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Wanting to upgrade my phone but save money I ordered from Old phone was deactivated when I received the new phone. First off the new phone would not recognize the SIM card. Was told by rep to try another SIM card, went to Verizon and still nothing. Tech said it's an issue with the phone. Returned phone for an exchange, now 1 1/2 weeks and no cell phone. Received 2nd phone from Letstalk. Spent almost 3 hrs between Letstalk and Verizon trying to activate phone. Was not activated by Letstalk, supposed got it activated but phone still would work. Was told to call Verizon. It was recognized and activated, but phone still would not activate, no prompts, nothing. Verizon tech said I got another "dead" phone. AGAIN, called Letstalk for ANOTHER RMA...this time for a FULL REFUND. Ended up 2 weeks with NO cell frustration going back and forth with this incompetent company.The Letstalk reps are CLUELESS about the equipment they are selling, every rep I spoke to kept asking me to remove the battery, with the phone I odered, it doesn't HAVE a removable battery. With the 1st exchange they were even sending me the WRONG PHONE...I had to call and have them correct the order. I will NEVER purchases from them again.
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Let's Talk

I had a phone number on a family plan for several years, but was ready to get a new phone and my own personal account. I went to the Walmart site and ordered a phone through Let's Talk and signed up for a 2 year contract through Verizon. Before I purchased the phone, there were two options, "New account" or "Existing account" to choose. I was slightly confused as to which one to choose because I did want a new account, but I wanted to keep the same phone number from the previous account. I called Let's Talk just to clarify what my options were. I was assured that there would be no problem with maintaining my old number. All that I needed to do was to call Verizon the moment I received my phone and they would activate my old number on my new phone. The day that my new phone arrived, I called Verizon (just as Let's Talk had suggested) and I had my new number placed on the phone. Six and a half months later I received an email saying that my checking account had been debited $250 for breach of contract. I checked my checking account, and without notice, they debited my account the $250. I called to ask why I had been debited $250 and was told because of a breach of contract. Apparently, I breached my contract the moment that I activated my old number on the new phone. I told the customer service rep that before I made the purchase, I called to clear up my questions and was assured that I could retain my old number. But of course, that argument does not hold with the company and there was no "record" of my call. They read to me the policy that states that if I was to change my number, it was a breach of policy. I tried looking for this policy online, but could find it nowhere. I went to Walmart's website and tried to order a new phone (just to get to the policy). What I found was an option to keep your current number (which I did not have on 12/3/2010) and after reading the policy, I found nowhere that it said that keeping your old number would be a breach of policy. Here I stand, out $250 and the company does not see the disconnect. Why would I breach my policy within 1 hour of receiving the phone? I'm still under the 2 year Verizon account that I signed up for in November. I have been in contact with attorneys that I work with and being advised that legal action could be taken against the company because this is a clear obstacle to maintaining your old number. I will file a compain with the BBB. I will also file a complain with my Bank. I have been told that if a company receives enough charge-back complaints, the company will lose it's credit card processing accounts. We can not allow this company to tell us anything and for us to just believe it. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I have been penalized $250 for maintaining my old phone number on a new plan.
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is this true

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Greenville, South Carolina
New Reviewer

Let's Talk deposit scam.

I attempted to order two cell phones through Let's Talk on the site. They quoted a $200 deposit for the second line of service, which seemed unusual because the Wal-Mart store quoted $100. I returned to the store and ordered the phones there, where I was told that they have a 30 day return policy. Well, after getting the phones home one is fine, but the second is having numerous technical problems. I called Alltel (the service provider) to see if they could fix it, and it turns out that my phone number and information doesn't even come up in their system! At this point, I asked if Alltel could check what my deposit should be, and they ALSO said $100. Thoroughly annoyed, I called Let's Talk to ask what the *** was going on. They claimed that Alltel was lying to me about the deposit and about my information not being in the system. Ridiculous! When I initially spoke to Let's Talk, they claimed that Alltel sets the deposit themselves. I stated that I was going to return the phones and cancel service, and the Let's Talk representative told me that I cannot return the phones despite having them for less than 48 hours and despite one of them not working correctly. He also informed me that they were going to keep my deposit. I'm headed right up to the store right now to demand a refund of the cost of the phones and my deposit, and I'm going to go through Alltel DIRECTLY. I'm shocked at how poorly Let's Talk treats their customers, and I would advise everyone to go directly through the service provider. Saving a few bucks on the cost of the phone isn't worth it for the HOURS of hassle and the risk of losing a deposit to a shady third party vendor.
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Minot, North Dakota
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Letstalk ripped me off

