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We just REPLACED our LeafGuard gutters with a standard rain gutter. We had the LeafGuard system for YEARS. You'd think if they were that great, we'd buy them again when it came time to replace them. Nope. So, why weren't they so great? Simple. They don't really work as advertised, and they are WAY over-priced. LeafGuard wants you to think that the water drains into the gutter, but the leaves fall off the top onto the ground. Nope again. A WET... Read more

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Icicles hanging off the gutters LeafGuard at least 2 feet long that I never had on the front of my house in 35 years until I put up the leaf guard. Sounds like some kind of a defect with the run off it's not running into the gutter it's running over the top of the gutter I'm ready for a class-action suit I had them up and they said oh yeah that might happen . This is a problem I never had in 35 years had the leaf guard system put up for over... Read more

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Leafguard gutters are the worst gutters on the market. I have had them now for many years and have hated them since day one! I purchased them to have worry free maintenance, what I got was many headaches and a lot more maintenance. I hate when the cold weather is coming, because it means a big problem. Every little snow, even a inch, causes me problems. The snow begins to melt and I get 3 or 4 foot icicles everywhere. They have broken off and... Read more

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call leaf-guard for a quote, also three other companies. I thanked the salesman and said I would let them know that it would be a month or so before I decided, as I was applying for a refinance on my home. He said I should sign their contract so they could get credit approval and be ready if I decided to go. I may have to go with them but I will definitely hit every online public service and complain. I was in sales for 25 years and this is the... Read more

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The salesman came over and I listened to his hour and a half sales pitch. Then he gave me a outrages quote I told him I could not afford it. He then said he could change it to a commercial quote witch was more than half what he first quoted me. I signed the paperwork and he said they would be there Saturday morning at 11:00 to install them. I waited until 12:30 no one showed up. I called the salesman and he said his boss would not let him... Read more

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1 Purchashed cutters December 2015 2. Cutters were installed incorrectly numerous techs confirm. Ive been trying for 6 months to resolve. 3 Hudson MA office supervisor (Earl ? ) will not call me. 4. Office Manager Falisha rude, confrontational. 5. Many more complaints. 6 I dont need or want the hassell, stress, etc. 7. I have detailed call log, numerous texts and photos 8. I guess my life time warrenty is a hoax. Read more

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  • Nov 08, 2016
  • by anonymous
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Never had a problem with wasps before. Now there making nests in my leaf guard gutters. What a poor design.

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We had the Leaf Guard gutters installed several years ago. The roof line has 6 valleys in it and Leaf Guard had to install diverters on most of them to keep water from washing out shrubbery below. Trees are close enough to the house all the way around such that every fall in particular, enough leaves and pine needles get in these valleys and wash down and clog the top of the gutters in back of the diverters. All their sales literature... Read more

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This salesman’s name is Jimmy Clifford Appointment is 9:00am Sat. (Oct. 29, 2016) Detail is below: 1, I gave him for around 1 hour to measure my house outside, sitting in my house to do paperwork, typing in computer and play with his cell phone, show me some pictures, my expectation is 1 hour, and I think it is enough for a one story house to have a gutter quote. 2, It is a Sat. morning, I still have other things to do, I asked him how long he... Read more

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This review is only on the sales pitch, not the product. Research on the product shows this isn't the perfect solution the salesman wanted me to believe, but adequate. However, the sales presentation itself was annoying, overlong, and suspicious. I asked for an estimate, and like others, received a hard sales pitch which included a two and a half hour presentation. The Sales man was unable to deviate from his presentation, going steadily through... Read more

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