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Not happy

Poor workmanship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
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New Reviewer

Horrible Experience With Legacy

Legacy Homes Omaha - Horrible Experience With Legacy
Please do your homework before you consider buying a Legacy Home. 1 week after our purchase of a new Legacy home a water pipe burst and flooded our basement. Drywall on the ceiling and walls as well as insulation and electrical were all damaged and needed removed and replaced. After the wonderful warranty department offered no options we were forced to contact insurance. A few weeks later the "No Warranty Department" stopped over and said they wouldnt have done this muck work. They also said sign over to us your insurance settlement and we will then fix your basement. After our basement drywall was torn out we found what we thought we would. Studs thru the home are 24 inches apart unlike the 16 inches quality builders do. Big big difference, they also scabbed in random pieces of wood to catch the ends of drywall (Pic Included) Horrible home builder with no warranty. This company is as bad as any out there. Stay away, far away. This company is a joke and shouldnt be allowed to build homes in Omaha.
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Ya I agree - I just built one in the river oaks neighborhood and I will never and I mean never ever ever ever ever ever buy another one of these piece of crap homes with horrible management and workers like legacy - I hope people read this and stay the *** away from legacy builders- they are the old hearthstone builders btw- and they were crap also


Worst new home purchase ever.

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Reason of review
Warranty issue
New Reviewer

Leaking for a YEAR now!

Update by user Oct 18, 2018

We’re also getting wet spots on the ceiling above the patio door, we were told it’s from cooking on cold days. Well I didn’t cook the day it started!

It was New Year’s Eve, we went somewhere. Our house leaks everywhere and they’ve got an excuse for it all.

Original review posted by user Oct 18, 2018
We’ve lived in our house now for right over a year, a week after we moved in it started raining for about week straight. We had pools of water in our basement. Legacy waited about 9 months to try and fix the problem. Our year came around for final walk through and and fixes that needed to be done, I pointed out the moisture that was still coming in and the warranty guy said no the concrete is just darker. Well guess what the dark spot grew bigger!! They’re making us get ahold of the waterproofing guy and we’re told they’re just going to paint flex seal on it, are you *** kidding me!!! My daughter has serious mold allergies. So we’re expected to pay all this money for a piece of *** house!!
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How frustrating as the city is approving these homes. Maybe we need to make them aware of the issues


Thanks for the review. I was looking to buy from this builder but will now walk away.


We would like some guidance too. Any luck?

@Gal Khy

No luck at all. The pointed the finger at us and told us it was damp.

Our basement is unfinished and was covered in mold behind the insulation and they told us “we don’t even know if that’s really mold”. We’ve dropped thousands of dollars in the basement


Have you found a resolution? We are having problems with our ceiling falling down from conditioning condensation.

We have been told it is our fault because we used our air conditioner and set the temp to over 15 degrees from outside. It was 101 degrees!

According to them we could only set our temp to 86 degrees. We need guidance...did you get your problem resolved?

@Gal Khy

Ours is ranch with unfinished basement and we have pipes that drip in the summer. We were told that’s normal.

And we know it’s not. We were also told we have too much humidity and we have dehumidifier running around the clock. We were also told no higher that like 60 to set thermostat in winter and like 80 in summer. That’s nuts.

We never had to at our other home.

I’ve noticed in our basement that all the hvac is not probably sealed, there’s air leaking through all of them. Super frustrating


Did you get any results from Legacy? We are having an issue and they are dragging their feet.

@Paolo Zsj

No results. We were left to fix it ourself. Dropped thousands more into it


Ugh, that's frustrating. Well, we are trying to take a stance.

We are fighting tooth and nails for them to do the right thing. Our house has a leak from the sliding glass door, into our subflooring and black mold has appeared. For a 3.5 year old home, that's ridiculous. How do you spend $305K on a house and have this kind of damage.

Legacy states "your warranty is up.

Good luck and here's who you can contact-the subcontractor." I've owned 5 homes and never had this kind of service/issues. Makes me sad for everyone who went through this before us.

@Paolo Zsj

We are having the same issue now. 9 month old 2 story with AC condensation leaking on the main floor ceiling.

The initial warranty person said the same thing. Set the temp within 20 of outside temp and get a dehumidifier. He also told us this is a common issue. We did our due diligence (should not have to with a BRAND NEW HOME) and got a dehumidifier to help.