I ordered a phone from letstalk with a 2 year contract through AT&T. I have used letstalk before and had no problems; in fact they seem to always have the best deals. Anyway they sent me a phone and it didn't work. I then noticed another phone number was issued on my paperwork when I had requested to transfer my old number. In fact my old phone had already turned off so they did the first half. When I called they said I needed to call AT&T. I did and AT&T said it was really strange because the SIM card said it was in use. I have no idea what this means, but had me go to an AT&T store and get a new SIM card. I later received a notice from letstalk about not keeping up the contract and it had this other phone number listed again. I immediately called letstalk and said this was never the number I wanted and I transferred my old number, blah blah blah and it was taken care of, or so I thought. 9 months into my contract I get a notice saying I cancelled my phone and will be charged $150 and once again this other phone number was listed. I hurried and contacted them and said I never had this number, I never wanted this number, this is my phone number and it has been for 5 years. No response and they took $150 out of my checking acct. I called and got some ghetto chick telling me that it was my number and I had requested that. I asked to speak to a manager who gets on the phone with a major attitude and tells me I'm lying. I said your're kidding right?? My god I have all my records, check this other number out. Nothing, no help. I emailed their office every day asking for help. I talked to people who promised me they would look into it. No response. I got AT&T to call with me on the line and tell them it was their mistake, they said call back later. I finally just called my credit union and disputed the charge. Lot of work for $150. Don't ever use them. They lack customer service and seemed to be in over their heads.
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sounds like you activated two lines of service; one with ATT and another with LetsTalk. Were the account numbers different?

If so, you do owe the $150. expensive lesson/oversight

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Riverside, California
New Reviewer multiple scams bottom of the internet barrel

I try to choose my words wisely but it has to be said. LETSTALK.COM is an unethical, deceitful and borderline criminal company. The real bottom of the internet barrel..If you buy a phone from them their return policy is that you must return defective phone within 30 days .. OR BEFORE 30 MINUTES OF USAGE..!!!! whichever comes first! TOTAL!!!' No I am not kidding folks. 30! .. thats 30 minutes.. Trust me, you will use that much time and more just trying to get them on the phone and their customer service people are rude and abusive ... positively the worst .. Their rebate procedures are a joke and full of traps.. The only good thing about their company is the website.. Good for researching your phone .. and then take my advice and go to or elsewhere.. 30 MINUTES .. 30 MINUTES!!!! OR YOU ARE STUCK.. For some more horror stories go to ... or
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Lets talk has bad reviews stay far from this company


i just ordered sprint htc touch pro 2 i will get soon i will let you know how turns out


The long and the short is you can get a better deal from a reputable and fair company ..and that is AMAZON... You have been warned ...

'Let's Talk' is a prime example of the worst on the Internet.. Deal with them and you will be SORRYYYYYYY!!!

Guaranteed!!!! :cry :cry :( :( :sigh


It states the return policy VERY clearly on the website. Dont order ig you think that 30 minutes isnt sufficient.

and its currently 60 minutes. it has changed

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Jacksonville, North Carolina
New Reviewer scam and shady pratices

