!


Dude - John Edwards with Life Quest Seminars is living the mission of " ...a world that works with no one left behind.( and your credit card).." Little does John Edwards with Life Quest Seminars realize that is living a Klemmer and Associates ...RECRUITING SLOGAN.

IF you attend Klemmer and Associates Seminar...your life works or works better, and bring your friends so you are seen as a compassionate samurai, leaving no one behind....SLICK eh? Though not much different from that other "cult" PSI Seminars..." World mind at a time" from the 70s.

Be a volunteer recruiter...for Klemmer and Associates...- a world that works with no one left behind ( and your credit card )


A norewegian getaway crusie April 29-May 6th with Edwards and his wife to celebrate something of significance to them?? WHOOAAA...its all about them and their anniversary and infinite wisdom which somehow they acquired in 30 years of working in the pulp and paper industry??

Ill rather join a {{Redacted}} colony in Siberia than be with John Edwards Life Quest cruise April29 to May 6th.

Ego knows no bounds !!

Wonder if John Edwards will be reading the Compassionate Samurai by this Cult Leader Klemmer, and how Klemmer's treasured partners, Steve Hinton and Patrick Dean ended up blowing Klemmer's cult business up by calling it what it is.

Leadership principles from Brian Klemmer and his ex-facilitator John Edwards??

He blew his own company up by the peoiple he picked to be his closest confidants, then was egotistical and stupid enough to write a BOOK about it!! You pay money for this foolishness???

Lets all watch reruns of the LOST TV series instead!!


My past experience with John Edwards, Life Quest Seminars is that there is a "Life Quest Seminar" face and voice and reality.

When it is based on "values and principles" and he is lording over the "life quest seminars Connection Calls" -his answers sound empowering. Truth is you are better of with a Tony Robbins Seminar.

No matter who sits on Life Quest Seminars board or the content of the material and delivery, its the ability to live it in the real world - not Life Quest Seminars classroom or "Connection call".

Donate your money to charity of your choice. Life Quest Connection calls are a waste of time and money and seriously wether in business or personal life...look for gurus within not without.

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