map-marker Grosse Ile, Michigan

Les Stanford Chevrolet in Dearborn MI.

I've paid over $500.00 in rear defrost electrical issues on a 2005 GMC Denali. 14 months later It's burnt out again and I'm responsible to pay for it according to them. I was informed that GM only covers 12 months on parts (WOW!) Not only that but now other electrical issues have arisen as a result. I'm not getting any assistance or customer loyalty. I'm very pissed at there atituude towards me and basicly told me to go (F@*k Off) This will be the last P.O.S. GM I purchase because of their warranty.
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No more GM cars for me either after the way they treated Saab and Pontiac owners.


That is why I refuse to buy American made *** cars that don't last. I buy Honda which is much more durable with better customer service and warranty support.

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