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I've been buying Levi's 514 for years now. They're the only pants I buy. They always shrink in the wash. I recently spent $120 on 2 pairs. They're always a little big when you buy them because they shrink in the wash. The last two pairs all of a sudden don't shrink anymore. They're effectively a 36x36. I bought 32x32. I look like an *** wearing them. I've tried everything to shrink them. They're different pants than before. I tried to return...
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Today? I bought a few pairs of 514s and wore them just a few times (no more than 3 times for each pair, washed them in gentle wash cycle, cold rinse, minimal detergent). Two of them developed rips up the back pocket line! WTF? I can't fix them; the fabric is too wafer-thin. What a bunch of junk! I guess farming production to the cheapest overseas facilities means more profit for Levi-Strauss & Co.; JUNK for the American consumer. Sad to see a once-great product turn into such ***. Never will I buy Levis...
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There is a problem with the fabric of your 514 jeans. I purchased a pair of 514s toward the end of March of this year. That pair had the fabric around one of the belt loops rip out after wearing them once. I returned them to Costco and they gave me a refund. I purchased another pair that day at Costco. This pair, after three wearings, ripped out in the crotch. There does seem to be a problem with the fabric in your 514 jeans. I have been an...
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Anonymous I purchased four pair of 514 levis in march from Costco and one pair ripped in the butt. I returned it and exchanged for a new pair. Three weeks later another pair ripped in ...

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  • Older levis i have that were better quality