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To right a wrong

I have dealt with Leon for over 20 years , he has been nothing but professional and straight forward . Always does what he says. One of the main reasons I deal with him is that he does care so much about what he does and how he does it he puts his heart into what he does and cares about people . I never have written a review before online, in this case felt that I should . I read in this forum a targeted nasty review from Someone claiming to be a customer of Leons. This definatley was slander as it , didnt sound anything like leon whatsoever . The sad thing here is although all these online review forums. Can have the potential of being helpful the flipside is they can be very harmful without any validation or fact checking .
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User's recommendation: Too notch professional

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Great service

Leon is a reputable realtor who is governed by rules and regulations of the Province. He has been licensed for over 20 years without any incident. Do not listen to somebody anonymous BS review. Call the real estate council of British Columbia if you are in doubt. Do not listen to somebody outrageous slander online.
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User's recommendation: Good hard working family man !

Bradon Fob

Leon Beauregard Realtor Vancouver

I have never written a bad review for any business......until now. The way I see it, is that bad business just dies off, but I had to review this horrible man because this man is the most untrustworthy, unethical *** in all of Vancouver. I have even spoken to people casually about my horrible dealings with him, and when his name came up it seemed that he already had a terrible reputation for being anywhere from unethical to trying to scam clients and home owners. Many of them elderly. He works for {{Redacted}} Burnaby, BC There are MANY legit trustworthy realtors in Burnaby so you can avoid him easily by simply going to another company.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

This review is a lie and should not be taken serious, anybody can write anything without confirmation here.


This review is a lie and should not be taken serious, anybody can write anything without confirmation here.


This is not true, if it was he would have had his license revoked. Somebody posted this lie anonymously with motivations other than real estate.

If you have doubts check with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and you will see that he has been licensed for over 20 years without incident. 1-604-683-9664

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