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| map-marker College Park, Maryland


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After providing services for them they refused to pay. Actually the just completely ignored me. You can not even talk to anyone at the office.
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Preferred solution: payment of 680.00

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Same Here. LexiconUSA did not pay for LAS Vegas conference interpreting work that I did in January 2023.

Only answering service and no return calls whatsoever. They ignored me after job was complete.

Uncollected $1900. Suspended entity by CA Secretary of State.

map-marker Chula Vista, California


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So I had read some of the posts here and I was really weary of going to interview at this company, but I went any way . . . let me tell you that my experience was a complete joy. The GM was definitely not the "normal" interviewer that I have been used to, but honestly, that was really refreshing. I felt like I was free to be me and not just put on my 'interview persona" and everyone I met during my interview were dynamic and I could sense the pride they take in their jobs. I can honestly say that I hope I get chosen for the job. I want this job!! The environment is awesome and refreshing to other places I have worked. So, beware of negative people who more than likely weren't qualified to get a job with this company and are "hating." I learned an important lesson, DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO INTERNET TROLLS!
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Reason of review:
Good customer service

Having worked with the owner of Lexicon-Global for a short period of time, I can clearly see that this review was done by him. The first red flag was "DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO INTERNET TROLLS!", the owner has a denigrate attitude towards his employees and would often call his employees names.

Also: "Reason of review: Good customer service." Average time a person is employed here is two weeks "I liked: Envirnoment." the business is based out of the owner's garage I didn't like: Obnoxious reviews. "nothing to do with the company"


I was hired with this *** company. So dont say we are trolls who werent qualified.

YOU ARE JUST A HOPEFUL. This company is full of *** Especially the owner.

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Worst experience ever

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All I got to say is, I got a joke for that one dude who interviewed me. What happens when I take your "eye" out? You get mad son! For those who've gone through the possible humiliation of being interviewed by that dude who looks like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, you might get this joke. Seriously though, these guys are not professional at all. The dude also told me that I look like I might scare off children with the way I look, but this dude needs to speak for himself. He scares me! And his partner was so aloof at the interview. These guys suck. Don't be deceived by the professional sounding name of this company.
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map-marker San Diego, California


First off they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Numerous unresolved issues with customers. They were late meeting me on the interview. They use inappropriate language and questions in the interview. They want you to make a power point presentation for your second interview of all of their competition. The office in Chula Vista was like a joke ! fake cubicles with monitors not connected to anything, the phone never rang in over an hour. That's right, be expected to wait a long time and have them interview someone first while you wait past your appointment time ( take cuts in line ). Every red flag went off and I knew this was nothing but a big scam ! WARNING DO NOT GO, ITS A WASTE OF TIME, GAS AND FRUSTRATION ! ALL THE UNRESOLVED COMPLAINTS IS ENOUGH WARNING. DON'T FORGET THE F RATING FROM THE BBB ! WHAT A JOKE ! :-{
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The owner must have hired a PR team, they no longer have that low rating and many other complaints of the company have been removed.


I agree with the first reviewer; there was something sleazy about Lexicon Global that raised too many red flags so I cancelled the job interview. I didn't go because everything about the initial phone call said this would be a waste of time.

The owner asked questions about my age--which is illegal--and made a couple of other unprofessional remarks that were off-putting. When I looked up the company on Yelp, half the reviews said they are scam.

To come here and read they require you to do a Powerpoint presentation as part of the hiring process?!?! That is ASININE!

I am a college grad with 10+ years of experience, have worked at Fortune 500 companies, and not one time has an employer asked me to do some kind of presentation.

I don't have a crystal ball so I'll never know for sure, but I'm pretty certain I dodged a bullet by not going to this job interview.

Everything about this guy and his company said meeting with him would be a waste of time.


How funny that i find this post. Honestly, I too was a little taken aback by the interview location.

Turns out the company was growing and this was their second office. I went a week ago for my initial interview and I too did the homework (it's what they call it) for the second interview. Well, everything changed for me. It was amazing to discover how strong this company really is compared to their competition.

I have a final interview next week and I for one hope to get the job. The international meetings and production aspect of the company is exciting.

I read the above feedback and cannot disagree more with that poster more. I can only assume they refused to do the "homework" or maybe they did a poor presentation and like too many people I've seen in my professional experience sounds like they didn't make the cut and really they sound more bitter than anything.

I was happy to do the presentation as it allowed me to really showcase my abilities and show what I am capable of.

Even if I don't get the job, it was a real cool process.

PS The office has really been setup nice since the first day I saw it. A big change.

It looks like they're ready to go. I hope I get this job!!!!!

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A G Rcb
map-marker San Diego, California

Lexicon Global rude to people trying to apply for a job.

