Spencer R Ars
map-marker Atchison, Kansas


IS IT COMMON PRACTICE TO TELL PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS, Dont trust these white,BOYS! Donny said no to add air in 1 tire. He told me to take it back where i bought it! He is just a gopher! He yelled at,me too. I lived here for over 50 years and,my,friends and family will never return here! Kansas city, Leavenworth, and Saint Joseph are only 20 miles away. I am a 25 year ASE SOCIAL MEDIA BLOGGER AND WILL NOT STOP UNTIL DONNY GILLISPIE IS OUT OF A JOB OR DEMOTED TO A PORTER OR GOPHER AND APOLOGIZE FOR TELLING ME OFF.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Spencer Razo
map-marker Shawnee, Oklahoma


Walking past thier dealership in Atchison Kansas 66002, I kept being promised a good deal if I came in. I walked in and was given a estimate showing $500 down. (I still have it) after 2 days I was talked into cashing in my $25,000 Annuity from JG wentworth. I still have the paperwork. I went to court and got it approved by the judge only receiving $2,500.00 I showed that to the car salesman and he bumped my down payment up to $1,900.00! (bait and switch) That was suppose to be my retirement money. After all this he tried to raise it more. I said forget it I want my check back. He said, "What Check its already gone" The broken down subaru had clicking drive shafts for a 4 wheel drive, cracked windshield, check engine light, and a very low and some times not working brakes. I trusted Lewis Chevrolet and Buick located in atchison Kansas 6602.
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If that was your retirement money why would you sell it to J.G.Wentworth. Your complaint doesn't make any sense,


This complaint makes no sense.....and by the way...you cashed the check...no one forced you.

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map-marker Atchison, Kansas

Lewis Chevrolet Buicks Unsafe Used Cars Trucks 66002

Lewis Chevrolet and Buick Located in Atchison Kansas 66002 sold me an UNSAFE used car.I heard a Loud POP from under the Subaru as I was driving then No Brakes to Stop! A light pole was struck head on. The used car sales staff were the rudest people I have ever met working in the Automotive world. And yet I need to say the Most Aggressive SALES Staff. They took every penny I owned. Please visit the Auto Repair Savings Blog to read more in detail about Lewis Buick Chevrolet used cars and trucks located in Atchison Kansas 66002.
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