Jan W Sse
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Leading Edge Trading

About 2 months ago I posted a concern and complaint about a person who calls himself HT and supposedly calls trades in his trading room called Leading Edge Trading. Now, any of you reading this are already aware that HT will not identify himself as he says he is a "private person." For those of you who can smell a scam a mile off know that the scammer will not give you a name and if they do it isn't the right one anyway. Folks, I have discovered who HT is and his background. Email me and you can find out who this person is and why he doesn't want you to be able to google him. We need more people to know who this person is so traders aren't scammed of their hard earned savings. You want to know him? email me a janno1951@***.com.
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Cyndee Rqg



This guy is as disrespectful as they come. I don't even want to get in to how he claims to be a "Pro Trader" and everyone else are *** retail traders. He is so vague on his so called "calling every swing" that if it works he was right and if it doesn't work he was not saying do that so why did you.

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Jan W Sse
map-marker Tampa, Florida

The Leading Edge Trading Cult

If you are reading this then I commend you. I wish someone had just taken the time to post this information for me to read before I wasted almost 3 months taking abuse from this narcisstic megalomaniac. The definition of megalomania is: delusional fantasies of wealth, power, genious, omnipotence, and more. A cult is defined mostly by religious organizations as that is where they get notariety. But they all have one leader who demands insularity, listen only to me, everyone else is wrong, do not challenge me. Every cult leader is completely defined by the two terms that I have attempted to articulate above. The Leading Edge Trading room and it's owner who calls himself "HT" and will not divulge his name to even room participants can only be defined by those terms. I have copies of the room posts where he repeatedly humiliates traders in his own room with his only plan being to ensure he sends the message to everyone that he is the only one who knows anything. If you bring up anything that you might have a question about and he believes it is something he doesn't believe he will even threaten you with ejection. Everyone fears this man so much they will not ask any questions fearing they will offend him. His hook into all of them is that he is going to make them 7 and 8 figures trading. He states he gets every turn of the market and he doesn't come close. He does give some levels but doesn't recommend using them to trade. If anyone makes money he takes the credit and states that he is just doing his job, if they lose money he tells them how it is their fault and they shouldn't even be trading. He states he has been doing this for 12 years but almost all traders in the room are new. If he was getting 7 and 8 figures for traders don't you really think it would even be difficult to get in this room? Folks, if you want someone telling you how to think about everything, and I mean everything, then this is the room for you. If you have any thoughts at all and need questions answered to build trust, save yourself some embarrassment. If you want to talk with me my email address is janno1951@***.com.
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He plays a mean game of internet tough guy. I'm experienced in trading and went live, ending up losing about $1,500 in less than two weeks.

Got sick of the mystery of looking for levels that don't work.

Sick of this guy. So I reported him to the CFTC. But since the CFTC is government, you can be certain that they are about as useful as the people of Ferguson and Detroit combined.

We'll see what happens. If anything.


Just completed the two week free trial. Since I'm an advanced trader I did live trading per usual.

Thinking this HT guy had something good but I was wrong, to the tune of about $2k. Level after level got blown through and was soft as pudding. Market S/R levels being soft isn't actually HT's fault (sorry, but the big money institutions are not playing the ES game when the VIX goes under 14), but he insisted that we had to have confidence in the market. Funny, since the Goldman Sachs trade desk results are off this year by 75%, I'm guessing that they aren't wasting their time playing this low volatility nightmare for the last two years.

Last time this happened to HT (David La Croix), his aptly named trading business "David La Croix Trading" went out-of-business, in 2004. Lack of volatility kills his strategy, but he won't admit it. Since people are getting hurt by his currently dead strategy, and since Mod B left the room, the place has gone downhill fast and I have taken the liberty of reporting him to the CFTC.

Good ol' David La Croix can go back to sales instead of selling lies and snake oil to traders. Save your money, and report him to the CFTC!!


I was a member of the Silver Room for several months, and what made me leave finally was HT going off on a 45 minute rant for who knows what reason, probably against someone who asked a question, and the fact that HT's data and Mod B's chart didn't match up during Voice Chat. One trade that really jumped out was one that, per HT's data, should have gotten missed by 1.5 points, as it was by me and several others attempting to get short a bounce.