Earlier this month I had the unfortunate pleasure of ordering a mobile phone from Advance Disclaimer: Do a 5-minute research on online sellers before you buy from them. Obviously I did not. Here is the story. I placed my order for an LG phone on Monday September 15th, 2008 with free two-day shipping. That would mean that I should get my phone in the mail by Thursday September 18th at the most. The phone cost me $109.99 but the website said there will be $110 mail in rebate associated with it so in the end it would cost me nothing (although they don’t send the rebate checks 8 months later). So on Tuesday, I received a call from someone at as they were having some difficulty verifying my line transfer from the previous mobile carrier and how glad they were to have me place the order with them and ensured that if not that day, the order will be shipped out on Wednesday so I should have it by Friday. I said ok, not a problem. 2 days pass by, and I still don’t get a shipment confirmation from them. So I called them and they mentioned that my previous carrier is taking sometime to release the number to the new carrier and I should call them and ask them to speed it up. So I did. and the previous carrier mentioned that the number was released the day before. So I called again and filled them with the details. They said yes it’s all good to go (it is Friday by now and I am still on the phone with them when I should have received it by now), and I should receive my phone on Monday. I asked the lady, are you sure? Because I have 2-day shipping but I would appreciate if you can make it next day shipping for me to get it on Monday and she asserted YES YES. WRONG, when I received the tracking email, it stated 2-day shipping. So I patiently waited for 4 days until Tuesday (all this time when I was told my on Tuesday that I should get my phone by Friday of the week before). Moreover, they had already transferred by number from the old carrier to the new carrier, so I was without a phone service for about 5 days, without having access to any voice mail even. When I finally received it on Tuesday, the phone was not fully functional. I had to call the new carrier to have it programmed. Great. Not having a phone for 4-5 days, all the while my number was hanging in the middle of a vacuum. Everything was seemingly fine for a day or two when I decided to print the rebate form because you never know what is going to happen with the rebate 'scams' so I logged on to my order to print the rebate form but it would show nothing when I click rebate form. I sent them an email regarding that (to which I have not received a reply to this date). Another 2 days pass by, I gave them a call and asked them what’s up with the rebate form, the lady on the phone mentioned, I don’t see a rebate associated with this order and I said it should be. She mentioned, "Ok I will pass your concern to the appropriate department and you should receive a reply soon" (I did not). Today, Tuesday September 30th, 2008, I called again to see what's happening with the rebate form, and they mentioned that I am not eligible for the rebate because I added a 3rd line to my account while the rebate was only applicable to 1st and 2nd line. I mentioned it to the rude lady that by the time I had activated this line, I only had 2 lines with the carrier but she said no, whatever was processed at the time of order is what it is. So I said, Ok, I would like to return the phone. She mentioned I cannot return the phone because it has already been past 7 days so I cannot return the product. I mentioned it to her; no it has been less than 7 days. So we 'discussed' for a few minutes and I asked her for a supervisor. She put me on a loooong hold and came back responding, we can make an exception. If you have used less then so and so many minutes than we can return it. And she asked me how many minutes have I used, to which I said I don't know. She said we can process the return but if you have used more then so and so many minutes than we will send it back to you. I asked her the same question I had 20 minutes ago; Can I talk to your supervisor? She put me on another hold and transferred me to some voice mail. I did not want to leave a message; I wanted to solve this right there and then so I hung up and called again. This time I directly asked for a supervisor. The supervisor, named Steffan/Stefan (extension 2022) told me that since as of order date I already had 2 lines with the carrier, I was ineligible for the rebate. When I mentioned that what about the fact that two of their people had talked to me BEFORE shipping the phone, and how come did they not mention it then, to which Steffan/Stefan said that I should have read the rebate fine print. RIGHT. I know why they did not mention it. BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO MAKE THE SALE AND JUICE UP THEIR COMMISSION. (At this point, I have collectively been on the phone with them for well over 35 minutes). I asked Mr. Steffan/Stefan what my options were at this point. He said I can exchange it for a cheaper phone but I can also return It. I asked him if I can return the phone only and keep the service. He said yes I can do that, since they have nothing to do with the service, they can just process the return. But, Guess what? I HAVE TO PAY SHIPPING OUT OF MY POCKET TO GET THIS SHIPPED OUT TO THEM. WHAT A SCAM RUN BY LETSTALK.COM @ 6341 Boulevard 26 Suite 500 North Richland Hills, TX 76180 In Summary: 9/15/08: Order placed. 9/19/08: Order promised to be delivered. 9/23/08: Order Received. 9/25/08-9/30/08: Without access to a phone service that I am paying, in the meanwhile. 9/24/08: Emailed to inquire about rebate (no response) 9/26/08: Phoned customer service to inquire about rebate (lady promised a response, but no follow up). 9/30/08: Called to inquire about rebate and being told not eligible. Eeventually setting up a return AT MY EXPENSE. Again, make sure you read up on every single fine print with this scammer and player retailer. Moreover, make sure you save every paper work you receive in the mail. When you submit your rebate several months later, you will have to attach a sticker from the original invoice you received with the phone. What are the odds, you will still have 'that sticker'? I will post any and all updates and all the hiccups along the way.
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Also got ripped off. My order was placed for what I thought was an upgrade and it arrived as a new line.