The leak has worsened. Waiting to hear back from warranty. We will fight this until it’s fixed properly. If it’s a common issue, then it is a builder flaw.

We’ll see what happens. Maybe a class action lawsuit?

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Omaha, Nebraska
Legacy Homes Omaha House Construction
New Reviewer

Would not recommend to anyone

First of all, the communication throughout the building process was terrible. If you'd call/email, they'd take days or weeks to respond if they responded at all. The worst part of Legacy is the terrible quality of the build. The warranties are limited to a short period of time and it's buried in the contract. We have drywall in our home that is literally folding over at the seams. It's almost like they built the home with cardboard. I called Legacy to come take a look as my house is only 2 years old. They said that it wasn't a structural issue, therefore, it was not covered in the warranty. I know there have been many Legacy customers that have taken issues to the courts. Quality of products, constant mold issues, HVAC problems etc... If you don't want to deal with the headaches of a cheaply built home, don't build with Legacy. I'll gladly sell my legacy home to anyone willing to buy it.
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Did you get any results dealing with Legacy? Looking for guidance?

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La Vista, Nebraska
  • Two year old home is falling apart
Reason of review
Bad quality
New Reviewer

Legacy Homes Omaha: Poor Quality, Unsupported Warranty, Unfriendly Staff

Legacy Homes is very difficult to work with after completing a house sale. To get something fixed under warranty, they just pass along your request to the contractor who originally did the work, and then they fail to follow-up or help you out when a dispute arises with the contractor. This results in frequent miscommunication, conflict and blame-shifting, all of which Legacy Homes claims no responsibility. They are always unfriendly over written communication and do not respond at all to priority requests outside of business hours. Their vendors constantly complain about how difficult Legacy Homes is to work with as well; many of them have ended their relationship with them for a multitude of reasons. Even the workers at Legacy Homes seem unhappy. Besides the inscrutable warranty process, the quality of our home also failed to meet our expectations. Most recently, we discovered that one of our outdoor faucets had an improper seal, which caused water to build up within our walls for several months undetected. Their contractors and inspectors must have ignored this regular drip and just covered it up with drywall, rather than taking the time to fix it. Now, we have a really epic mold problem to deal with on our own. As another example of their poor quality, we discovered that over 20 of the boards in our hardwood kitchen floor were splitting right down the middle, because they were improperly acclimated to the humidity level before installation. It took several months for them to fix it, and now the floor creaks constantly and has unsightly nail holes everywhere. By far, though, the biggest problem has been the water table. They built our basement so low in the ground that they had to install a whole new drainage system and sump pump after our basement kept flooding. A proper survey would have revealed the water table issue. They also ignored their waterproofing vendor when they raised this concern in the building process, and refused to compensate them for this extra work, which took several months to complete, during which our entire basement was completely unusable. They also refused to properly drain the outlet of this sump pump, which runs every 20 seconds, flooding our lawn with hundreds of gallons of water per day. Of course, if this happens to you, outside of the warranty they will accept zero blame and will be completely unhelpful in diagnosing the problem or fixing it. Even in the most extreme situations, and still within the terms of the warranty, they may refuse to escalate your home issue and you will never hear from a person of authority in the company. It's always "the vendor's fault", even though it's Legacy Homes who made the sale. I recommend staying clear of anything built by Legacy Homes because of their poor warranty support and constant quality issues.
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We have had ongoing issues with Legacy Homes of Omaha quality of workmanship and their contractors since we moved in in 2014. I have written letters to Legacy Homes of Omaha outlining the issues, our garage floor is current issue.

We have incurred expenses out of our own pocket to do some temporary fixes and when we ask if Legacy Homes customer service will offer any reimbursement, they always say a big fat NO. We do not recommend you buy a home from Legacy Homes of Omaha


Did Legacy just keep pushing you off on the subcontractors? They actually have the subcontractor making arrangements for us instead of taking lead.

They stated "In the spirit of customer service, we have asked **** to contact us prior to completing a root diagnosis." But, of course they included the warranty was up. How can a 3.5yr house have the amount of damage due to negligence and poor workmanship and not take ownership?

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Omaha, Nebraska
Legacy Homes Omaha Home Warranty
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

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