This 'company' sent ME an email, asking for an interview, stating "NO reply to the email', having been scammed a lot of times by various 'companies', called them over the phone just to ask some OBVIOUS questions, before traveling 23 miles to an the "owner's house'...(wages, hours, OBVIOUS questions to a potential 'employer', at least to ME) the 'customer service representative' answer? after asking my name; just a rude "don't even bother coming".....just a warning to people...stay away from a 'company' that refuses any kind of OBVIOUS information to potential employees....just stating facts,running scams? possibly...
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Red flags started going off immediately while talking to the owner of the company about a job there. He was unprofessional, questioned me about my age, (which is illegal) and asked me direct questions about my past salary, yet was evasive when I asked what salary they were offering.

He said salary would be discussed in the interview and scheduled me for an interview for the following day.

I was not sure if I would go to the interview because I was certain meeting this guy would be a waste of time. Then I went on Yelp and read the revues about him and his company. Half the reviews said he's a crook, the other half were 5-star reviews...and obviously fake.

That made up my mind and I decided not to go to the interview. This guy struck me as sleazy and unprofessional.


All California businesses that state they are registered and a legit business- MUST actually be listed with cal.gov business portal. I am only interested as they have skipped out on payment for services rendered.

A thorough research indicates that the company is NOT legit under the name they have posted. They refuse to disclose any actual physical address or legit business license.

Makes me wonder if they do withholding on paychecks then do not submit it back to the state.

As they sell stuff - they must collect sales tax AND submit it to the state.

By all accounts- something seems off.

I will be probably filling a report with the state shortly.

Hopefully- the owner,...

Or whomever is the responsible party will act honestly as there is back-pay PAST due. Not submitting sales tax or not charging it or charging it and then keeping it is a big big no-no.


I worked for this company and it for sure is a joke. This is not a worldwide company and has only one office located in a garage in Chula Vista !

The guy in charge is a rude *** All should look to work elsewhere as you will be wasting time with this place. Every employee that works there seems terrified and threatened.


i applied for job online via craigslist. Within hours I was granted and interview next day.

Unfortunatly, I was unable to make the appointment due to a scheduling issue.

I replied back the email asking to reschedule the appt the following week. I received an email back informing that I was unprofessional and lack responsiblity for turning down the interview on that day.


I went on an interview with Lexicon-Global. I know how to follow directions therefore things went pretty well.

They seem to be a pretty laid back company. I wouldn't mind being a part of their team.


Well, I went to an interview with this company and although I can understand Anomalia76's apprehension, which I shared after reading her post, I was able to learn that this company is a serious company looking for quality personnel. I for one hope to have an opportunity to work for this company as what I was attracted to was the freedom of corporate america and I felt I would matter. I am also excited to be on a pretty interesting and dynamic team. Not to mention the services they offer and clientele are phenomenal.

I specifically asked why the email I received stated "no phone calls" and the answer I received made some sense. I was told that they are looking for serious applicants who can:

a) do research on their company before attending an interview and get most of the basic information and most importantly, as explained to me, can attend the interview with an understanding of the basic premise of their services. Services I have never been exposed to. That's not to say hours and wages aren't good questions but the ad I applied to had that information clearly stated (craigslist ad).

b) the ability to follow simple directions and be independent

c) have the where with all to find the address without assistance (more independence).

I was told that those basic abilities were crucial in qualifying to work for the company. And for me, that made sense.

This is no scam. Where Anomalia76 could have gotten that impression is beyond me. The company's website is clear. The invite to the interview gave a brief synopsis of what the company does. And the invite was perfectly clear on the fact that the interview was to be held in the owner's home.

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when i started with them, we all had to come up with 25 questions a day until the 'boss' said we were ok with where we were at. i was only hired to install their systems i wasnt hired to ask 50 questions and be expected to come up with more questions each day including weekends. this is why everyone quits or is fired within the first day or week.

the 'boss' is rude, curses, belittles his staff and only acts professional when on the phone. they are not worth it, your better off going someplace else besides here.

they told us that is something comes up to let them know, i was sick during work and left, i sent the boss a message and told everyone i was sick. i was fired the next day because i got the stomach flu. they dont abide what they preach and not worth it

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Well 2 things:

1.) You sound like the owner or someone who would have a stake in this company

2.) Either way you contradicted yourself. In the very first sentence of your comment you said:

< Well, I went to an interview with this company and although I can understand Anomalia76's apprehension, which I shared after reading her post, I was able to learn that this company is a serious company looking for quality personnel.


and thennnnnn.......in the first sentence of the paragraph you said:

< This is no scam. Where Anomalia76 could have gotten that impression is beyond me.> My husband has periodically looked for jobs on Craigslist and we have seen postings for this place before and personally I have been apprehensive of it everytime.

Do your research people. This is the second time I have looked up this company and I have never found anything that would make me feel compelled to invest any measure of time here.

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The last comment that says you sound like owner is in response to the comment by Tommy Cornell by the way.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-422072

Obviously written by the owner of this company. Two minutes sitting across this man you'll know what you're dealing with.

Overcompensating and out of his depth he ineffectually covers his BS with bluster and bravado. All transparent and ridiculous

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