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Lenore Silverman Incompetant Special Education Attorney

Lenore is so *** and disorganized, she made huge errors in questioning her own witness. A lawyer should now the answer to any questions they are going to ask..not Lenore.

Imagine her surprise when she found our her "star teacher witness" did not even have a teaching credential.

Imagine her surprise when he expert witness told her that the IEP team of teacher and professionals agreed that the student had a language impairment and not the emotional disturbance she had laid the ground work for.

She lost the case because she refused to offer any sort of settlement in a timely manner. In fact, she drags parents into court if they file compliance complaints to the State Dept of Education. Rather than having an informal meeting and righting a wrong. She files for hearings and pads her own fees when she could have made a recommendation to her client which have settled the issue at in about 2 hours.

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Lenore Silverman: Unresponsive, Lies, Oppressive

My son was in special education in the SFUSD. Lenore Silverman came to the first few IEPs.

She promised things but then never returned phone calls when I followed up asking that she follow through. One time, with advance notice to the school site, I had a court reporter at the IEP. That was the last time Lenore Silverman showed up at our IEPs. Example: the transcription showedt hat when one possible school was suggested, Lenore commented: "I would not support that placement for this child." Two weeks later she was recommending that school.

It seemed as though her only reason for showing up was to lie and mislead. Nearly my entire experience with SFUSD and my son's IEPs was bad. I was consistently referred to potential placements which were the worst possible placements for a student with my son's diagnoses. I was referred to classes where children were reading several grades below grade level, while my son was reading several grades above grade level.

For my son's high school placement, the district highly recommended placement in a Severely Emotionally Distrubed class, despite the fact that children with nonverbal learning disorders (such as Aspergers) are not supposed to be in ED classes.

Our IEP provided that my son's teachers at the new high school would have a short training session (with my son's 8th grade teacher who would be doing this on his own time.) The district failed to implement that provision and in fact ridiculed the very idea. Thereafter my son was emotionally brutalized for demonstrating the very behavior that the teacher would have warned about and which the district's own professional reports warned about.

The district often failed to implement explicit provisions of the IEP, and only when I filed a complaint with thte state Dept.of Education did they finally do what they were supposed to do.

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Lenore Silverman needs to change her name to silver spoon. She gets everything handed on a plater from taxpayers.

She has a masters in communication disorders. That way she can manipulate and critisice parents and children with communication disorders.

Her profile picture is from 20 years ago. She needs to update it she looks like an old hag.


Lenore Silverman is padding her bank account on the souls of our children. She doesn't care about our kids!

She cares about keeping our kids in programs that will not help them to become productive citizens. There is a special place in *** for people like Lenore Silverman, that use their power to keep kids like ours in schools that don't allow our kids to thrive and to become independent. We've become her enemy, we, who pay our taxes, law abiding citizens like us, that in turn pays her salary to vilify families like us that are looking out for our children's education and welfare.

Lenore, one family asked, "how does she sleep at night"? We are asking the same thing...I pray,it's not well!


I had a very similar experience involving this attorney in a district that I won't identify (for fear of retribution by this attorney). Silverman repeatedly attempted to bully and intimidate my family, and made disparaging and highly inappropriate comments about my child throughout the IEP process including remarks about how my child was "profoundly retarded." It was also clear to me that she was the one pulling the administrator's and teacher's strings behind the scenes and effectively running my district.

Its amazing and shocking to me that this is how my districts special education department is being run, by an attorney who obviously has no training in special education and doesn't even live in the district where she's imposing her will and whims on families!

I can't believe this is the state of special education in a seemingly progressive california town is the year 2008. It's a sad state of affairs.

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Yabba D
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Lenore Silverman - Oppressive Education Attorney

Lenore Silverman, an attorney with the extremely oppressive law firm of Fagen, Fulfrost, has used her law license in California to oppress special education children and their families.

This very ruthless lawyer, in cooperation with her employer, Fagen, Fulfrost, law offices thereof, have spend decades helping California school districts deny special education to those children whom so very desperately need it.

School Districts use extremely large sums of tax dollars to pay, Lenore Silverman, and other attorneys at Fagen, Fulfrost law firm, to help them from providing free and adequate educations FAPE to those educationally deprived children due to their learning disabilities.

Write your legislators, senators, etc., objecting to this practice of denying special ed school children their needed interventions.

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she was at my child's iep meetings for years--and delayed the processes, treated me and my husband like idiots and insulted my child with special needs in an iep meeting. When I proposed solutions that would cost the sfusd 1/4 of the cost of the school's proposed program, she stonewalled it--she would rather pay $100,000 per year for a poor program than $25,000 for an appropriate program.

she is intimidating and is not working towards solutions.

went up against her three times in due process and settled in our favor each time. a horrible person to deal with


In addition to the above SHE HAS a special needs child--unbelievable


I TOTALLY agree with everything written above. She wastes so many billable hours stalling parents at taxpayers expense.

She calls meetings and invites all sorts of school employes who haven't worked with the child in years and tells them what to say. This year in addition to her usual $500,000 annual yearly billable hours, she has asked for an additional $250,000. Honestly, when the schol district asks taxpayers for more money, they should vote a resounding NO until the district starts spending the money on the children instead of an overpaid underqualified lawyer. Let Carlos Garcia KNOW that this has to STOP!!

Let lenore go soak another district. She has been fired out of two other districts.

Why is SF so ***? :x


I couldn't agree more with the comments above. I've never seen someone so hostile towards the rights of the disabled and antagonistic towards parents of these children.

What's amazing is that Silverman -- a private attorney with no training in special education --appears to be running and administering the City of San Francisco's special education department. Needless to say, this is a huge dis-service to public education not to mention a substantial waste of our taxpayer money.

About the only person who appears to be benefitting from this is Silverman herself who is lining her pockets with public money used to inhibit and prohibit our disabled childrens' access to their legally entitled education and services. I can't imagine how she can sleep at night.

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