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their login password reset process is annoying.They never get back or reply on emails. very un-satisfactory experience! I called the first time, I was able to talk to someone on the phone but he didn't solve my problem /issues. Then I left it for months before I tried to login and I was back to square 1. Then, recently, I sent a customer support email and got the automated reply but nothing beyond that. Now, I did google search for their...
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Anonymous Couldn't agree more. Just had my entire account literally erased all my money I invested has vanished and so far all I have gotten are automated responses in spite of trying t...


LendingClub Hi ilearn, we'd like to try to help. Could you please contact us at or call 888-596-3157? We're here 6:00am–5:00pm PST, Monday – Friday and 8:00am–5:0...

I liked
  • Concept of p2p
I didn't like
  • That they locked me out so quickly
  • Deceptive

This year I decides to have my IRA with Lending Club. They advertise on their site that my money will be available 4 business days after funds have been received by their partner Self Direct IRA Services. Well, they have had my check cashed for two and half weeks and still no money in my account. Calling their toll free number (888.381.9309) on their IRA site only allows you to leave a message which they never return. I had to find their number...
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Anonymous Lending Club is a *** scam. You will lose money. Everyone investing now loses money. Stop investing now!!!
I have 162 notes. 28 are now grace thru charged off. I'm at a -3....


Anonymous Wow! This post and letting them know about State Agencies had a real effect. a few minutes after the post my money was added to my account.

I didn't like
  • Do not care as long as your money is with them
  • What they advertise is not what they deliver if ever