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I started completing their online form to check on rates as it seemed like a simple process.I filled in my home phone number thinking I was going to get a call from them directly. Next they asked for SS# and red flags went up. I clicked cancel the request form and exited. Too late as they must have been skimming the online form and they have sold my phone number to at least 6 companies that have been non-stop calling my number. BIG MISTAKE in...
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I didn't like
  • Deceptive terms and conditions
  • Lenders
Lending tree is conning people. I wanted to refinance since their rates were so low... They first made me pay their people to appraise my house. It is a single on a dead end road outside of town with a 3 car garage and 3/4 acre of property on the top of a mountain. The appraiser said it was worth a lot less than what i know it is worth. The sold houses they showed me to compair were all attached row homes in the middle of town with no land and...
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Lending Tree Mortgage Refinance Review

Eric potts 5735595486. I can be contacted after 5 pm central time today. I back out of a loan 2 weeks ago and have not recieved my $200 back. In fact you have tried to take more money out of my acct. if this is not resolved very soon I'm going to the police to see what can be done about it.