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I placed my order and received a tracking number no problem, then UPS lost it in their system, after calling the company they said they would take care of it, that's when it went downhill. They never called back I did all the legwork of trying to find the package, they never returned calls and refused to send out a replacement (UPS could have shipped the lost one back to them) although they said they would send out a replacement every call to... Read more

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In October of 2015 we purchased a new light bar from this company under another name. (LED Outfitters). In April, 2016 one of the lights failed and no one at LED or DaMeGa will honor their stated 2 year warranty. Also, screws used to assemble the light bar are rusting badly, each module has condensation forming inside, and rubber seals are cracking and allowing moisture into the light bar. This company refuses to answer emails, tells us that... Read more

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I'm SO pissed!!! We ordered a light, it didn't fit and so we asked about sending it back. Sent it back in their 14 day time requirement and now they refuse to even talk to me about the order. They answer their phone about 10% of the time and when they do they tell me to email them about it. I've emailed, I've called, I've contacted the BBB and I intend to let the entire world know that this company is AWFUL and do NOT do business with them. At... Read more

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I ordered a light bar from led outfitters and they sent me the wrong bar. I have tried several times to get it resolved. But i get this little *** on the phone that wants to run his mouth and when you get up set with him. The little *** hangs up I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR THE LIGHT BAR. The *** on the phone needs to be fired. YOU DON,T DO CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT AFTER I,VE ORDERED THOUSAND OF DOLLARS WORTH OF ITEMS FROM THEM. I WOULD NOT ORDER ANOTHER... Read more

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I just received my order today after waiting for over 3 weeks, numerous phone calls, and broken "its shipped" promises. They even sent me a bogus tracking number saying the item had shipped but the address was totally wrong. Lucky I caught it before it really did ship. I have to agree, this is a one man shop. Every time I called, the same guy answered and pretended to be someone else. Their so called "free bonus" never showed up either.... Read more

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LED outfitters is by far the worst company to buy from. Costumer service is complete ***. Unprofetioal workers who hang up on you if you have a complaint about their horrible SLOW service. They lied to me more than once and didn't even contact me till a week after I ordered my product. Will never even think about buying anything from them again.

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LED Outfitters is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. Let it be known Mike, that I will continue to let everyone know how you cheat and lie! I hope like *** you go down soon. Changing your website to is not how you will get away from your ***. I will continue to post reviews. I hope you go out of business. You never know when you are going to cross paths with a customer you have cheated. I wonder if the IRS knows... Read more

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