I got that corrected and then they charged me a $250 deactivation fee. They acknowledged that it was a mistake in the order and that they never would have received any additional commission on a new line because I was not ordering a new line, but they would not credit the $250 fee. So, I paid $149.99 for the new phone and a $250 "de-activation" fee when the phone was actually not de-activated.

They acknowledged that the phone's price would have been $149.99 if it was for a new line or if it was for an upgrade. Grrr!!!!


Worst freaking company. I place in order on friday, pay the deposit for sprint on saturday, monday comes lets talk cancels my order and sais that if i want my deposit back i need to call sprint or go through them directly for the order..

ok. i call sprint.. we dont have a deposit on file. ok soooo now what.

sprint finance sais give it 3 days so clear then place the order. ok 5 days later no deposit on file.

so where the *** is my $300. apparently a green monster took it.


Also when ordered phone gave me one day shipping free phone going back ground lets talk in dallas texas proably take a week to get there you try to save a dollar and in reality you end up wasting alot of time if had bought from sprint could of took back to store and got money back know not a week from know


Sending sprint htc touch pro 2 back to lets talk. problem is sd card i have about 6 filled with music every time you change one you have to erase memory on phone .you lose your contacts and pictures and all memory on phone lets talk makes it hard because do not give shipping label to go back you have to print it out your self . in my case had to go to libary to print it out do not have printer alot of problems to return phone


i bought sprint htc touch pro 2 from lets talk before i ordered phone i called sprint to make sure could get line with no deposit and they said i could get 3 lines with no deposit i ordered phone and lets talk sent me e mail to call sprint there was a problem i called sprint sprint said there was no problem i called lets talk lady said she would call sprint and call me back in 1hr never called back i called back and woman called sprint and got ok next day got e mail said problem with sprint to call lets talk i called lets talk and told woman to cancel order and refund my money she said she would fix this and give me 1 day shipping i got phone today so far works good go thru alot of bull but i guess worth it


Shipping only costs a few dollars...but in that now gives u free shipping to return as well. Also, you can see on the website BEFORE you place your order if there will be a mail in rebate applied.

It is also in your order confirmation BEFORE the phones get activated and sent out. If you place your order, read the confirmation, and see that the rebate is not there, you can call and cancel the order.

As far as if you speak w a rep to place the order. The rep MAKES you log into your email and agree to EVERYTHING you ordered...if you didnt read that before clicking accept, its pretty much your fault.


:( Wow I had a bad experience with them too. I purchased an att tilt that locked up every week for the first three weeks.

Finaiallly I called to see what my options were. Sat on hold 20 mins-told to call back tomorrow. Called- sat on hold 15 minutes the female some how mysteriously hung up when I told her my phone quite working. Called back- 20 minutes hold-got a guy this time who checked to see how many minutes I had used...Opps sorry you can only exchange your phone if you use less than 360...I used 373 minutes and at least 30 was spent on hold with LetsTalk.

The "customer service Rep." NOT...Brittney..."sorry sir the bottom Line is you should not have used your phone to call us. There no sukpervisor available and they would not help you anyway.


