Companies that Offer Leaf Removal Services

Lawn Love
96 reviews
Plowz And Mowz
77 reviews

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Lawn Love - Horrible service

Plowz And Mowz - STAY AWAY from these scammers

Plowz And Mowz - Did not show up

Plowz And Mowz - Bait and switch.

Lawn Love - Horrible


Why would you order a leaf cleanup when your tree is still full ? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. As a young person (age 10-12), I cleaned up many yards for a few buck...

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Plowz And Mowz - Issue rrsolved

Plowz And Mowz - Horrible


Sounds like the same cookie cutter response they always give. *** poor providers, and no headway with the actual app customer service. Better off just not using them at all.

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Plowz And Mowz - Leaves 33% left behinf

Plowz And Mowz - Leaves 33% left behinf

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