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Marijuana In my Lexus Loaner Vehicle

Marijuana In my Loaner Vehicle On 10/19/07 @ 5:15pm I took my Lexus ES 330 to Len Stoler Lexus of Owings Mills, Maryland for routine maintenance. I was given a loaner care (ES 350 @ 5:30) as my vehicle would not be ready until 10/20/07. On my way home from the dealership (@ 6:15p), I notice a small glass container on the drivers side floor. As a result of me being on the beltway, it took me about 3mins or so to get the container from the floor. When I did, there was something in the container that resembles green grass and dirt. I open the container and from the smell realized that this was not dirt. I called ( @ 6: 20) the dealership and spoke with Derek Kline(service consultant) to inform him of my findings and get directions as to how I should proceed. I was told by Derek to pull over at the nearest gas station and “pitch it and just forget about it, or you can call the police but, I don’t think they will do anything about it, I don’t really know what you should do”. My response was, “I can’t pitch it at a gas station, I don’t want to caught with this stuff, I am even afraid to touch the bottle. I am on I-95 in traffic.” When I got home I immediately called Derek again and advised him that I was going to call Harford County Sheriff’s department, I asked Derek if he could speak with the officer that was going to be dispatched and was told by Derek, “I am not going to be here much longer I am leaving for the day.” I asked Derek if he could fax me a statement in case the officer asks for it I was told, No, the fax machine is locked in the parts department that closes at 6:00pm and I can’t get to it.” When the sheriff came, he confirmed that the substance was in fact Marijuana; the sheriff took the Marijuana and gave me a report number. On 10/20/07 I went to the dealership to speak with the General Manager Dennis Szarko and was told that he was not in the building and could not be reached via telephone. When I asked for his contact number to reach him, I was given the wrong number. When I went back to the dealership to get my car, I asked the receptionist,” when’s the best time to reach the general manager?” and was told,” Oh, he is here now he has been here since this morning.” When I spoke to the GM he was very rude and told me told me,” you are speaking to loudly in my office you need to lower your voice or get out of my office.” He went on to state, “you put the Marijuana in the car, and we should have never sold you a Lexus.” The GM also stated, “You will never have your car serviced here again, I don’t know how you got a Lexus, you didn’t pay for it, you couldn’t pay for it” I asked the GM, “why would you assume that I can’t pay for the car and that I have an illegal substance?” His reply was, “just get out of my office your mouth is too big!” He did not listen to anything I had to say, he refused to look at the police report and told me to leave the dealership immediately because I was causing a disturbance although my vehicle service was not complete. I refused to leave without my vehicle and contact number to his supervisor. The GM then called the Baltimore County police and stated that I was an unruly customer who would not leave the premises. This is not acceptable I have been a customer of Lexus/Toyota since 2001; I was humiliated, disrespected, and belittled. When I asked the GM “Why are you treating me this way? How can you say I can’t come here for service when I did nothing wrong? His response was, just shut your mouth and get out of my office.” He then left the office and began to tell the sales associates that I put Marijuana in the car. I told the GM that I felt “discriminated against and that he was being very stereotypical”. I asked are you treating me this way because I am a black woman. He replied, “ yeah, that is the exact reason!”
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Shame on you! You should have smoked it. It would have helped you relax, and stop being a mean angry uptight boojjii ratchet liar.


Such behavior is typical of Len Stoler employees. I took my car to the Chevrolet dealer in Westminster which is where I bought it to have the a/c fixed that wasnt working 6 months after I bought it brand new.

I was first told that it would only be one day.

Well one day soon turned into seven days. When I asked why they needed to "order a part" that was on back order because apparently nationwide this has "never happened" Needless to say I no longer use this dealer for service.


Hi Sweetie,You're obviously very innocent of all this "*** culture" that permeates society nowadays. I completely agree that you should have received a clean, reliable loaner vehicle...without the added accessory of unwanted illicite marijuana.

I would have been tempted to smoke it, but then again, you never know where it's been. I suspect it belonged to one of their employees who is responsible for cleaning the loaner vehicles. It just fell out of his pocket. As for the way you were treated, they obviously didn't consider it a big deal and they're probably all a bunch of potheads, or at least tolerate their employees being as such, but that's no excuse.

As a professional company, you can't tolerate that ***.

What they do after hours is their own business and a different story, but it shouldn't affect their day to day operations. You were right and they were wrong!


Why didn't you just throw it away and never say anything about it. This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever read.

I'm glad that you wasted the officers time for a small amount of ***. After you got rid of it and a police report, what were you expecting from the dealership? Why ask for the GM??

Were you looking for a handout??

I thinks it's awesome that he threw you out. I would too.

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