Since we all got missed by no less than 1.5 points, I was then surprised to see Mod B's chart conveniently have it as a miss, but HT then bragged about what a great trade it was. Then when people complained about the trade not even coming close to getting filled, he went off on his usual tirade of "don't be a d for a t". Sometimes, as you will no doubt observe, your order will be hit to the tick and not get filled, and this can be exasperating, but some got straight up missed and here was HT explaining how great the 10 point run was; a trade that he could not have been in, and neither could Mod B.

Any fool can post boxes showing you where you should have put your trades at the end of the day, but until I see actual trade logs from Mod B and HT, I will not be coming back to Leading Edge Trading.


Well, he may be able to call the market to the tick, but apparently that didn't stop him from filing bankruptcy in early October 2014. He filed in Denver Court, Chapter 7 Case #142****.

Pretty amazing since he calls the market and still can't make enough money, and you have to wonder what is going on with that. If he can't prosper using his own way of doing things, well, then who can?

Further checking, I found he lives in a fairly modest house in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is also on Facebook under his real name of David LaCroix, the one with the Embry-Riddle Aeronautics school mentioned, and there is a good picture of him on Facebook, so you'll finally get to see just what the guy looks like. It's funny, you almost expect horns to stick out of his head the way he rants and raves, but you'll be in for a little surprise.

If HT is going bankrupt with his way of doing things, well, I'd like to hear a reason so the rest of us don't follow suit.

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What is really interesting about your comment is the fact that the early October 2014 bankruptcy coincides almost directly with Ohnomore's post on October 3, 2014, which states how he lost everyone's money.

As HT would say, PJAC!


I think you guys, especially those who didn't make it past the two week free trial, have missed a great opportunity.

Had you done what HT had recommended, you'd see that the market does indeed use the levels that he posts, and that you don't need indicators, and you can take trades with minimal risk and maximum returns.

Okay, so he's a ***? Keep in mind that he is a trading instructor and coach, not your beer drinking buddy. So he's attempting to hide his identity? In this day and age, that's probably a good idea, regardless of what you do for a living.

I was a profitable trader prior to coming to Leading Edge Trading, and it has boosted my bottom line immensely. Stockholm Syndrome? Yeah, I'm fine with it as long as my profits are expanding.

Recently the ES had it's worst day in 3 years.

Using Leading Edge's information, I had the best day of my trading career, and made 62 points in that session. How well did you guys do with your lame and awfully late indicators, setups, signals and confirmations? Not well, I'd imagine.

Give the guy a chance, do as he says, and your trading will prosper. My trading career certainly has.


This name is David Lacroix is correct,,,,,everything you say is correct,,,l knew personally,,,,he traded my money and others,,,lost everything,,,,,even had his account stopped by broker as out of control trading...keep away,,save your money,,, as for calling the market,,,ask him,,he 's. never wrong,,,,he 's not licensed either


In the free trial, his posts of magic numbers can be derived from previous support and resistance levels and consolidation areas.

But he doesn't show real orders and he is always magically correct on reversals. Especially ridiculous today 8/15.

He was long from 1956.50 target to 1961 >62 >65. The market dumped on the Ukraine mess right at 1961 and he claims he got short at 1961. 1961 last 2 nanoseconds.

And he is always right!

Stay away.

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Too funny, I was in his room when this happened this morning, and observed the same thing: he was posting possible targets 61, 62, 65 just as you say, and then claims he was short 61 after the news broke. He got very misemotional when challenged if he had any money of his own in the trade, and denied it had anything to do with the news!!

And then tried to browbeat anyone who said anything about it.

Factually, only 307 contracts actually traded at 1601 . .

. go figure


I tried the free 2 week intro. Forget for a moment the personality of the "Head Trader" ( real name of ANYONE having something to do with this site is hidden) and just looking at what he says--its all worthless and here is why.

He gives you scenario #1 (up or down) with scenario #2 in the opposite direction.

ALL levels he gives are either standard deviations, pivots or 50 period ema--ALL OF WHICH YOU CAN GET FOR FREE ELSEWHERE.

Well if you give both directions as viable--How can you be wrong.?

Clever wording and viscous retorts to challenges keeps any discussion out of the equation.

Do yourself a favor--skip it--even the free trail total waste of time and space.

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