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Was retained by Jim Lea but he totally corrupted my case

That attorney falsely represented me. I sought an attorney to represent me, but he totally manipulated my case into something other than what I brought to his attention and need for counsel. After my experience, I believe him to be a crooked attorney. He undermined my case. He never followed through with anything he said such as filing suit. He let my case sit in his office collecting dust and my legal statues timed out. He corrupted my case, then flipped the script of the reason I sought counsel to begin with then he threw his hands up and said I told you it was on contingency but that contingency was him promising to file and litigate my case and defend my side but the attorney didn’t at all. He never appeared in any court nor any official meeting, he did nothing but send out a few distorted letters making claims and statements I never said nor approved of and this was his intent to corrupt my case and he did. I believe him to be a secret attorney for large corporations in Wilmington that he pretends to represent you but instead exploits you and is paid by these large corporations to keep cases from moving forward in court and never files as he promises his client he will do. He bottoms out on his clients. He is getting paid on your case, you’re not. He may even be illegally taking settlements without clients knowledge. He did nothing for me with my case, instead he was my liability. He sabotaged my case. He is a bias attorney.
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Very Unresponsive

I have over 11 emails where Jim Lea's staff did not respond to my questions and simply ignored them. I have over 17 email to ask Jim Lea questions that Jim Lea did not respond to or provide answers on. I had three meetings with Jim where he said "trust me I will figure out what to do about this" and never heard back form him. Jim Lea cancled 4 appointments with me within a couple of hours of our meeting time. I had to *** work each of those days so he should have called in the morning first thing and let me know he could not make it. I spent a lot of money and did not receive the legal advice on what my legal rights were. I was so uncomfortable having so many questions unanswered that I had to scrap the whole thing and find a new attorney. I do not perceive James Lea as an ethical attorney. I feel he is very disrespectful of his clients as his secretary talked about other clients calling Jim too much to me and what a pain they were to Jim Lea. I found Jim Lea to add so much stress to my divorce I had to suspend my case and start fresh paying a new attorney all over again. My opinion is you will feel like a fool parted form your money a couple of months into your case with Jim Lea. Good luck to you and god bless.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Call me (910)264-**** He falsely represented me too.


Fake review by haters.

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Child Abuser

James Lea III Attorney at law is a child abuser! If you are going to hire an attorney to end your relationship with your spouse that is one thing. You deserve an equal share of the assets that were acquired by the marriage. Typically a 50/50 split is the norm. When you hire James Lea of Wilmington you will be getting into bed with the devil. He is a sub-par lawyer who has and being sued by his creditors and ex-clients for his mis management of money. This man is so desperate for money hey will sell your children to make your husband pay up. When you hire this snake in the grass your kids will suffer. My kids have suffered so much it is not funny. I can't and won't tell you what happened to my little daughter but I can say she was forced to grow up real quick. This guy works on a contingency basis while the husband is forced to pay real legal bills to fight his frivolous inflammatory horse ***. Jim Lea one day your time will come. I bet your wife is real proud of you bud. By the way child abuser: My little boy misses me dearly........What goes around *** comes around!
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This piece of *** Jim Lea is a complete dirtbag. NO! these are not fake reviews Jim


Another fake review.


I beat this guy at his own game. He drug me through the mud for 3 years in the crapy court system, and it took 60 thousand dollars to do it.

(Mostly defending myself against bogus criminal charges.)

I got sole custody of my child after all his ***; while he ruined any chance for the other parent to have a relationship when he was done.

When the bogus criminal charges would not stick on me he went after my 12 year old child.

Years in counseling followed to try and deal with his aggressive pursuit.

I agree with your review sir, and just remember in the end we all pay for the wrong we do. I'm so sorry to his family to that has to bear the burden of such an angry awful person.


a must watch video!


Well we hired him based off the rep he had as a good lawyer, for a child custody case were the child was kidnapped and he did very little for the case. The other party in the case made up some very large lies and slanderd us without a shred of evidence. Mr Lea did nothing to defend us or to have the false reports removed from the court record and was only concerned with his paycheck. he refused to work with our other attorney or do his job. He did not even do much about enforcement of court orders or anything. He almost cost us custody of our child and did nothing about the other party showing up to court under the influence of drugs, would not go on the offensive when the other party lost leagle representation, wasted our money, and above all did nothing to earn his pay. It was as if we were subhumans because we did not live there but argued that the jurisdiction was there even though it was not and he even aided and abetted the other parties in the case instead of pushing for criminal charges or to have the case dismissed. The sad thing is that we could of and should of saved our money and defended ourselves instead of getting our time 3 years and money wasted by this pathetic excuse for a human and even more pathetic lawyer. After he refused to do the job he was paid for we stopped paying him and doing what he insisted we do after he set it up that he would have jurisdiction for any further action. While the fact of the matter is we did not reside in Wilmington in a few years but they had jurisdiction, a minor child was kidnapped from her home state and brought to Wilmington and a custody case opened against us by the kidnappers. They refused to accept depositions from teachers and law enforcement, but anything that was alleged by the kidnapers who reside ed in Wilmington was taken as fact with zero proof or evidence to prove anything was taken as truth.

James lea needs to be disbarred, face criminal charges for his obvious thefts from clients without doing any work for his money. He is a greedy bottom feeder that only cares about himself and how much money he can get out of his clients without doing any real work. The man also has a serious attitude problem when the clients expect results for the thousands of dollars he charges but has very little to show for his work. But finds it to be just fine to argue with his clients over his lack of effort for the case he thinks he won but the fact is the other party gave up because they ran out of money. Not his pathetic legal skills he thinks he has or the work he did not do. A circus monkey could have done a better job and that we could have saved a ton of money and done a better job representing ourselves than he did. We have not paid him what he says we owed him and have no intention since he did nothing to defend his clients and was more concerned with the reputations of the lowlife locals that should be in prison for the felonies that they commited and we have not been back to that corrupt *** infested tourist trap of a town in almost a decade and have no intention of it. When the legal system has zero justice and the so called top lawyers are no more than high priced simpleton crooks. When a legal system can railroad, and treat the innocent as guilty with zero supporting evidence but the guilty criminals are protected by the courts it says avoid the place because if your not a resident you have no rights and are guilty because your an outsider. You are doomed and might as well do the time because you are guilty before innocent when you are not allowed to defend yourself from the alligations of a coke head and a drunken nut.

I will never go back there and would not trust old Jimmy to take care of a ticket ir represent my dog. infact other lawyers that looked at the case could not find much that he did except rip us off and waste our time on top of developing a sever mistrust and disgust for the redneck rivearia town of Wilmington that is stuck in the 1600s If I knew what I know now back than I never would have moved there and I would never would have called that incompetent *** James Lea III for legal representation since he did nothing but help himself to thousands of our hard earned dollars and I hope that he loses his license or just stops practicing law because he does nothing for the pay he thinks he is worth but is delusional to think he is worth more than minimum wage. I do think that we are lucky that we did not get taken for more money but when he does nothing for his inflated ego that matches his pay not his skill. they are a pathetic excuse for a lawyer and at that point he was considered to be one of the best in town and that is sad that in Wilmington he is what passes as an excellent lawyer when a public defender would have done a better job than his lazy greedy bs in a high priced suit that rarely returned calls except to ask for more money.

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