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Washington, District Of Columbia

NCOA is huge ripoff!

I purchased a plan throught that was supposed to cover cell phones due to damage, theft, and loss. The only information provided to me at the time of purchase was a company name and phone number. I never received a copy of the terms & conditions of my contract. Apparently, there is an extensive list of exclusions that we not provided to me at the time of purchase. When my daughter lost her phone, NCOA declined to cover the device, claiming that there is an exclusion for "unexplained disappearance". Now, how exactly is that different from "loss"??? Pretty good one, NCOA. You must have some top-notch attorneys working for you.
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Totally agree with above review. Same thing happened with me.

Practically they can say no to any type of claim based on their terms and conditions.

The total fraud company. I wish there is a way I can take action against them.

#130747 Review #130747 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Double-talk from LetsTalk

On Wednesday, May 28th I received a RAZR3 cell phone with an AT&T contract renewal from It was so full of pre-loaded graphics and ads from AT&T that there wasn’t much memory left for my contacts and ringtones, let alone any pictures. I contacted to exchange the cell phone for one with more memory on Friday, May 30, 2008 at about 11:15AM (PDT). I indicated that I needed it exchanged right away and authorized a cross-ship guarantee with my credit card so they could process the exchange that day. They took my order for a different model replacement phone with a $99.99 premium, which I approved. They issued an RMA with return instructions immediately (over the phone) and confirmed it by eMail within the hour. I sent the phone to be exchanged back to them via insured Priority Mail that same day. When I saw no order or shipping activity for the replacement phone by days end, I contacted them the next day, Saturday morning (May 31). I was told the order for the replacement was sitting on a supervisors desk and couldn’t be processed until Monday .They did say they would issue a complimentary upgrade to overnight shipping for delay due to this mix-up. They received my return phone on Monday morning. I contacted them on Monday for shipment status on the replacement and was told it would go out that day. When it did not ship that day I, contacted them again and was told they did not ship the replacement phone because they needed authorization for $212 on the replacement! I explained the situation and they said they would `Take care of it’. I have called back daily and there is still no progress. It’s going on a week now and still NO phone, never a return call and hours long hold times whenever I call them.
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San Clemente, California
New Reviewer

Let's Talk .com - authorized rep for Alltel

I recently received a flyer for Alltel. I had been considering changing service to Alltel for a while because it is the carrier with the best coverage for the rural arera where I live. I am happy with the actual Alltel service so far. HOWEVER, I did not notice the smaller print which indicates that I would be dealing with a third party. That third party is Let's! DO NOT USE THESE SERVICE! They gave me the wrong information from the beginning. I had to return phones back and forth several times and had to wait for the credits each time. I was unable to rectify any of my problems in the actual Alltel store even though the Alltel reps truly wanted to assist. DO NOT USE LETS TALK.COM!
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Greensboro, North Carolina
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LetsTalk provided worthless supplemental cell phone insurance coverage

I bought a cell phone family plan through, Inc. The LetsTalk representative suggested a plan for protection against loss or damage. After the representative assured me that the plan covered losses such as dropping the phone in a swimming pool (as had happened to my son), I bought the plan for my daughter's phone. A couple days ago she accidentally dropped her phone in the toilet and it stopped working. LetsTalk then referred me to a 3rd party company called National Cellular Owners Association (NCOA) that was the actual plan provider, who responded saying "WATER DAMAGE AND CORROSION" - "Water damage is excluded from coverage. If the white dot under the battery is now red/pink, it is water damaged." In my opinion, NCOA is most certainly a scam. I doubt whether they cover anything that the manufacturer's phone warranty doesn't already cover. I believe that someone from there belongs in jail for fraud and for stealing. I don't promote violence, but given this outfit's behavior, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to read in the news that someone went into their office and shot it up with a machine gun or something. Take my advice - Stay away from both NCOA and
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always get insurance from phone company that you are buying from i know sprint insure water damage for 7 dollars a month ex wife droped in toilet had to pay 50 dollars for new one

#113856 Review #113856 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Toms River, New Jersey

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